It’s not a secret we all live in times when traditional dating is a luxury. Our busy lives do not allow us to meet people traditionally, have normal dates, and spend enough time together. Most of the process happens online. We get to know each other on messengers and instead of live communication, prefer digital talks.

With such growing popularity of dating apps and online dating, everyone has a chance to meet his or her dating needs quickly and remotely. According to online dating statistics, “three-in-ten U.S. adults say they have ever used a dating site or a dating app” (Source:,50%20and%20older%20(16%25)). Far not everyone is happy with his online dating experience though. 

Why does it happen? Are those dating apps or dating sites for men not as good as they seem or are there any other reasons for massive failures? Below, you will find answers to your questions regarding online dating. Learn why a dating site or a dating app may not be right for you and how to make online dating work 100%. 

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Why do men use dating apps?

Although the answer seems obvious, it is still complicated. The truth is everyone has his own reasons for using a dating app. For some guys leading truly busy lives, a dating app is a good way of meeting a life partner. Other men would use a dating app or the best sites not to find a long term relationship but to relax and have some fun.

The sign up process on a  free dating site is usually very quick and simple, so anyone can enjoy its benefits. Online dating apps for men are very good alternatives to casual dating when they simply lack time due to tough work. It is much easier to use a  free dating app and swipe profiles of attractive women back and forth than to put effort into going out and impressing local girls in public places.

Cases when not only women but also many men use a free dating app for a hookup are also very frequent. If attractive women do not mind having a date or two with a handsome man without any obligations, why not pass through a quick sign up process on a free dating site and reach your goals. Many beautiful women send raunchy videos to men when using a dating app and are not looking for any long term relationship, so guys happily use this chance to have some fun. Not all people use a dating app for men for serious goals. 

Is the best dating app better than dating websites?

This question is rather rhetorical. There are many dating websites in the dating scene, as well as plenty of apps for men. You cannot say that some of them are better than others because everyone is looking for what meets his expectations and purposes. It is better to know the main differences between dating websites and dating apps.

A dating app for men 

Online dating websites 

Easy to use and mostly based on machine algorithms

Easy to use but usually, require an extensive personality questionnaire which boosts your chances to find like minded people

A lot of single women looking for a hookup

Most single women are looking for a life partner, especially on the dating platforms

Doesn’t offer the services of a dating coach

You can often use the assistance of a dating coach and high-quality dating advice

Is relativitively cheap, a free dating app usually offers free membership and a feature called to give access to all functions at some cost 

Dating platforms are nearly even split between free and paid ones. A free dating site is not much better than a free version of dating apps. Free membership doesn’t guarantee high quality and background checks. 

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How to choose the best dating app or best online website?

A new dating app may pop up in the dating scene daily. Using a new dating app is very tempting because you want to try what odds it has to offer but it is also somehow dangerous. If you are going to have crossed paths with decent and higher quality women, it is better to use the best dating app that has at least some good reviews. 

If you know someone involved in online dating who succeeded and had the best online experience, this would be your best dating app or website. If you don’t know such people, just conduct a little research online. There must be Trustpilot or Sitejabber reviews or testimonials and if you spend a few minutes, you will have no problem finding them. Spend some time checking every dating app for men you are going to use.

Here is dating advice that will help you find higher quality women through the best dating apps or portals:

  • Sign up only after you check testimonials about this dating app or website
  • Try a free version of dating apps and websites first
  • Do not look for a much younger lady, otherwise, you risk having a poor online dating experience
  • Avoid sharing personal information even through the best dating apps until you get to know those free users well
  • Beware if you receive the first message telling you how much they love you and how cool you are, no decent women write that in their messages to unknown men

Why online dating doesn’t work for you

Now, it’s time to know the truth. For someone, this truth might be literally painful and even killing while for others, it could be the light at the end of the tunnel. Even the hopeless romantics use the best dating apps and still fail. Great guys, as they say, use a great dating app but end with nothing and are totally disappointed. 

Does it mean that the best dating apps simply do not work and it is a waste of time and money? Let us see what exactly your case is and what you might be doing wrong. Even the best dating apps and websites will not be very helpful if you keep making silly mistakes over and over again. 

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Your expectations are unrealistic 

Many men start using dating apps, create a profile, and think it is enough to find potential partners. They think any younger lady will be happy to date them. Unfortunately, the disappointment doesn’t make itself wait long. It happens only because your expectations are totally unrealistic.

No matter whether you belong to free users or paid members of the dating app, you must search only for those women you deserve, so to say. Your wish to have a beautiful, young, and sexy model is understandable but if you are much older, not very fit, and not a millionaire, your chances are hardly high. 

