Don't allow the ZoomFlirts dating service con you with its operators and bots: it simply presents fake profiles of women.


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  • Fake Profiles
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  • Too expensive

ZoomFlirts review – what is it and who is it for?

A totally responsive website for chatting and getting to know new members is supposed to bear the name “ZoomFlirts.com.” Everybody who is interested is free to advance their relationships as they see fit. This straightforward user interface provides appropriate communication options, whether they are using ZoomFlirts to find online friends or as an online dating service. You only need to register with and begin monitoring your on-site mailbox for members’ comments at the website.

Company name
Crix Ltd
Mahé, Seychelles
[email protected]

What can we state in reality, applying this company’s promotional description? Given that the ZoomFlirts website’s total digital reputation is anything but profitable and reliable, it is high time to investigate the website account. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the website, our team of professionals has chosen to create our own company profiles to find real members amidst bots and operators. It is intended for men and women who are older than eighteen. Keep checking back to see this company profiles review!

Detailed ZoomFlirts Review – enrollment and Fake Services

Everything has its requirements, but ZoomFlirts doesn’t seem to have many right away, it’s proof. It is free to complete its registration form and join the community of online dating members at this fake website. Company site is designed to contact users by bots and operators. To understand why people choose to leave the ZoomFlirts dating site, let’s virtually assess the most significant created performance characteristics.

Enrollment process on ZoomFlirts

It’s simple to find the sign up form on this fake website. We press the button for registration. A legit email address and password are then entered. This completes the information that is needed for an account. After that, all we need to do is verify that we are older than 18.

  • Account registration is undoubtedly a quick, easy, and pleasant process. However, too little crucial information is requested. The best evidence that this is a dating site with poor data protection is also our not verified site profile.
  • Spammers can sign up with the same ease that we did, as bots and operators. Fraud also poses a significant risk for account users. Fake profiles are typically made easier to access when new profiles are not rigorously verified at the website. We also need to mention another registration-related account issue. In our profile, we didn’t provide a single piece of unique personal information about ourselves as users.
  • Bots can be actual members, they can contact you or find out your personal data. Other users are unaware of our origins or appearance. They won’t be aware of our choices for matches or our expectations from this website.

We ultimately generated a profile that was blank for bots. A profile like ours degrades the platform’s overall quality. We most likely aren’t the only ones who don’t offer any additional details subsequently.

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Fake profiles – ZoomFlirts review

We go to the website members after completing the registration process at the fake site. We may notice a few simple different profile images there. The profiles are attractive and nice at first glance. But they turned out to be fake website members. The profiles on the internet appear to be genuine, if not a touch too genuine. We arrive at this conclusion based on two criteria.

First, we discovered a few details of fake profiles. Our bad experience has allowed us to identify several profiles that are frequently used on fake chat services. Most fake profiles are obtained from a sizable central data repository. On each fake profile, we can also consider the love match rate. It is utterly and totally impossible to find real members and contact them. We didn’t add any contact information to our created profile but for our e-mail address when registering. Therefore, it makes no sense to set up or find contact love matches for us on this fake website.

By the way, we should draw attention to the shoddy data protection and the details of fake profiles. On the website, we could consider the profiles without having to confirm our login. This typically means that anyone can register and consider the site’s content and member information. The security of personal members data is extremely low on this fake site. In reality, the profiles on the website are scam ones.

And we couldn’t read the report fake messages at the website. The inbox part was nowhere to be found during our simple review. We have no idea what the purpose of this website is. It is now obvious that the platform provides amusement, which is an obvious indicator of fake members talk.

Cost of the paid membership

It costs nothing to sign up for this scam and fake online dating site. It is optional for you to verify your profile. We have access to the website and could view several fake profile images. After registering at no cost, we were given free basic membership. This type of membership did not provide us any access to love content of site members. We could, however, update the browser profile with a few more details.

Four profiles were shown in the fake members site area. Yet we were unable to click on them. Buttons were inoperative. We were taken to the browser site’s top when we clicked a site members profile.

Even though we were aware that this website was a bogus chat scam, we made a sincere effort to learn more about it. But we were unable to do anything with this fake website.

A paid subscription will be made available in accordance with the terms and conditions. In our case, this did not take place. We waited a little while, but we still didn’t get any subscription offers for members. We are aware that expenses will likely develop in this scenario. The renewal of payments is also mentioned on the site.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Of course, prospective user is allowed to review the terms and conditions on their own by visiting the official dating website. We just advise you to read between the lines and pay close attention to detail. These succinct words merely highlight how flimsy your product is.

The Service offered for Your personal, non-commercial use. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You. Our Site does not guarantee that You will find a date, partner, or participant, or that you will meet any member, user or profile in person.

Source: https://zoomflirts.com/p/terms

ZoomFlirts review conclusion

A fake site of course, ZoomFlirts.com is. The chat on this website is bogus. Additionally, there exists the possibility of a subscription trap. This website provides enjoyment. Entertainment typically refers to regulated conversation and payments. But it appears that this website is no longer live content. We made an effort to carefully evaluate it because we saw all the telltale symptoms of a snarky flirt website. Additionally, we discovered other pieces of evidence of a scam report. We couldn’t use any of the site’s functions, though.

Users cannot view site profiles on this scam website. It was not possible for all members to send mails to a partner or accept them. There was no inbox where we could read messages from fictitious chat operators. During our test, no paid subscriptions were available for flirt.


  • The dating service is made for registered members who want to easily communicate with others via messages, comments, and other cutting-edge methods remotely. The website doesn't immediately demand payment for its free features, but there are a few that won't be fully accessible otherwise. SSL security measures do not safeguard your privacy because you frequently deal with criminal members.
  • We anticipate that when people sign up, their profiles will be made up or include little information. According to our bad experience, a lengthy signup procedure indicates a shady dating website. This is particularly true in this case because the landing page advertises an excellent dating service for single members. This website presents itself as a positive and reliable casual dating service.
  • Yes. We are aware that the owner operates dating websites with internet chat that is regulated not by members. On the internet, we also discovered a ton of reviews concerning the operator and its deceptive practices. But for some reason, this internet website appears to be unavailable right now. The website appears to employ fake chat. However, there is no risk. Anyone who registers on this internet site will have the same experience as we did. A new member is powerless after signing up. Neither sending nor receiving messages is possible as guarantee. No one can look at or like a profile.

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