international dating

The Pros and Cons of international dating

International dating sounds like something global and unreachable. However, it is available for all people on our planet today. Finding everlasting love is a cherished dream of all people in the world regardless of their country and origin.

We live in the era of innovative technologies and constant progress. Unfortunately, along with all that, we lack the time for ourselves more and more. Meeting someone from another country or continent became easier than dating someone in your area. If you are one of those who have no single minute even to go out, international online dating is right for you.

International dating sites for marriage solve your problems

international dating

Meeting someone from another country is very captivating. You are not limited to borders now, have the newest means of communication, and are free to communicate, date, and marry anyone you wish.

Top international dating sites are very helpful in that aspect. They provide a whole range of various dating services. Each of them has its own pricing and working system, so it’s necessary to choose what suits you more. For example, they offer such services as:

  • Pay-per-letter system. It means that you pay for each letter sent to your potential match and/or received letters from ladies. Each site uses its system; some of them sell packages of letters according to your needs. Do not worry if your potential girlfriends do not speak your language. The letter’s price usually includes translation services provided by professional translators.
  • Video chats. This is a very convenient service that allows communicating face-to-face with your lady. Apart from video chats, there are simple in-built text messengers. Seeing your woman on camera and hearing her voice is the most efficient for your dating process. Some matchmaking services provide real-time video conferences on Skype or Zoom. The translators help in all these cases if you do not speak a common language with your potential match.
  • Gifts delivery. A very helpful service that helps you surprise your future girlfriend for special dates or just for no reason. Different sites suggest different gifts to deliver — from flowers and teddy bears to chocolate candies and perfumes. You are not obliged to use this service. But if your goal is Slavic women, it would help you impress her a lot.
  • Membership plans. Instead of using a pay-per-letter system, you can purchase a monthly or yearly membership on some sites.
  • Matchmaking. An international dating site providing matchmaking services offers an individual approach to each customer, online consultations, and assistance during all the process of your search.

What international dating service to choose?

You should pick the service meeting your needs, expectations, and requirements. There are hundreds of international dating websites and picking at least one that would be perfect at least for you is possible. There are both free and paid sites. The advantages of free dating services are obvious — they cost nothing or not much. Most free sites have some nominal charges for monthly or yearly subscriptions. And that’s it. There are no other benefits of free sites because:

  • You never know who you communicate with — the profiles do not pass any verification. It means that the chances of facing a scammer are extremely high. According to statistics, nine of ten Tinder profiles are fake. Thus, there is just one chance out of ten to meet someone genuine.
  • You do not have anyone to report about a scam. You pay nothing or almost nothing, so no one cares about the troubles you face. You are left alone in the face of any problem that may arise.
  • Slavic women do not use free international dating websites. They know such sites are mostly for hookups and not for serious relationships. Marriage-oriented guys do not use such services, so there is no sense to look for a foreign husband in such places. 

Thus, free dating sites are great for those who have never used international online dating and want to test the water. Seeing how things happen and whether it suits you at all without spending large amounts at once is great with the help of free dating sites.

The best international dating sites

international dating

Needless to say, you should choose legitimate international dating sites only. They should operate legally, so if you have at least the smallest doubts, investigate a bit. Check how long this site has been providing its services on the market. Using services with no experience is not recommended. You do not know their background and what kind of candidates they have. You cannot check the experience of other users. Here are some tips on how to pick an international dating website:

  1.  Read the reviews of their customers. Reading reviews and seeing testimonials help create a clear picture of what this site is doing. Not all reviews should be positive. They cannot please anyone, so some percentage of neutral or bad reviews doesn’t mean the site is not trusted. Pay attention to positive reviews and see the positive/negative reviews ratio.
  2. Check their customer support. Responsive customer support is half success. If they reply to your inquiry relatively fast, you can be sure to be heard and helped in case a dispute arises.
  3. Check the gallery. Women’s gallery may be discreet due to privacy policy but it doesn’t mean the site is bad. When the privacy of their customers is respected, it is good. The profiles might be available to you after registration. So sign up and check the profiles. There should not be the profiles of 18-25 year girls only with model-looking appearances. Women of different ages search for husbands abroad, so there must be profiles of ladies of different age groups, diverse body shapes, and appearances. All of them cannot be models. Among Slavic women, there are also ladies with various appearances and bodies. If you see only models, something is wrong.
  4. Read the terms and conditions. Do not hurry to purchase membership plans. Read the description of the membership first — what it includes, how much it lasts, whether the payments are disposable or recurring. This is very important. Quite often, men purchase a package of letters and start sending their contact details to each lady. 

The contact details are blocked by the site because the terms and conditions say contact exchange in letters is forbidden. And these guys start claiming for a refund. To avoid such situations, read the terms and conditions because you cannot get a refund just because you don’t want to read carefully what you purchase. The services within membership plans may expire in some time — a week, month, six months, etc. Pay attention to such things to avoid embarrassing situations.

The advantages of legitimate international dating sites

international dating

When you consider dating through international service, it is important to realize all its pros and cons. There are not so many disadvantages but still, you should be well aware of them. It wouldn’t be very pleasant to purchase a quite expensive membership and then realize it is not what you wanted or expected.

So here are the perks of using an international dating site:

  • guaranteed safety of the websites;
  • lots of services offered;
  • multiple profiles of eligible brides from different countries and various age groups;
  • protection from scams;
  • a lot of additional services — arrangement of meetings, assistance in the preparation of the documents, gifts delivery, translation, a lot of dating advice, etc.;
  • privacy protection.

Regardless of the multiple benefits of top international dating sites, there is a range of challenges you should be ready to face.

International online dating cons:

  • Cost. Legitimate and reliable services are not cheap. You will need to spend some money on your search. Of course, when you date someone in your city, you also spend money on gifts, cafes, restaurants, etc. Online dating is the same.
  • Distant relationship. During your communication, everything is great and is going as it has to. But after you meet your potential match from another country, you should somehow move forward. Being in a distant relationship is an inevitable part of international dating. You both will have to be patient and think about what to do next, how often to see each other, and where, who will move where, etc.
  • Visa procedures. Once you find your match, the paperwork starts. It is not that easy for a Slavic woman to get a visa to your country, especially if it is a K-1 visa. The process takes from 6 months to 2 years. During that period, you will need to come to see her more often or meet somewhere in another country where you both can enter hassle-free.

It is challenging but rewarding

International dating is great. It opens lots of new horizons, gives new opportunities, and unites people of different races, languages, and origin. Even though you may face certain challenges in the process, the result won’t make you wait. A woman of your dreams will come to your country and become a member of your family very soon.

You should only be patient and keep in mind that your woman is from another country. She used to have a different life, another culture, and traditions. She comes to an absolutely unknown country where she doesn’t have anyone but you. Be patient, give her some time to adjust to her new life and surroundings, do everything for her to feel like at home.

Your support is very important for your bride. Only with your help, she can overcome homesickness and become a full member of her new community. The first year in a foreign country is the most difficult for everyone. Be ready for that.

But once you overcome all the difficulties together, you both will be happy that you have come this long way to your happiness.


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