HyeSingles.com did not pass our test as a quality dating service. It is insufficient for any relationships of real users.


  • Scam Operator
  • Fake Profiles
  • Unlikely to meet
  • Bad comments
  • Too expensive

HyeSingles review – what is it and who is it for?

Armenian singles have been meeting online since 2002 thanks to HyeSingles.com. The provider offers free registration in an effort to make dating for Armenian culture simple. Even Armenian women can meet the hyesingles and other members. World Singles networks LLC is the owner of HyeSingles.com. They run a huge scam network of dating site serving various ethnic groups of new members and for Armenian culture.

Although you are requested to pay a lot of capital, all of them appear to be respectable. We have searched the web for customer reviews, but we don’t come across many. There is nothing in the terms and privacy that suggests a scam. We chose to enroll and have a look ourselves. Only platinum members on HyeSingles.com site have the ability to communicate with other users.

Company name
World Singles LLC
32565-B Golden Lantern St
+1 (949) 743-2535
[email protected]

An explanation where a trial duration at Armenian dating app is equivalent to a paid platinum membership is the dating site HyeSingles. The mere distinction is that you’ll have to fork up a little less money. Since the site won’t allow you to publish a photo if a person isn’t clearly seen, we had to pretend to be real Hyesingles members in order to make our review accounts seem more realistic. The same holds true for casual or group images from Hyesingles app profile settings. In this Hyesingles review, we’d want to explain why choose to cancel rather than keep a line of communication open with this Hyesingles Armenian dating app. Let’s jump right into the subject and check the fundamental review procedures of dating app.

Detailed HyeSingles Review – Enrollment and Fake Services

World Singles networks always propose affordable profile settings for new members. The HyeSingles dating website’s across-the-board functioning isn’t noticeably different from what other websites provide to their users. Despite being primarily targeted at registered users from Armenia, other members are also welcome to take part in Hyesingles site activities and send messages.

Finding a girl from the nearby city won’t be difficult, but once you start chatting to her at Hyesingles app, you’ll see how false the information she gives you is – she knows nothing about the city itself and other aspects that reveal her unique accent and perspective on the world. Are you curious to learn more about frauds on the dating website HyeSingles? Let’s investigate them!

Enrollment process on HyeSingles

In terms of information through Hyesingles review, the site photo is genuinely somewhat lacking. It merely provides users of the dating Armenian singles service with the option to sign up or log in. You can find links to read site policies and frequently asked questions by scrolling down a little bit on the site photo. Additionally, there is a separate button to get in touch with the Hyesingles website’s support staff.

Declaring your hobbies is the first choice you must make at the site. They did prove to be insufficient when we explored various alternatives to examine how their matchmaking algorithms function. The main issue is that real users can view and initiate chats with HyeSingles’ online cupids, but we’ll talk more about that later. There is no method to discern couples among individual profiles, despite the HyeSingles website’s claim that interested parties can connect with couples as well, as it is specified in the company’s terms and conditions. We had to provide our location and photo throughout the free registration process. Because there is no method to customize it, we were forced to pick a random place from the drop-down site menu.

The main site registration form is displayed after the first selections have been made. Only a nickname might be chosen as our username. In order to finish the profile, we could also connect it to Google site, but doing so exposes you to risky solutions receiving access to your private data. Always be careful when selecting your password, and avoid using the same login information across all of the entertainment platforms you use.

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Fake profiles – HyeSingles review

We must tell you that real members for free dating are extremely hard to find even if you pay for a premium subscription at site, even if you see incredible profiles and interact with them. Although profile photos vary, we found a number of altered and copied images in account albums and during discussions with dating site operators. We were able to post site photos, but the site rejected a few of them. This mechanism is used to distinguish between phony singles and legitimate profiles on similar member dating Armenian singles services as Hyesingles review. Such singles are common on the HyeSingles site and are warranted in adding to the site’s amusement values. You will then spend your money to converse with management and bots rather than other singles or users, like we did.

Hyesingles cost of the paid membership

We notice a photo message after selecting the member message option that instructs us to first sign up for platinum Hyesingles members. There is no free trial subscription that we are aware of search filters. The one-month, $40 USD platinum membership is the shortest available at the site. As a result, you are required to pay a substantial sum of money without knowing whether increasing your membership is worthwhile. Every member has a different amount of free messages on this fake dating site platform.

It is important to note in Hyesingles review that there is no yearly membership price that provides access to all of the premium features. Only a site subscription that automatically renews is available on HyeSingles.com unless you submit your cancellation request before the end. This is typical of dating websites and doesn’t point to a blatant subscription site trap. Singles on the platform are only operators. So you won’t wind real free member for dating.

From the Terms and Conditions Section

Online, HyeSingles.com is not well known site. Our review was not actually made easier by the dearth of user reviews. Despite having a premium price tag of search filters, HyeSingles.com site has a few features we like. Here, navigation is simple and enjoyable thanks to the site layout’s user-friendliness. They appear to be actual group members. Although HyeSingles.com site is a fake chat scam, but the terms and privacy do not include moderated free false profiles, we did discover that your personal information will not be safeguarded with privacy.

Use of the Website is with the permission of World Singles, which may be revoked at any time, for any reason, in World Singles’ sole discretion.You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password that you designate during the Registration process, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password. You agree to (a) immediately notify World Singles of any unauthorized use of your username or password or any other breach of security; and (b) ensure that you exit from your account at the end of each session. Company will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your password being compromised or misappropriated.

Source: https://hyesingles.com/terms

HyeSingles review Conclusion

At first sight, HyeSingles.com may seem like an intriguing member choice if you are an Armenian. But in the end, you’ll realize that the site is a fake and a hoax. The operator conceals the fact that you cannot advance without an expensive subscription on the first page. There are many dating websites that are expensive yet have more amenities. HyeSingles.com is a fraud site, though. Additionally, you need to be informed that your site subscription continually renews itself automatically.


  • Hye singles contact fake accounts of the site and send messages and are unable to engage in scam dating with other members, even when they want to, thus there are no true flings or personal bonds here. This business serving Armenians is a cunning con site. You will send messages not to users, but to bots and operators. Furthermore, it is better to delete site links from operators and bots users.
  • It provides phony accounts for users to communicate, and other users have little influence over how problems are resolved on the platform network. The staff provides scam bots services and is unwilling to assist singles.
  • Its scams include creating fake profiles, bots and operators, scam dating network, having trouble stopping payments, and having trouble canceling the user Hyesingles account altogether. However, these problems are rationalized as minor internet connection issues, amusing online dating sites, and other phony justifications as network privacy. Because of this, HyeSingles is a fraud for hookups and casual dating. You should delete all links from platform operators and bots messages.

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