Unrealistic expectations and goals are the most popular reasons for failure. Your potential partners should belong to your age category, social group, and have at least similar interests. If you are a farmer who is fond of horses and spends every single day from 5 a.m to 8 p.m. taking care of his cattle, a young woman with a M.D. in economics who has business trips once a week will definitely not match you. 

If you keep failing, use other dating apps and fail again, it is time to think about whether you are searching for the wrong people. Maybe you fail because your possibilities do not match your wishes? Think of it before you even join online dating. 

You take online dating too seriously

Of course, when it comes to a relationship, everything should be taken seriously. But the dating game is not only about creating a profile in a dating app or registering on a website. Doing it is just the first step toward your casual relationships. If you are not one of the free users and purchased a subscription, it doesn’t mean other members owe you something. Unfortunately, it is one of the most widespread mistakes in a virtual dating game.

If you try to build a relationship with every woman you meet on the right dating app, push her to answer your messages, and get mad if she doesn’t reply, you will scare absolutely all women away. Please realize that the dating pool is full of stages. Meeting something on your online dating website or using some other dating apps is just the first stage. 

When you meet a lady in the street or a bar and exchange phone numbers, you are not going to marry her, do you? The same works for a dating app. Do not require anything from people you meet with the help of a dating app. They are not obliged to reply to you every day and do not owe you anything. If someone disappears and doesn’t reply to your messages, there must be a reason. It happens and it is not a tragedy. 

You are not active enough

Being too active and scaring women away is not good as you understand. However, being too passive isn’t great either. For instance, you have registered on a casual dating website or installed a dating app and did not even put it on to make your profile appealing. Being a member of a great dating app is not enough at all.

First of all, you should upload a good profile photo. What makes your profile picture winning? Just pay attention to a few things:

  • A bad photo is better than no photo at all (women do not communicate with incognitos) 
  • Your face should be seen well, no shades, let women see your eyes
  • No photos with a naked core — you may be proud of it but it is not the best way to tell girls you are serious enough
  • Be alone in your photo or at least with your pet; pictures in big companies or at parties are not appropriate for the best online websites and other dating apps
  • A real-life photo would be better than a professional one or a picture on your ID

The photo is not all yet though. To attract women, you need to complete your profile. Describe why you are using this app or website. Explain your expectations and tell more about yourself. There is no need to write all facts from your biography, but ladies must see at least some basic information about you. 

If your profile contains no information about you, women will have no interest in it. You are wasting both your and their time by bothering them. Serious women want to be direct and see who they are talking to. Do not forget to mention your marital status and whether you have any children, etc. 

Online dating is not for everyone

Although dating apps seem to be a great way to meet your future partner, they still do not suit everyone. If you keep installing apps for men and deleting them every single month, you do not know what you want yet. Maybe you just did not find the right dating app or the best online platform yet, or maybe this kind of dating is not yours at all. 

Maybe you just need casual relationships instead of virtual experiences. Just breathe deep, take a pause, and think well about whether you really need to use the best dating apps at all. If your communication skills are not the best and it is much better for you to meet people in bars or gyms, then just forget about apps for men and start casual relationships. 

If you are too worried about someone not answering your inquiries or consider every girl you meet online your future wife, you still need some time to work on yourself. The dating pool is not limited to dating apps and people still need to meet in real life and get to know one another. Take it easier if you want to succeed with dating apps. 

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No one canceled good manners online

Unfortunately, some guys forget about etiquette when using dating apps or websites. This could be one of the reasons why you cannot succeed. If you feel like a real macho behind the screen of your PC and decided to impress a woman with your alpha-male skills, think twice before doing it. Women still cherish good manners and courtship.

Being brutal or speaking dirty is not what decent candidates expect from you. If you want crossed paths with a good lady and are not looking for a hookup, you should behave well, even if talking just on dating apps. Thus, keep in mind the following:

  • When talking on a video chat, do not show up with a naked core, in your bed, or with messy hair — the first impression is crucial and you will never change it
  • Make sure the room on video looks tidy and there is an order in it if you do not want a woman to think you are a slob
  • Forget about dirty jokes and remember you are talking to a lady who could be your potential wife 
  • Avoid asking uncomfortable questions, such as why she is single for a long time, how much she earns, etc.
  • Do not touch forbidden topics like politics, religion, sex, or money at the early stages 

If you cannot build a relationship in reality, dating apps won’t help

If someone has problems with communication, psychological blocks, aggression, or isn’t confident in life, even the best dating apps won’t improve it. Before having fake hopes from the best online platforms, you should work on the problem first. Women online are not different than in life. 

