The details of our YesDates review: the site proved to be one of the most insufficient dating resources


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

Who Is Responsible For YesDates Work?

YesDates is a dating site for people mainly from the United States that would like to enjoy Eastern European dating experience. However, this dating website is not only lacking, due to the fact you will never meet here any Ukrainian or Russian woman. This website is a total scam that is focused on only stealing money from other members who are looking for dating.

But let’s first start with the company that created this scam site. YesDates is being operated by:

Company Name
Provident Business Associates LLP
Company Location
63 - 66 Hatton Garden, 5th Floor, Suite 23, London, England, EC1N 8LE
Email address
[email protected]

But as our review has proven, this website is just a complete fraud that will give no real dating experience and will just scam its members. Real profiles are not involved in the work of this resource.

You might think that we are full of criticism, but no. Let’s learn more about the work of YesDates to see how laggy this site is.

What Are The Main Points Of YesDate Work?

Starting with the landing page of YesDates, we can see that it tries to create an image of a proper dating site with real members’ profiles. This is why it uses friendly images of women. It tries to show you a friendly attitude with some intrigue. But we think that this dating site is just an insufficient resource that follows only one goal – stealing money.

But they worked nicely on that picture. A lot of bright and colorful photos, links to all the important services, and even their own blog. They really made us explore this dating platform. We were even able to believe that we would find real members and chic women profiles here.

This might be nice, but it is just a well-made bait to make people register on this site. So it is time to do that to see whether it is possible to find at least one real date on YesDates. Let’s take a closer look at this dating site: how these scammers rip off fair members, profiles’ description, and how much you will have to pay for this fraud.

The registration process on YesDates

The registration process is free, and one can become a member without any difficulties. Well, to be fully correct, the difficulties are major. But let’s start with the information they need. It includes:

  • Name;
  • Email address;
  • Your location/Country;
  • Age;
  • Preferences.

Pretty simple registration field, but we couldn’t proceed. The site didn’t give us an opportunity to use its services. But we wanted to meet other members and to look at the profiles. So we went on, and used our email to register here directly. Probably, that was a mistake, because our test account might be simply stolen, but we took a risk to see what dating options we can experience here. Maybe something changed, and the profiles here would be real for the sake of our reviews? No.

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How fake are YesDates’ profiles?

When we first visited this dating site, we saw no profiles at all. They didn’t let us come a little further, but we found the magic button that led us in the world of scam. So what was next?

We saw a lot of profiles of different ladies with the only option. Webcam. Yes, this dating site tried to create a nice appearance of a site where you can reach some girls from Ukraine, but we saw an option to start a webcam chat. Nothing at all. Their photos are mostly hidden, and their profiles are so typical, made with one template.

We recognized that chatting real members here is not a deal. All the profiles were looking so fake that we were even shocked. We expected that they would work on members’ profiles, as they did on their front page. But they didn’t.

And when we received multiple messages from these bots about sexual proposals, our marital status, and, of course, about how much money we have, we realized that it also had poor operators without any idea of how proper dating works. But we decided to reply and buy whatever they offered.

How much to pay to be scammed?

Talking about prices, we can tell that they are average. And this could seem ok, if we hadn’t found out that this resource was full of bots and operators put a lot of effort to create a beautiful image.

The prices on this site are the following:

$30 for 40 credits;
$60 for 95 credits;
$99 for 175 credits;
$149 for 310 credits;
$199 for 435 credits;
$379 for 900 credits;

It looks like an extended price list of a proper dating site. But YesDates is not legit. This is just another example of Internet scam that we saw in our reviews. This fake dating site is not a trustworthy one and will only provide its customers with fake girls that focus on disgusting comments, but not on real chatting. These scammers don’t even try to give you at least some communication features. They just use fake ladies to contact you.

And after paying a lot of money, these bots started asking us for pictures, photos, and videos. Of course, we were asked to send some nudity. That was the point when we saw that this resource is not only a regular scam, but creates a nice soil for blackmailing users. It is a significant issue that any real person should be aware of. And what does this dating website tell about it?

How can the website justify its scam?

All the interactions with other members on YesDates will not be secure. But the most interesting part was when we understood that this dating site tries to create a more pleasant message for its victims. They say:

[…]while we cannot guarantee that your information is 100% secured, HTTPS/SSL makes it very difficult for your information to be stolen or intercepted while being transferred. Credit card transactions are processed through our merchant account gateway. We use reasonable precautions to keep personal information disclosed to us secure. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security.

Also, they mention that “not all users or Members are available for communication. From time to time, we may create test profiles in order to monitor the operation of the Website and its Services.”

Yes, talking to other members here, your data might be suddenly leaked, and the site will just tell you that you were unlucky enough to appear in the 1% of insecure HTTPS connections. But the truth is that you are unlucky enough if you decide to use this scam dating site to find real members to chat with.

The Conclusion About YesDates

The review on YesDates was really hard. The main issue with is was that this scam site created a proper image of real dating. We were really not sure whether this site is fake or not. But when we faced a lot of bots, chatted with poorly skilled operators, and saw fake half-naked women profiles here, we were 100% sure that this site scams its members.

This dating website just uses a lot of fictional members to contact you. And the worst part is that this website makes you explore everything, it gives you the illusion of real communication. Yes, these scammers worked nice on an image, but this fake dating site has no real person here. It is just a bunch of low-quality profiles for entertainment purposes.

Just fake services and an opportunity to try webcam with these bots. It is just a poor copy of a nice site, but not a real dating solution for common dating community members. This is why we don’t recommend you use this dating platform. Only fake profiles and bot members that will never give you a successful dating. Read our reviews to find truly reliable dating websites.


  • YesDates is a scam dating site that is focused only on the creation of a fake image of real dating. This resource is just an attempt to scam real people, and make them chat with bots they have. But this website has nothing in common with real professional dating sites. There are no real members’ profiles, just poor bots with their operators on Internet.
  • YesDates is not a legitimate platform that is focused only on stealing money and personal information about other members who are looking for dating. This site is just a scam service that baits people with free registration. But after that, you will have to pay a lot for your decision to use this site.
  • YesDates is a scam platform that combined all possible dating solutions to spoil them and to make an illusion of proper chat with real women. This site is nothing but a complete fraud that will make you pay more and more for fake features.

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