Missing someone is an emotion that can take over us when we cannot be with them anymore. It evokes a wide range of feelings,from longing and sadness to regret and nostalgia.

In romantic relationships,missing someone can be a reminder of the happy times shared and a sign of loss. With family or friends, it can be a yearning for their presence in our lives.

Our brains crave familiarity and habituation, which explains why we may remember special occasions where we had shared happy memories with someone we miss.

This can be amplified by us seeing them through rose-colored glasses,leading to an addiction-like effect, similar to what cocaine does to the brain.

Understanding the reasons behind why we are grieving a lost relationship is the first step to healing our broken hearts and ultimately, letting go. Coping with these special occasions can be difficult.

Therefore, there are positive steps we can take to acknowledge our emotions and work towards closure. Taking the time to remember their flaws instead of their perfections is one way of becoming comfortable with being without them.

Carrying out a few activities can be helpful in dealing with missing someone. Connecting with others who understand us is an important way to feel supported. Writing down our thoughts and feelings, either in a journal or a letter,can also be a great outlet for those emotions.

Engaging in activities that we may have done with the person who is no longer with us can help. This could be anything from hobbies to watching a movie or TV show.

  1. Another coping mechanism for missing someone is mindfulness.
  2. Practicing yoga, meditation,and breathing techniques can help to keep the mind focused.
  3. It can also be beneficial to be aware of how we are feeling in the moment.

Taking a break from thinking about the other person can be helpful and engaging in activities such as reading,spending time outdoors,or listening to music can be a form of relaxation.

Reaching out to others with similar experiences can also be beneficial. Building meaningful connections with people who have gone through similar situations can provide comfort and insight. Online or in-person support groups can be valuable, as can speaking to a counsellor.

Missing someone can be an awful feeling, but taking the time to reflect and using coping mechanisms can help us to move forward.

Understanding our emotions and learning to accept them can make it easier to part ways with our past.

How do I cope with the feeling of missing him after a breakup or when he’s not around?

The Physical Effects of Missing Someone

Longing Hearts: Navigating the Feeling of 'I Miss Him' in the Dating Journey

Navigating the emotions of missing someone can be extremely difficult, especially in terms of a romantic partner.

Missing someone can have physical and emotional repercussions that can be difficult to deal with.


  • Increased dopamine levels – Studies show that missing someone leads to an increase in dopamine levels in the brain. This translates to a feeling of euphoria and pleasure when thinking about them.
  • Increased mental stimulation – When we miss someone,it often leads to reflection on the relationship,giving us a new perspective.
  • Emotional release – Missing someone can lead to healthy expression of emotions, allowing for closure and catharsis.


  • Loss of appetite – The stress caused by missing someone can often result in a decrease in appetite.
  • Difficulty sleeping – The turmoil caused by missing someone can lead to insomnia, as our minds are filled with constant rumination.
  • Physical pain – Without proper management, missing someone can lead to headaches, stomachaches,and general feelings of emptiness.
  • Mental health issues – Prolonged feelings of missing someone can lead to depression and anxiety.

Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself both in terms of physical and emotional wellbeing when dealing with these emotions.

Exercise has been known to release endorphins which may help ease the pain of missing someone, so taking part in mindful activities such as yoga or sports can be beneficial.

Talking about your feelings or joining support groups online or in person may also be helpful.

On the whole,managing the emotions of missing someone is never easy, no matter the type of relationship.

However, understanding how our brains naturally respond to such situations can provide us with insight into how we can come up with positive solutions and begin to heal from our past memories.

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How to Deal with Missing Someone

Every person deals with heartache differently, and finding comfort and healing after missing someone can take a while.

However, there are certain steps you can take to help cope with the pain and eventually move on.

To start, it can be beneficial to focus on yourself and do activities that make you feel good.

Pursuing new hobbies,such as yoga, painting,or writing, can help occupy your mind in a positive way. Not only is engaging in something creative satisfying,but it can also be therapeutic.

It is also important to spend time with family and friends who will lend an ear if you need to express your emotions without judgement.

Taking time away from other people to be alone can be beneficial for healing after a breakup or to ease the loneliness when missing someone.

Something as simple as taking a bath with candles,meditating,petting an animal or going for a walk can help calm your mind and reduce stress levels.

Getting some perspective from a distance will help you make sense of the situation and address any unresolved feelings.

With this understanding,you can stop romanticizing the past and look forward to potential experiences ahead. Pursuing new opportunities and meeting new people can also help.

It is important to set realistic expectations within yourself rather than trying to idealize a former partner. This will allow you to manage such a situation effectively and keep hope and joy in your life.

It’s natural to feel immense pain when missing someone, and healing from that takes time. With effort and dedication, it is possible to move on from the pain and find joy again.

What can I do when I miss someone I have been dating or had a romantic connection with?

