There is no single man on Earth who has not heard at least something about Slavic women. All dating sites are teeming with profiles of Slavic women. Lots of western guys dream of a Slavic bride. Is there really anything special about Slavic women? What are their peculiarities?

If you have ever tried to date Slavic women but failed or just considered joining an international dating platform to find a Slavic bride, the information below will be helpful for you. Learn as much as possible about Slavic women dating, what is hidden behind a beautiful image of a Slavic woman, and why Slavic girls might not be right for you.

What is a real Slavic woman like: debunking the most popular myths

The image of a Slavic woman in the minds of foreign men is quite ridiculous. It is more a stereotype than true. Are Slavic women beautiful? Yes, of course, they are but so are American women. There are many gorgeous ladies and it is difficult to say who are the most beautiful women in the world. There are different tastes, some prefer Russian women, others want to date women from such Slavic countries as Croatia or Slovakia while some men prefer Asian or African women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are different men and different women in the world, each of whom is beautiful.

Slavic women dating

The myths about Slavic mail order brides have spread all over the globe. Some call them angels while others think they are only high-maintenance materialistic gold-diggers. Opinions differ and what should you believe then? Below, the most widespread myths about Slavic girls are debunked.

Are all Slavic women obedient and family-oriented?

There is a very big myth in the western world that every Slavic woman is unbelievably obedient, her only wish is to marry and be a mother, and she has excellent family values. Guys, the world is moving forward and such Slavic women existed hundreds of years ago. Yes, most Slavic brides still have good family values. It doesn’t mean though she is only waiting to marry, move abroad, and start a family.

It would be enough to look at social media profiles of different Russian women or other Slavic girls. Would you see a lot of women who married at an early age, have children, and stay at home obedient to their husbands? Probably, you wouldn’t because most Slavic women are well-educated and successful. Most girls have several degrees and good jobs.

Most Slavic women do not start families at an early age anymore. Just like western women, they want to self-develop and improve. You will hardly meet a Slavic bride whose goal is to find a husband and have children and be happy only with that. Not anymore. Most Slavic women happily combine their education, career, and family life. They want to entertain, travel, do sports, attend social events, and be successful.

Here are the main stereotypes about Slavic women you should stay away from



All Slavic brides are extremely beautiful and sexy

There are different Slavic women with different bodies and appearances. Yes, most of them take care of themselves very well and dress stylishly. There are very beautiful women, as well as women with very average appearances and body shapes.

A Slavic woman always wears high heels and a mini skirt

Slavic women dress like that for parties or special occasions. In a casual life, they dress like all normal people. Yes, you may see more women wearing high heels in their everyday lives among Slavic brides but in general, they dress according to an occasion

All Slavic women lead a healthy lifestyle

Not all Slavic people, and women, in particular, lead a healthy lifestyle

Slavic brides want to marry foreigners to leave their countries

Some of them do, some don’t. Not all Slavic brides want to marry western men at all. Most women have very good lives in their countries and simply do not need to leave them. Their lives sometimes are much better than those of any foreigner.

Slavic women dating

Are all Slavic brides gold diggers?

One more popular belief about Slavic women is that each of them is a gold digger. Beautiful Slavic women always attract men all over the world. Unfortunately, many men believe that being a foreigner is enough to have such a woman. You would hardly impress American women the way you are without putting in any effort, wouldn’t you? The same scheme works with a beautiful Slavic woman.

It’s not a secret that gold-diggers are everywhere. Some sexy Slavic women who abuse their beauty pursue men’s wallets. Such women are everywhere and there is no need to lump all people together. A lot of attractive women start dating men for money, restaurants, and expensive gifts.

But let us be honest. A lot of westerners who do not possess any extraordinary appearance or body and do not earn that much, want to date beautiful Slavic women who are, by the way, 20-30 years younger. They are not looking for women with the same interests or in their age group but just for sexy Slavic girls who would be great decorations for them. It is quite fair that such men should invest in those women if they have anything to invest in, of course.

Normal beautiful Slavic women start dating for a normal and healthy relationship. Of course, they are not altruistic and look for someone who would be able to provide for his family and woman. These Slavic brides think of their future and the future of their children. Just like with American women, you will need to invest to impress the woman you want to become a part of your life. Nothing comes easy.

Why is dating Slavic women complicated?

Let’s be honest. Dating is always complicated. When speaking about relationships, nothing is easy. Dating western women is not less complicated, is it? Slavic women dating is about building a relationship with a woman who has a different culture, comes from a different country, and speaks a totally unknown language.

