ZenDate app is an insufficient dating website where you spend money only. Let’s see why many users post unfavorable reviews.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

More details about ZenDate.com

This dating site claims that members can achieve awesome results when using its service for dating. It is also mentioned that administrators will assist with everything. However, in reality, all the profiles are fake and the online dating website does not provide actual conversations with real members. 

ZenDate is a platform that offers its users to get to know each other based on certain characteristics, like age, social preferences, and other criteria. Here you can find users from the USA and China. So it is a good choice for those who want to be helped by ZenDate meet Asian singles. When it comes to age, you can see users from 18 to 50.

If it wasn’t a total scam, ZenDate would be a suitable website for Asian dating. It invites other members to join, create an account and start chatting with the fake community of “perfect” singles.

Theoretically, you can get in touch by phone, emailing, or talking. Users can contact others via the means provided to the member, but it takes a long time to get the answer back if possible at all. This is proved by numerous reviews from real users of the site.

During our investigation, we found out that although members of ZenDate want to meet Asian singles, it is a corporation that looks after earning profits only.

Company name
DMM Solutions Inc
Sliema, Malta
Phone number
+1 (855) 464-0077
[email protected]

Let us look in more detail at the scam elements featured in our ZenDate.com review and other members comments.

Specifics of ZenDate.com overview

Is it a great dating app? Let’s make it clear form the very beginning: avoid subscribing to fake internet websites like Zendate. You do not need to register and spend money there because right after subscription you will waste the funds on interaction with fantasy profiles or bots. For sure, no real meetings are possible as well as the site’s main goal is to lure its naive members into eternal payments trap. 

Both women and Asian men can use this online service, text, and spend money chatting with fictitious members – on ZenDate one is promised to meet Asian singles. In essence, these are just promises that will never come true. On the internet, it is really easy to find reviews from users about their membership subscriptions on Zendate claiming they faced conversations via fake chat offered by this mobile dating platform. To find someone there, they had to search amidst a huge number of profiles and photos, engaged in numerous discussions, and finally realized that dating map was a proof of a cheeky scam and deception.

The registration process at ZenDate

Free registration on this website for dating is quite simple as with similar apps. To develop an account, you need to fill in 7 fields that you should not miss. Dating subscriptions can be performed through the browser only. Preferably, you must go to the site and come up with a login and password. You can sign up through mobile Facebook control. Then go through a free registration procedure and an account will be created. You will need to fill in all the essential lines and confirm the app-free subscription by registering.

Having completed the registration procedure, you can see the messages and communicate with other members. Once you create an account, you can’t hide your images on ZenDate if you decide to meet Asian singles. When you submit personal data, keep in mind that it may fall into the wrong hands, as the site’s protection mechanisms are rather weak and unreliable.

Having opened the page of the dating service, you can see a huge number of non recurring gorgeous pictures as proof of great dating community. But don’t let Zendate fool you at this stage – remember that these are just bots hiding behind beautiful pictures. As you can comprehend, it’s all a scam to get you to pay as much as other similar apps charge from users.

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Fake dating profiles

While preparing this review, we have encountered a lot of fake profiles of Asian men and women on Zendate. Messages from such profiles are scams written by managers and employees of the website to bilk money out of guys and women. The dating site app offers a large selection of potential fake contacts to opt from after subscription. And there are a lot of scam female posts on Facebook drawing the attention of men proposing sexual and similar entertainment. 

These are fakes with Facebook photos of women who have no idea of a dating profile subscription. During the free trial, users are inclined to opt for the paid subscription. Before doing so, it is recommended to read a review on Zendate meet asian singles since lots of Facebook images are edited with high-quality photoshop so that actual faces can’t even be recognized. This is how scammers manage to obtain additional people’s identities. All members’ private ids containing first and last names are often fake as well.

The cost of membership

As our review proves, one of the gross disadvantages of the ZenDate dating website is the high prices for subscriptions. A free trial plan is not functional, so members have to pay the full cost. There is a paid trial period, which is offered at a discounted price.

All the more, you won’t be able to find any promotions or promo codes on Zendate meet asian singles. If you still opt for the paid services, the charges will be as follows:

  • The basic communication is 1 сredit per minute;
  • One and two ways video calling is 4 and 6 credits per minute respectively;
  • Offline letter sending is 2 credits per 2 messages;
  • Email is 30 credits per 3;
  • Translating or sending letters via the agent is 10 credits in each case.

To stop fees, you have to cancel your subscription, which is quite a troublesome task.

Consider the terms and conditions

Member Communications: you are solely responsible for your interactions with other Zendate.com members. Zendate.com reserves the right but has no obligation to monitor disputes between you and other members. Also, Zendate.com is not in any way responsible for the expectations, promises, or truthfulness of any information of any member.

Source: https://www.zendate.com/en/terms-and-conditions/

Thus, ZenDate clearly states that it is not reliable in terms of the security, privacy, or relevance of any members’ private data. The help desk also claims that questionnaires can be produced by its employees. Online contacts on the app can be performed on behalf of another member, not by the individual whose images are in the profile. Are you still interested in a scam subscription like this?

ZenDate.com review: The conclusion

The site under review is fake and not legit. According to app reviews, ZenDate has a lot of bots and fake accounts that act as chat operators and generate finances from every message received from members. The profiles are fake and it’s their task to inspire false hopes in gullible people looking for happiness online and lure them into subscription. 

The review and further examination revealed that ZenDate has nothing to do with a real dating website. It is only a regular business, which is built on messages with scam members and emptying their wallets.


  • Members come to this site in an effort to find a serious relationship. ZenDate.com is an adult dating website that recommends fake profiles in an attempt to cheat customers and get money from them. No dating promises will come true, and the result is disappointment and high fees. The online app reviews have shown that the website is all about scams and fake profiles. After the sign-up is completed, a paid membership is automatically enrolled and users are charged on a regular basis. Another proof of scam.
  • The terms of use allow the site to manipulate your data for its own benefits. If members agree to the terms, their data may easily be leaked. Such issues don’t let users feel secure. Several customers mention they were charged extra for the trial period, and the mix between nonrecurring and recurring plans was too tricky.
  • Good matches aren’t available here despite the fact that ZenDate trial plan offered by the website seems appropriate for a mobile dating platform. Multiple fees are regularly automatically billed even when users want to stop payments and cancel account. Even though there are no coin plans, your first message to available matches can be charged.

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