How to Move On After Missing Someone

Longing Hearts: Coping with the Feeling of Missing Him in the Dating Journey

Moving on after losing someone can be a difficult process, but with the right mindset and the right approach, it is definitely possible.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you on your journey:

  • Embrace new experiences – explore new places,take up a hobby, join a class, or host game nights with friends.
  • Make new friends who weren’t previously involved in your relationship, to create an emotional distance from what was previously your reality.
  • Examine why your former partner was so important to you,to gain insights that can help you set realistic expectations in future relationships.
  • Talk to your family or friends for support; research shows that social support is key in recovering from heartache faster.
  • Give yourself enough time to heal, and set aside certain periods to take a break and step away from anything related to your ex-partner.

It’s okay to not be okay. Everyone experiences heartbreak differently. You don’t have to jump into something new to prove that you are fine.

However, to help you deal with your emotions more effectively,find someone who understands your situation and will lend an ear to listen. If you find it difficult to talk to somebody close to you,try reaching out to a stranger or an online support group.

It can be daunting to take on any task that involves rebuilding after loss,but by taking things one day at a time and setting reasonable goals for yourself, you will be able to rebuild your life again.

Moving on after losing someone doesn’t have to be easy, but with the right strategies, it is possible to not just survive after heartbreak but even thrive again.

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When it comes to the end of a romantic relationship,the pain and heartache can be intense and debilitating.

Even when someone has come to terms with the fact that they are now single,they can still feel overwhelmed with emotions like sadness and nostalgia for what used to be.

It is important to remember that if we allow ourselves enough time, care for ourselves in healthy ways,and take advantage of helpful resources like friends and professionals, it is possible to not only survive but also thrive once again at some point down the line.

  1. To help manage the pain and embark on the journey towards healing, there are actions we can take.
  2. Distract yourself from thinking of the person you are missing by exploring new experiences or taking up a hobby you have never tried before.
  3. Lean on your support system and spend time with family and friends who will help provide emotional balance.

Address negative thoughts surrounding your former partner and seek professional help if needed. Lastly, understand that there is no set timeline for getting over heartache and give yourself time and be gentle with yourself throughout this process.

The road to healing after losing someone can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to mean completely giving up on love altogether.

With enough self-care and understanding of our own needs,we can eventually learn how to move on while keeping our hearts open to new possibilities down the line.

Allowing yourself some space to heal,being kind to yourself, and seeking help when needed can help you come out of this difficult period and open yourself up to new relationships and experiences in the future.


  • Break-ups are never easy, and some special occasions can be even more difficult to handle after experiencing a breakup. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries,and other special occasions that would normally have been shared together can bring up intense feelings of loss and longing.

    On these days,it can be hard to avoid reflecting on how things were when you were still together with your former partner. It can also be emotionally draining to see your ex celebrating these occasions with someone else.

    The physical effects of missing someone can be real and may include changes in the brain’s activity or increased emotional energy directed towards the person you are missing. In some cases,people may even experience a ‘natural addiction’ to their former partner,which occurs when they become dependent emotionally on them due to extended or heightened contact throughout the relationship.

    When it comes to special occasions after a breakup, there are both positives and negatives to consider. Having a positive outlook on these days can help create meaningful closure,by focusing on memories rather than moments that could have been shared together.

    Additionally, those feeling sad may benefit from spending time with friends and family as a way of finding comfort in their support system. On the other hand, seeing your ex-partner enjoy these special days with someone else can bring up feelings of jealousy or bitterness while trying to practice self-care.

    In summary, it is completely normal for heightened emotions to occur around certain times of the year for those who have gone through a breakup. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a balance between reasonable methods of coping with these emotions and eventually achieving peace and closure after a challenging breakup.

  • After a breakup,it can be difficult to keep out the negative thoughts about an ex-partner. The relationship you had may have been important to you, and it can be tough to let go of all the good memories. It is normal to feel grief over the end of a relationship and to miss your ex-partner. However, there are some effective strategies you can implement to manage these painful feelings and move on with your life.

    To effectively block out negative thoughts towards an ex-partner,you can practice mindfulness,distract yourself, practice self-compassion,avoid social media, surround yourself with positive people,stop idealizing them, don't look through old photos, try new hobbies or sports,and find a best friend who understands what you’re going through.

    Doing something new will help take up some of your emotional energy and having someone who understands the situation will help you heal faster from heartbreak.

    In conclusion, although it is natural to miss an ex-partner after a breakup,there are many things you can do to help block out negative thoughts about them and get through this difficult period. It is important to not dwell too much on these moments in order to move on successfully.

  • After the end of a romantic relationship, people often experience an addiction-like feeling towards their former partner. Studies have shown that the same areas of the brain which become active when someone takes cocaine are also activated when viewing photographs of a previous partner.

    This attachment is normal, due to the strong emotional bond that two people can form. It is important to take action and to find ways to move past these emotions, as it can be tempting to dwell on idealized memories. Engaging in activities or hobbies with friends and family can be beneficial, as it helps to direct the emotional energy away from the ex-partner.

    If needed,it is also important to reach out for professional help; speaking with a counselor can provide a productive and healing way to cope with these emotions. By following these methods,it is possible to manage the feelings of missing someone without giving in to the feelings of depression or addiction.