Having a Slavic wife means living with someone from another planet. It means that first, you will need to learn who their local girls are, what their local language and culture are, maybe even listen to their local music and watch local movies to understand their customs better. Dating a Slavic female is different from seeing an American girl. It is not because Slavic mail order women are complicated but because they are different from what you are used to.

If you do not want to fail but are intended to succeed in dating Slavic women, learn a few tips and rules before you start dating them. It will save you a lot of time, nerves, and money.

Slavic women do not listen to your words

When dating Slavic women, learn one thing — they do not like false promises. Although for you they are not false and you really mean it, for a Slavic girl, your words do not mean anything. Slavic ladies follow the principle that it is better to see once than hear hundreds of times.

What does it mean for you though? It means that you should not talk but act when deciding to meet beautiful Slavic girls on a dating site. For instance, you really care about your Slavic girl. If you tell this to her 100 times, she will not believe it anyway. You should not say that you care about your beautiful Slavic girl but show it. Send her some flowers, help her if she needs your help and is in a difficult situation, and do something pleasant for your Slavic girl.

If you decide to meet beautiful Slavic women through dating sites, do not get stuck in online dating companies. If you communicate with Slavic ladies for months or years and just promise to come and meet Slavic women in reality, they will be tired of waiting for it and find someone faster. If you say that you will meet Slavic women, you should do that without delay. Slavic brides want to see your actions but not listen to your promises. Otherwise, most women from any Eastern European country will consider you a chatterbox.

Slavic women dating

Be realistic in your expectations

A lot of men want to have a Slavic wife. For that reason, they join Slavic mail order dating services. Unfortunately, not all men set realistic goals. They pick hot Slavic women at a very young age who look like models and talk about starting a family, having many kids, and living a happy family life. Of course, such a Slavic wife will become a caring mother but her family ties will not be with you.

When looking for a Slavic mail order wife, you must be realistic. Young and hot Slavic girls look for young and hot western boys. Such hot Slavic brides will never date or marry much older, not handsome, and not rich men. If you do not want such Slavic ladies to answer you just because they want to get some benefits, start choosing wisely.

If you are going to succeed with dating services and find your natural beauty from Eastern Europe, follow just a few tips:

  • Pick an Eastern European or Slavic mail order bride of your age range (not younger than 10-15 years)
  • Choose an inner Slavic beauty instead of just a beautiful package who looks like a model
  • Date beautiful Slavic girls who meet your life goals and way of life (if you are a professor and she is a party lover, you will hardly get along well and vice versa)
  • Use only reliable online dating websites or apps
  • Never send money to Eastern European women you have never met before
  • Realize that beautiful Slavic girls are different from your local women and require a different approach

Distinguish good single Slavic ladies from not good ones

Many guys from western countries automatically consider all Slavic beauties they meet through online dating their potential wives. There are many dating sites and many beautiful Slavic girls. It doesn’t mean that all beautiful women from Eastern Europe suit you. You should be able to distinguish profiles of decent Slavic women from those who do not match you. Once again, you should be realistic about your search and expectations.

Dating a Slavic woman is not very different from dating other women. We bet in your country, you do not approach women you cannot afford. The situation is quite the opposite when it comes to women from dating services. Guys from western countries are torn between online dating profiles of women from Eastern Europe and start picking the most beautiful and sexy mail order brides.

However, the youngest, sexiest, and classiest women do not always make the best wives or partners. An average Slavic woman is an attractive woman who has natural beauty. She may not look like a model but will attract men with her qualities and charm. If your goal is to find a decent woman, you should:

  • Pay attention not only to pictures but to profile description
  • Meet Slavic women on the video to see how they look without makeup or photoshopped photos
  • Ask questions, not only praise her natural beauty
  • Pick beautiful women who belong to your age group or are not much younger
  • Do not rush to come from western countries to date Slavic women in reality, take your time to get to know the person

Why do Slavic women attract men?

Beautiful women are always attractive to men regardless of their ages or origins. Slavic women are especially tempting. It is no wonder because:

  • These women know how to look great
  • They are very diplomatic in their relationships with men
  • Women from Slavic regions are very feminine
  • Their traditional values are very appealing
  • Although Slavic brides have good careers, they can find a delicate balance between love and business
  • These women are very loyal and loving when it comes to a relationship

How to meet Slavic women?

