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Did you know about senior dating services?

We tend to think that love and passionate relationships are only about young, full of ambitions, and a bit naive boys and girls. We believe that pit in a stomach and shivering around a whole body — it’s all possible only in youthhood because life is making us more pragmatic and less romantic from year to year. But that is not true!

Life is short and a few dozens years are all we’ve got, so there is no time to get bored and stop loving. Moreover, women are getting better and more charming with age, men are becoming wiser and more masculine, and it’s a perfect combination to create strong, serious, and long-term relationships.

To help senior people who want to find a partner for making a family or just to feel something they felt a long time ago, there are special services on the Internet. They are designed in a special way to make the users’ experience as satisfying and enjoyable as it could be.

You don’t have to be an advanced PC user or have any other special skills to enjoy these sites’ functionality. Just complete a simple registration and you are welcome!

What’s about dating seniors?

dating seniors

Before we even look at such sites, let’s talk about senior dating in general. Why is it important? The things we should know and other curious details about it. First things first, let’s define who these people are. Seniors are gentlemen and ladies over 50, and this demographic  group is growing too fast in the USA and other western countries.

There are plenty of old men and women around the world, with a great percent of them divorced or widowed. They still form a very significant community with a great variety of tastes, beliefs, and interests but without a lot of communication means. This is the reason why they really need help.

What do you obtain with senior dating?

Not all seniors realize the need for being in relationships. It doesn’t matter if you have had partners before or if it’s your first experience, you have to live a full life and take everything good from it. But a full life is impossible without love. Let’s look at some real facts of what you get from senior dating:

  • Energy. A new partner inspires you and motivates you, which gives you a significant amount of energy. It’s essential to feel good for every human being.
  • Care. It becomes more complicated to live alone with age. Making each others’ lives better is easier than trying to solve all the problems on your own.
  • Loneliness. It’s the most obvious reason to have a life-time partner, but let’s take a look at this from the other side — children. Many couples are planning a baby even when they are old enough. The life experience ensures the most careful and right upbringing.
  • Talking about the experience, it’s necessary to mention that seniors have had enough time to finally figure out what they need. Making committed relationships at this age is much simpler.
  • Only love. Sex becomes something like a background that can be even omitted on many occasions. It’s a great advantage because you always know that you are both here for the same purposes.

Helping seniors

As it has been mentioned, senior people who are looking for dating are elderly people without a lot of opportunities. Moreover, they may not be familiar with modern technologies and how things work. Besides, it matters why you are lonely: have you divorced? Or have you lost a spouse? Or maybe you haven’t got a partner before? According to this, you have to start your search. What do these people need?

Divorced singles. There are two variants of a typical divorced senior: a senior with children and a senior without them. The first variant also depends on how old children are. Thus, there are 3 possible options.

If you don’t have children, you either need a spouse to live the rest of your lives together or a happy family. If you have already grown children, everything is actually the same, except for a few moments. And if you have little kids, you are probably looking for a second parent.

Widowed seniors. This type of seniors has something in common with the previous one. It comes to children. But mainly widowed seniors want to overcome their loss. New relationships can cure constant grieving. So, such people look for supporting, understanding, and tender partners.

If you have had no partners before, you are full of enthusiasm and ready to share all your love. It’s kinda complicated to start dating when you are adult enough, so such people ask for patience and genteelness. As a result, they can love as much and as strong as ever.

However, all of them need a little help to connect with each other because it’s not easy to have new datings when you are 50+. For such purposes, there are special services on the internet that gather people and form close-knit communities.

Pros and Cons: is it really good?

dating seniors

Before you rush in or, on the contrary, step back, you have to know some core points of such sites and senior online dating in general. This will help you form the most objective and realistic attitude towards mature couples:


  • Sites are free to use. Although free members have some limitations, they can do a lot of things and reach their purposes, which means it doesn’t require anything from you.
  • User-friendly interfaces. Simple and intuitive navigation is a good advantage of such services.
  • A completely new world. Meeting new people is always exciting and it brings a lot of new opportunities in your life. 
  • Mobile use. It’s easy to take the dating experience with you wherever you go.
  • Time. Using special services saves plenty of time.


  • paid content;
  • specific community.

Becoming a member

If you have decided to become a member of a senior dating site, just click a big sign up button right in front of you. Don’t worry, the whole operation of filling in personal details is quick and painless. Just follow instructions on your screen and enter your actual data. Obligatory fields are marked with the «* »symbol. 

Here is what you need to create an account: a valid email, password, displayed name, address, gender, preferences, and any photo of you. Sometimes it’s impossible to continue without a profile picture, but you can choose to hide it from other members if you are not ready yet to show yourself.

You will also have to verify your email address by clicking on a special link in an automatic letter after you have signed up. This procedure prevents the creation of fake accounts and helps create a clear community.

What’s about other members?

dating seniors

Due to the specific community, all profiles on these dating services are complete and interesting to browse. People put their effort into describing themselves, and it’s a great sign. It denotes that the community aims for long-term relationships and commitment.

When you open someone’s profile, you can see a list of photos and a brief description of a member that includes the following characteristics: gender, age, whom does a person look for, location, ethnicity, education, children, alcohol/smoking habits, religion, and political views.

