At the moment, fans know her as one of the most popular models in the United States. According to her relatives and friends, she was a rather shy girl in her childhood. Where is the truth?

One thing is clear for sure. Her extreme beauty and lovely personality will make you long for more content and cookies from her. As a celebrity who has gathered millions of followers across numerous social media channels, she is definitely a boss here. This lady has posed for various prestigious companies, so we can enjoy her cooperation with Nike and the brand products of Kim Kardashian. What’s next? Her current achievements will let us predict. Stay tuned to get acquainted with the personality, net worth, and other interesting facts about Sophie Mudd.

Sophie Mudd’s Biography

One of the top models in the market was born in Los Angeles, California, and is twenty-four years old at the moment. Her young age and place of birth don’t predetermine her life and job choices. Like competitor celebrities, she is keen on experimenting with her images. Here is what online cookies tell us about her appearance:

  • Sophie is five feet and five inches in height.
  • Her body type is rather petite — her body measurements are thirty-five by twenty-six by thirty-six inches.
  • With natural brown eyes and hair, she is a total beauty.

This woman is known to have a brother and parents. Her brother’s name is Nicholas, but more details about her family’s life are non-available. As for her education, Sophie Mudd graduated from Campbell Hall School.

Real Name
Sophie Rose Mudd
Social media personality, model
Date of Birth
July 27, 1998
United States
Zodiac sign

sophie mudd

Apart from OnlyFans and Instagram adventures, one of her sweetest cookies that can’t help but attract her audience’s attention is her dating experience. She isn’t married but dates Austin Dash. They are in committed relationships and have been dating for five years already. It’s not her first love experience though. According to reviews left by her fan “cookies,” Conard Hilton Jr. was her partner once.

Sophie Mudd on OnlyFans

Despite her age, she is one of the top models on the platform with an ever-enhancing net worth of likes (more than five hundred thousand) and subscribers. She shares pictures and videos on a daily basis. The number varies — from one to five pieces of enticing entertainment materials. This media icon has prepared posts more than eight hundred times so far.

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Sophie Mudd’s Career

As in the case of other popular models on Instagram or OnlyFans, Sophie Mudd focused on social media development as her vocation:

  • She started her path in the industry back in 2013 when she registered her Instagram page. Back then, she was known as The Sparkle Factory. Indeed, her content was promising even years ago — quality is one of the top priorities for this professional.
  • Sophie’s efforts to gain attention from other influencers and established brands have paid off for sure. Not only has she become a talented and sought-after bikini model, but she is also an ambassador of many giant companies and brands. For example, Sophie Mudd has cooperated with Le Jolie, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, DIFF Eyewear, and so on. This lady has presented the interests of MP Management in addition to Le Jolie.

All things considered, she is a demanded model and a talented influencer in the online medium.

Sophie Mudd on Instagram

The celebrity’s Instagram account is really a treasured source of information about her life. Not only has she posted her relationships with Austin Dash, but this is also one of the most gorgeous sites she leads. She can be either cute as in one of her cookies monster posts (where she wears these famous pajamas) or extremely mind-blowing. As one of the most popular models, she regularly shares her photos in a bikini. This star’s Instagram account has more than seven hundred gorgeous posts and around three million followers.

Sophie Mudd Facebook

Compared to her Instagram account, the net worth of her followers on Facebook isn’t that gorgeous — ten thousand followers with more than ten thousand likes on her photos. However, that is one of those options to opt for when you would like to get more lifestyle content from this model. Like on other sites she is registered on, she doesn’t hide her preferences and relationships.

Sophie Mudd’s Twitter

Her living is based on her online content, whether it is about simple cookies or something more mesmerizing. Performing as editor in chief professionals and entrepreneurs, this one of the most popular models has gained more than four hundred thousand followers. Considering her account was registered in August 2019, it is a marvelous net worth achievement.

For more options to see how gorgeous she is on different sites, keep on scrolling the page down.

sophie mudd

Sophie Mudd YouTube Videos

One of the sites with gorgeous creations from Sophie Mudd is YouTube. She started her relationship with this platform just recently and uploaded her first video four months ago. Here she delivers more options to check about her daily activities, skincare means, and so on. New videos are posted every week. Adjust your website cookies to be notified first!


  • She amassed a fortune estimated at close to one million US dollars.
  • This “cookies monster” is best known for her Instagram activities, ever-increasing net worth, and cooperation with well-known brands.
  • After reviewing her content and checking her editor in chief work on living her best online life, there are many doubts concerning how natural the lady’s beauty is. She is known for having natural breasts, but experts mention her playing cookies with lip fillers and jaw botox.

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