Meeting women from Slavic regions is not difficult because they live, actually, all over the world. If you look well in your country, you can find many women who immigrated from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, as well as other locations. They are more western-like because they have already adjusted to your culture and life, and speak your language. “According to Russian American Media (2017), there is an estimate of 1,100,000 Slavic-speaking (Russian and Ukrainian) residents in Northern California, of which about 300,000 or 27.3% are located in Greater Sacramento. (Source: )

If you are a traveler, meeting women in different parts of the globe won’t be too difficult. Be careful though because women in bars or nightclubs can hardly be called really marriage material. These women are rather interested in your money or a few drinks. If you want to meet decent Slavic brides, it is better to meet them on vacation, in such public places as coffee shops, museums, exhibitions, gyms, etc.

Try to meet Slavic brides online

A lot of women join dating platforms in search of their life partners. You can try your luck there as well. There is just one condition — it is necessary to look for women on reputable dating platforms with some success stories, otherwise, you risk wasting your money and time.

There are a lot of sources where you can find Slavic women online. Just do not forget about the above-mentioned rules. Be realistic, do not trust photos, and always check who is behind those beautiful profile pictures.


Slavic women are one of the most popular brides. However, there are a lot of myths and beliefs around them. If you want to succeed with these women, you should stop believing myths and being delusional. Slavic brides are not a placebo for all your dating needs and fantasies. They are normal people, there are both beautiful and very casual Slavic brides, family and career-oriented women, gold-diggers, and honest ladies. You should choose a woman wisely and learn the culture first. See if their culture and perception of the world and relationship suit you and only then, start looking for Slavic brides.


  • Naturally, you wonder where do Slavic girls come from. A very large number of lands belong to Slavic countries. Among them, we can name Ukraine, partially Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. A lot of women can belong to this group. However, when speaking about Slavic women, men traditionally mean Russian women, women from Ukraine and Belarus.

    Of course, all of these women live in different Slavic countries and cannot be judged similarly. There are still some common features all Slavic women possess. In terms of appearance and mentality, they are very similar. Thus, Slavic women from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus cannot be compared to other Eastern European beauties. Traditionally, when it comes to Slavic women dating, men mean exactly these women.

  • Slavic women are really one of the most popular mail order brides. Men from all over the globe strive to date Slavic women and bring them to their home countries. It is widely believed that Slavic women are good for family life. Their cultural specificities make them perfect wives. They are not as emancipated as western women.

    Slavic brides have pale skin, beautiful hair, are very slim and fit compared to many women from other countries. Their family values attract many foreign men. Apart from that, Slavic women are very smart and educated. They will never make you bored. If you want to have a beautiful lady, then a Slavic bride would be the right for you.

  • It depends on what Slavic countries these women come from. Eastern European beauties from Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, etc. speak very good English. Belarusian women also speak English in most cases. More and more Russian women speak English well, too. When talking about English-speaking Slavic brides, Ukraine is not the top country where every Ukrainian woman will amaze you with her knowledge of this foreign language. But of course, in big cities, more Slavic people are English-speaking.

  • Of course, not at all. This is a sort of stereotype coming from times of the Soviet Union that all women in Slavic countries are willing to marry western men and leave their countries. Although dating sites are teeming with Slavic brides, those women make up just a small percentage of all Slavic girls.

    There are different women in Slavic countries. Some of them do not accept local men and are willing to marry foreigners while others, vice versa, do not want to date or marry western men and prefer men from Slavic countries. Everything depends on a woman, where she is from, and what her way of life is.

  • You can really see a lot of Slavic mail order brides on international dating websites. They are the most popular mail order brides on all possible dating sites. However, it doesn’t mean all Slavic girls are on those websites. Do not forget that Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are huge countries with many people living there.

    A lot of internet sources love saying that Slavic mail order brides have a men's crisis in their countries. That the number of women highly exceeds the number of men. It is very old data and not up-to-date anymore. The ratio of men and women in those countries is almost 1:1. However, at a certain age, the percentage of women starts exceeding. Lots of men in their 30s-50s move abroad for work, die earlier than women, and some Slavic girls are forced to look for foreign men.

    Some Slavic mail order brides are not happy with men in their countries and only for that reason, look for foreigners. Although you could have heard that all men in their countries drink, do not work, and are abusers, it is not really so. The percentage of lazy and abusive alcoholics is highly exaggerated. It is not much higher than that in other world countries.