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We all want to understand what our partner desires, and this article can help. Dr. Jennifer Smith, a leading relationship psychologist, has compiled a guide that will help uncover tips on how to recognize someone’s needs,abilities and talents without them having to tell you.

Additionally, we will examine some indications of untruthfulness when handling male partners as well as actions you can take to guarantee they are being open and honest with you.

Finally, we will also look at ways to move forward if you find yourselves disagreeing on his hopes and dreams for the future.

What Does He Want?

Navigating Uncertainty: When He Doesn't Know What He Wants in Dating

Figuring out what someone wants can sometimes be quite a challenge. It can be even more difficult if the person in question is a man who is judicious about expressing his feelings due to social expectations or upbringing.

Thus,if you want to understand your partner better,consulting an expert like Dr. Jennifer Smith,who specializes in helping people understand their partners better,can be incredibly helpful.

Here are a few tips from her that can guide you on the journey to understanding your partner’s needs, talents, and capabilities:

Tips from Dr. Jennifer Smith Explanation
Ask yourself “What does he need?” rather than “What does he want?” By recognizing the difference in the two questions, you will become more aware of his core needs and aspirations,and know what he has a genuine interest in.
Listen and observe Be an active participant in conversations with your partner by listening intently and using your observational skills. This will help you understand what matters most to him at this moment.
Pay attention to his decision-making process Observe how he makes significant decisions. This will give you an insight into what motivates him and some clues as to his aspirations and deepest desires, both for himself and the relationship.
Research his passions Find out more about his hobbies and interests, and see what it reveals about his motivations. This could give you useful insight into figuring out what he wants from life.
Discuss feelings Give your partner an opportunity to express himself openly. This could be done by addressing whatever feelings may be driving some of his decisions or goals. This could create a deeper understanding of his needs and goals,and also help him open up more in the future as conversations about his aspirations arise.

Ultimately,understanding what your male partner wants depends on being attentive,open-minded, and willing to listen without judgment or interruption. This will create a strong basis for getting closer,regardless of any struggles you may face in the future.

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Steps to Identifying What He Wants

When it comes to uncovering what a person truly needs, the key lies in an effective and open communication. Often, people are shy or hesitant when it comes to expressing their true desires. It can be hard for two people to concur on exactly what is wished for, especially in the context of a romantic relationship.

Thankfully,there are some measures that can be taken in order to figure out someone’s true needs and wishes.


  • Think “What does he seriously need?” instead of simply “What does he want?” This small change in phrasing will make one more aware of the fundamental needs and aspirations, rather than just the exterior aspects.
  • Actively listen to and observe intently during conversations to gain knowledge of what matters most to them.
  • Take note of how they make decisions in order to better understand what drives them and can provide clues as to their inner desires.
  • Consider their passions too; this can give you insight into their motivations.
  • Encourage your partner to open up by bringing up feelings he may be hesitant to share.


  • Figuring out what your partner wants needs patience, openness,and willingness from both of you.
  • It can take some time to create a relaxed and conducive atmosphere for sharing needs and thoughts.

To begin with,it’s important to contemplate “What does he seriously need?” rather than just “What does he want?” This conscious shift in how one perceives wishes and desires is key to understanding the underlying motivations and aspirations.

Then, actively listen to your partner and observe intently during conversations to gain more knowledge of what matters most to them in the present moment.

Take note of how they make decisions in order to better understand what drives them and can provide clues for their inner desires for themselves and the relationship. Consider their passions too; this can give you insight into their motivations,leading you closer towards understanding what they truly want from life.

Finally, in an effort to encourage your partner to open up more, bring up feelings that he may be hesitant to share. Offering him a safe space, even temporarily,will help him to discover who he is and what he actually wants both for himself and the relationship.

Figuring out what your partner wants needs patience, openness, and willingness from both of you, which should aid in creating a relaxed and conducive atmosphere for sharing needs and thoughts.

In conclusion,identifying what a person truly needs can be a difficult process. However, actively listening, observing,and providing a safe environment will enable both partners to communicate their inner desires.

When You Don’t Agree on What He Wants

Navigating Uncertainty: When He Doesn't Know What He Wants in Dating

It can be difficult to understand why your partner may hold a different opinion or viewpoint on a situation. When it comes to bigger matters that involve the direction of the relationship, it can be even more challenging to come to a mutual agreement.

Nevertheless, listening to each other’s perspectives and having open communication is essential in order to ensure that both parties feel heard and respected.

If you find yourself in disagreement with what he wants, consider these tips:

  • Listen carefully and try to understand where they are coming from—it is essential to take the circumstances behind his needs into account.
  • Be empathetic towards their feelings rather than imposing your own—it’s important to validate how they feel even if you don’t necessarily agree.
  • Remain humble while discussing differences in opinion—acknowledge your own mistakes and avoid pointing fingers.
  • Reframe the discussion as being about “how we can work together towards better understanding each other” rather than “trying to prove who is right”.
  • Be honest with yourself and your partner about why you might not agree on certain things. It can be beneficial for both parties if everyone makes an effort to explain their position while also displaying openness towards changing it.

Taking the time to talk to each other and engage in active listening will help bridge any gaps between you and your partner. It is also crucial that both parties maintain respect for one another throughout this process in order to keep all conversations and interactions around this matter positive.

You should strive for unity regardless of whatever differences in opinion arise; healthy relationships depend on it!

The Final Word on What He Wants

When seeking to comprehend what he wishes, it is crucial to maintain an open attitude. Communicating openly enables one to grasp his needs, capabilities,and talents more clearly.

Despite this,he may still be uncertain of what he wants, but you will be able to make informed decisions which can assist him in gaining clarity. By staying supportive and patient throughout this journey, you can grant him the opportunity to comprehend his own ideas and emotions.


  • When it comes to understanding what your partner wants,it's important to be observant of their body language and watch for any signs of resistance. Pay attention to how long it takes them to answer a question,and if they avoid direct eye contact. Consider any inconsistencies in the story they tell, as there could be more to it. Make sure the conversation is taking place in a secure environment, so they can open up without fear of judgement or punishment.
  • When it comes to fostering honest communication,being understanding and empathetic is paramount. Establish a secure atmosphere for your partner to express themselves without judgement. Ask open-ended questions, provide time for answers and ensure mutual respect. This will create a trusting environment for your partner to share their thoughts, fears and desires.

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