Insufficient dating with the ZoomHookups tools isn’t your dream, isn’t it? It hasn’t improved a bit in two years.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

ZoomHookups Background: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Established in 2020, the Zoom Hookups dating site is a sex-entertaining website for any interested person. According to studies, the most regular visits are made by residents of the United States. Other categories of users of the ZoomHookups website for adult dating online come from Canada, Ghana, and Australia. The age gap varies since the only limit is to avoid underage members of the chat. As practice shows, the majority of users are middle-aged, but there are young subscribers too.

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It doesn’t take a lot to join the Zoom Hookups app. However, we would kindly suggest considering expert reviews and comments before you surf the browser for the best dating sites. There are multiple alternative dating platforms that will be way better than ZoomHookups — the world of dating pages isn’t limited.

Why are we so unwilling to recommend the ZoomHookups page? Our team was glad to cancel subscriptions and proceed with reviews of more reputable solutions. Intrigued? Then let’s find out the truth about Zoom Hookups together!

Review in Detail: Registration and Fake Services at ZoomHookups

You aren’t supposed to join the Zoom Hookups app and get familiarized with captivating details about its registered women and overall approach to leading online dating businesses in the world. We liked the quality of the photos, and it was pretty simple to register. But we didn’t become wholehearted fans of Zoom Hookups. Another page of our analysis reviews will start in a moment!

Registration at ZoomHookups

To get a trial period or premium subscription in the ZoomHookups app, interested parties will need to choose their login details, date of birth, location, and sexual tastes. Straight, gay, and lesbian people can get free access to the platform.

The landing page is simple after a trial period and has a fully responsive web design first. You can check the quality of the photos right away. Although we couldn’t see other profiles in advance, we checked the comments. But our first impression wasn’t predetermined — we test to evaluate the page accurately and as deserved.

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Fake Profiles of Beautiful Ladies

No matter how many comments you create of links you find to interact with women, you will be able to enjoy their gorgeous photos commonly. The so-called online cupids here are another name for fantasy profiles in the world. You are asked to pay for them right away after you proceed with registration. As for communication features, we consider them poor compared to what pricing policy ZoomHookups has. Are you ready to find out how much meeting fictitious profiles costs? Here is the answer.

The Cost of Membership

We don’t understand why creating an account and utilizing further services is so expensive at ZoomHookups. Matchmaking algorithms are poor, and there might be issues with payments as well. The decision to use ZoomHookups will cost lots of energy, patience, and effort. Here is why we don’t want people to search for such platforms:

  • The trial plan is automatically enrolled. After registration, you will need to submit your credit card details. Basically, the ZoomHookups trial period is an automatically enrolled recurring plan that comes at a slightly discounted cost.
  • Coin plans are automatically billed after the trial ends. Trial membership plans are more expensive. Compared to premium coin plans, a one-month subscription after the trial plan will cost thirty-seven euros. A premium subscription will require twenty-seven euros per month.

Either way, you will have to get a paid membership that is automatically billed (and it will be a hassle to stop payments). Is it worth it? We consider that ZoomHookups doesn’t possess any valuable chat characteristics to pay for.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

They don’t tolerate sex trafficking, prostitution, and other matching matters for paid membership, which is obviously a good feature for different online dating sites. The problem is that this position is related to how a registered person should act: “We strictly prohibit… to exchange any personal contact information with one of our performers or to have any communication with one of our performers which would in any way result in any type of face-to-face meeting involving you and one of our performers.”

It is neither a regular sex chat nor a typical dating site. Trial membership is to understand whether you like the dating site services or not. Considering that only fake profiles of models or employed operators exist here, your payments to find a perfect match among fellow user profiles will be a total waste of time and money. Users of such sites have extremely limited rights, while operators are freed from any significant liabilities. Our team discovered that the ZoomHookups policies are just the same:

You understand and accept that no communications between You and other users is private, even if the Member profile to which You respond is created by US. You hereby release US and all other members of the Site from any liability for invasion of privacy, defamation, false light, and related torts, the event that Your communications or profile are made public.

Company does not have any obligation to verify the identity or screen the persons accessing the services. Company is not responsible and disclaims any liability or responsibility for the conduct of any user, regardless of whether that conduct occurs online or offline.

Source: https://www.zoomhookups.com/pop.php?page=terms

Even if you chat with a person with a fake profile, operators won’t be able and willing to assist in solving occurring issues or conflicts. For more details, any person can search for and check our reviews and analyze the terms and conditions of the Zoom Hookups dating website. It is freely accessible for users — we didn’t find any restricted countries during our short test.

The Conclusion from Our ZoomHookups Review

All in all, we don’t recommend searching for any online cupids on the Zoom Hookups website. The only feature you don’t pay for is registration itself (you might be charged for account cancelation even). You have to cover the cost of trial membership, message exchange, lacking customer support, and other aspects that aren’t worth a single penny. It is a dangerous scam site that won’t let you cancel the subscription or cancel the account easily.


  • The ZoomHookups dating website is created as a sex dating site with lots of adult content to let interested parties contact each other 24/7 and stay connected when desired. Although it seems a normal platform at first, there are several factors that signify its scam solutions. For instance, there are comments about insufficient coin plans and non recurring plans after the trial ends with the account automatically billed. The webcam chat is lacking, while you don’t stop getting spam and alike messages from other members of the community. Considering how similar texts can be, we assume that they are computer-generated. The use of AI technologies to send messages to other users is suspicious and scam-like on its own.
  • Your privacy and information confidentiality aren’t backed up. Besides, the ZoomHookups online dating website doesn’t only have a lot of so-called fake accounts. The provided policies make complete access to your data justified, letting them change the details and share them with third parties indirectly. All things considered, our expert team doesn’t find Zoom Hookups free registration sufficient to use this domain.
  • Simply put, the Zoom Hookup online dating portal has a lot of features that other dating sites will possess. This relates to features like trial memberships and paid memberships, as well as a fully responsive web design. The company pursues higher profits yet doesn’t meet more specialized criteria to be not off line services. There are different methods of scams, which start with fixed search filters, issues with sending messages, and how other messages open fake chats and keep you online by sending photos of random women.

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