You may need a psychologist or a dating expert first. It will help you elaborate on your problem and improve it. Otherwise, even when using the best dating apps, you will fail again. Dating apps are not a placebo for your inner issues and conflicts. 


Do apps for men really work? Yes, the best online websites and dating apps work well when you know what you want and are ready for the challenges of virtual dating. However, if you raise your expectations, are too unrealistic about your search for a woman, and do not really know what you want, the best dating apps will not help you. 

There are plenty of apps for men on the market. They all have different principles of operation, reputation, and payment options. There are apps and websites for all tastes, needs, and budgets. If you approach the process properly and stick to the recommendations above, you will have no problem succeeding. 

Just select the right goals and try to reach them. Be realistic. If you keep failing, maybe dating online is not for you at all? 


How to get the best online experience using dating apps?

Using even the best online apps for men can be tricky. No one knows what you should expect when installing dating apps. Of course, your experience and success depend on several factors and it would be good to know them before even thinking of joining a dating site. 

First of all, it would be good to choose only the best online platforms. It is not recommended to use totally new dating sites for men or dating apps that do not have any reputation, reviews, or success stories yet. Try to choose a dating app that offers a free version or trial. A free version will help you get an idea of how this dating app works, whether this dating platform is interesting for you at all, if there are beautiful women, and if there are fake profiles on this dating site.

After that, you can get a paid subscription already and explore the sites and apps further. It is necessary to sign up for those apps for men, the reputation of which you can be sure of. A large number of beautiful women is not the reason to sign up yet. Avoid talking to fake profiles. To avoid this, start chatting on video as soon as possible.

What are the best dating sites?

To answer this question, it is necessary to ask you what your goals and expectations from dating sites are. Let’s be honest, not everyone is looking for a committed relationship on dating sites. Some dating sites are created for the swinger community, some men are looking for queer women, there are straight centric apps, someone wants a hookup app while the rest of the men are searching for a long term relationship on a dating platform. 

Thus, the answer is that the best dating apps or dating sites for men are those that meet your own needs and no one else’s. You should sign up for a dating site or use a dating app that fully corresponds to your expectations. If you join a dating platform that offers partners for a committed relationship and marriage in search of a hookup, you will definitely fail. 

Look for the best dating sites that reflect your final goals. Last but not least, be honest about your goals with yourself, as well as with other casual daters on dating sites. If the site boasts a lot of success stories and testimonials, this is a good dating site where you can find potential matches.

Is online dating harder for men?

Yes, online dating is harder for men than for women. According to statistics, men make up over 80% of casual daters on dating sites while women make less than 20%. The answer is obvious — for men, it is much more difficult to find potential matches than for women since there is high competition even on the best dating apps. 

Most users on such sites for men complain about their dating experience. Even on the best sites, male users receive fewer messages than women. Since there are more women than male users on dating sites, men have to work harder and put more effort into online dating. 

Is an elite dating app better than common apps for men?

It depends. Definitely, an elite dating app will cost you much more than a top dating app with free membership. It is difficult to judge the quality of such dating apps because not all expensive apps for men really work. One thing is for sure — an elite dating app will at least bear responsibility for user profiles.

If you choose even the top dating app that offers free membership to everyone, you should not expect the high quality. There are different apps for men and once again, the best dating sites or dating apps are those that meet your goals. If your income is quite average and you are looking for potential matches in your social layer, using a top dating app with exaggerated fees is not very reasonable. Your potential matches will hardly use those dating apps.

Such an iOS and Android app as Coffee meets bagel, for instance, adds you to a match group and sends you potential matches daily. It is all based on machine algorithms and you will hardly meet truly potential matches using such apps for men. Although the site boasts a successful dating experience, not all user profiles are of high quality, so finding a long term relationship with such dating apps is not easy.

Are there any successful singles among those who used online dating sites?

Of course, not only women but also many men succeed on dating apps or the best dating sites. Although all of them have busy lives, dating apps and various sites for men and women help them connect and find each other. Nothing is impossible and everyone who wants to reach his or her goals knows it. 

Your dating experience can be pretty successful if you set the right goals, browse the right user profiles, and use online dating sites that can help you reach those goals. Everything depends on who you want to meet, for what kind of relationship, and what dating apps or sites for men you are using. 

There are plenty of guys and girls who used both dating apps with a free membership and paid dating apps and online dating platforms and succeeded. Each case is individual and there are always exceptions to the common rules. Not only women but also men should follow online dating etiquette and be able to recognize red flags. If you do that, everything will work well.