There is also an «About Me» section that allows members to write anything in their own words. Members describe themselves and their ideal matches. If you want to get more success, you should keep these things in mind:

  • Be honest. You are trying to find a partner that is supposed to spend as much time with you as he or she could. The truth will be revealed anyway, so do not waste your time on such a useless thing like pretending to be someone else;
  • Be positive. Positive vibes always make other people feel comfortable. Thus, a good sense of humor, for example, can have a significant  influence on your conversation;
  • Be polite. Simple rules of the etiquette are required for every aspect of our life, especially for dating and relationships;
  • Be creative. It’s complicated to notice you among thousands of profiles, even with the help of search. So, think up something unique that will grab other members’ attention.

Mobile version

The majority of these sites don’t even have a special mobile app. This fact is explained by the absence of the necessity to develop a mobile app. Smartphones now are much more popular than computers and laptops. Thanks to the mobile internet, it’s possible to stay in touch wherever you are. Many of us are too busy to spend some free time in front of the computer. 

Besides, smartphones and tablets do not require such concentration, so you can check your newsfeeds, messages, or likes even at a coffee break. It’s so convenient to use your favorite dating site without downloading additional software. Just open a site in a mobile browser and enjoy the whole functionality

Partner search

Searching is that kind of the site’s features that should be a good one. What is an excellent searching function? First of all, it’s great if this function is available for every user on a site. Besides, it has to work well and should not require a lot of time to figure out where to click.

dating seniors

The process of finding your love or at least someone who is worth a try is not fast sometimes. Usually, this is the most exhausting process of the whole dating. It’s like fishing when you must sit and wait. That’s why sites do their best to provide users with the most efficient search.

How does it work?

What makes a search good? Various filters that ensure the best results. It doesn’t matter whether you are a standard member or a premium one; you can apply all filters. The system analyzes all profiles and excludes those that do not meet your preferences. All criteria that are viewed in profiles can be applied as a filter.

Note that if a person has some blank fields, he won’t be displayed in the results. For example, if you are looking for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, all profiles that have not checked this box will be excluded from the search results.

Searching options and filters

This is the most common and generalized list of filters for searching:

  •          Age
  •          Gender
  •          Location
  •          Ethnicity
  •          Level of education
  •          Children
  •          Alcohol use
  •          Religion
  •          Political views

Communication Methods

Communication depends on your account type because this aspect has some restrictions for free users. Although limits do exist, you can use basic features and feel comfortable. The point is that as a new member you can only read messages. But you are allowed to send winks/smiles.

If a member you are flirting with has a premium status, this person can send you a message. In that case, you are free to chat. However, some sites allow free members to use chatting features with no limits.


dating seniors

The number of fakes and scammers depends on the verification process a service applies to its users. Such profiles are getting banned, but it’s hard to ban them all without a special system. However, this is the only thing you should be afraid of. In general, the sites are pretty safe and secure.

Otherwise, users will not trust such a site and they will go find another one with better protection. Security is an essential element of senior dating websites.

Protection measures

First of all, it’s needed to be said that even though the verification procedure could be not strict, there is a team of moderators at every site. This team is capable of banning accounts, removing inappropriate content, and solving the majority of issues.

Besides, you can report violations on your own and block unwanted communication. Do not forget to follow dating tips that you can find on the site. This will ensure your security as well.

Customer Support

To report a bug, you can use a special contacting form that is easily reachable from a side menu or your profile page, or by clicking on a link at the site’s bottom. Choose a subject and describe a reason for your inquiry. The customer support service works every day and will do its best to answer you as soon as possible.

The FAQ section is an optional add-on that helps people find solutions for their problems without bothering anyone. FAQ usually contains answers for the most popular inquiries.

Common senior dating issues

dating seniors

Senior dating is connected with some troubles, such as the non-mobile community. It leads to problematic situations you would probably want to avoid. In order to help you with this, here is a little list of common issues and how to solve them:

  • Lack of romantic moments. Since older people have been through different situations and got tired already, they can simply forget about the need for being romantic. Do not worry! If you want to make your relationship a little more enjoyable, just talk about it. If you both need some tips, you can use the internet.
  • Previous relationships. It comes mainly to widowed people. Just give a certain period of time for your relationships. If it won’t stop in this period, you are with the wrong person.
  • Child-free. To avoid situations when one of the partners wants children while the second one — doesn’t, it’s mandatory to discuss everything before starting to date. Senior people do not tend to change their minds in the future.


After being a while on such sites, it seems like they are great places with great potential and a lot of decent features. The main concept is very life-assured and genteel. The idea of creating a site to connect people with the same interests for such purposes as marriage is extremely romantic and right.

Moreover, we are all young inside no matter how old we are, and we want to be understood, to be loved. These sites operate to provide us with such opportunities. It’s marvelous to have resources for all age groups, nationalities, and races. You can easily find a partner and start to communicate with the help of the site’s functions that are able even for free users.

This is exactly what senior people need. Premium accounts have even more options, and they are highly recommended for those who have no doubts left about one’s plans. It’s much more convenient to use senior online dating sites without any limits.

Thus, if you are a single mature and you believe you have enough will to love and create strong relationships, you should try special services. It’s convenient, simple, and fun. Do not hold yourself from the happiness you may feel today and tomorrow. If you don’t know where to begin, read this article again and start with a simple registration. It will take you much further than you think. Just give it a try and you will get what you want!


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