You will hardly be able to look away from the screen after seeing this gorgeous beauty. Without a doubt, Vanessa Sierra has set a high standard in the market. The popularity came to her in 2019, when the girl participated in the Australian reality TV series. It was released as Love Island. Although she didn’t stay till the end of the show, she did grab a lot of attention from the audience.

Of course, her natural beauty isn’t the only reason to have a crush on her. Thanks to her mesmerizing career achievements, her content is worth looking forward to. Stay tuned to check out more about the star’s background and lifestyle. Onwards!

Vanessa Sierra’s Biography

After seeing this beauty’s photos, you won’t be able to believe she is twenty-seven years old. She was born in a well-settled family in Australia and is known to have a father, mother, sister, and brother. However, due to her profession’s peculiarities and overall fame, she prefers to never feature her relatives on the internet. The woman has posted her mother, but you won’t find any detailed information about her siblings.

Real Name
Vanessa Sierra
OnlyFans star, digital content creator, social media influencer, TV show celebrity
Date of Birth
October 08, 1994
Zodiac sign

She is a very talented personality, which can be traced in her earlier posts as well. Literally speaking, this lady experimented with lots of vocations to find her genuine one. After seeing her photos on the internet, it might be surprising to discover how varied her career considerations and preparations truly are. Not only she has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics and a master’s degree in Computer Science, but also she has cooperated with several well-known brands and even released a series of stylish candles branded after her name.

vanessa sierra

Vanessa Sierra on OnlyFans

Among all the sites she has accounts on, the Vanessa Sierra OnlyFans career seems the naughtiest one. With forty-four videos and over two hundred photos at the moment, she prepares new hookups for the audience daily. Besides, this lady goes live and is pretty sincere in her communication with interested parties, responding to what fan asked.
Vanessa Sierra OnlyFans career isn’t only fun — she doesn’t treat it like a side-hustle, so the quality of the entertainment posted is truly insane. The account itself was created in 2016.

Vanessa Sierra Career

As you can guess, her career is closely connected with the digital world. She has several accounts on social media, where she tries to be as active as possible:

  • The quality of the entertainment she provides is excellent, which attracts more and more attention from prospective fans. On Instagram, for instance, her reels have millions of views, comments, and likes. Posted on August 19, her cooperation with justsul has earned more than eight million views and three hundred thousand likes.
  • Throughout her career, she has been always proving that the stigma against women, and how they should look and act, is so much outdated. The poses, outfits, and emotions she chooses to reveal in photos and videos show off her passion — she does enjoy what she is doing.

Even though the show ended, people can get a daily dose of her fabulousness on Instagram and videos on other social platforms on the internet. She isn’t the most famous star on OnlyFans or other sites, but she is someone who has made a big impression on the audience and is loved no matter what.

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Vanessa Sierra on Instagram

On Instagram, you can find her profile under the username of Vanessa5ierra. So far, this star has posted more than three hundred times and has been followed by five hundred thousand fans. Despite her statement that she is cooler on Twitter, her Instagram will show off her cute character, love for animals, sexiness, and gorgeosness.
Here fans can get to know more about her personality and career choices as well. After her breakup with Bernard Tomic, a famous Australian tennis player, he claimed his mutual posts with her at OnlyFans the most regretful thing in his life. She doesn’t play a role and is willing to share both positive and negative emotions. In one of her stories, she mentioned: “Why do people get so bothered to see you at peace? I never keep bad blood or wish bad on others. I still wanna see you eat, just not at my table.”

Vanessa Sierra on Facebook

Taking into account the divergence of the images and videos she creates for her social media, it seems that her camera is never off. This celebrity doesn’t focus on Facebook as her leading social power, but she sill has plenty of comments and subscribers on the page — over two thousand followers. Her fist mentions here took place in 2020.

vanessa sierra

Vanessa Sierra on Twitter

With her Twitter account registered in April 2020, she has created more than nine thousand twitts, got over sixty thousand readers, and had a successful video career on Twitter. Compared to her earlier posts, she shares more hobbies and things that interest her in this world. The number of views varies from a few thousand to tens thousand.

Vanessa Sierra in YouTube Videos

The beautiful star in the adult entertainment world hasn’t omitted this video platform as well. In turn, she has created a successful channel with more than sixteen thousand subscribers. Contrary to her earlier career and what she does in videos on Onlyfans, she can reveal her knowledgeable character here. Not only does she share a lot of useful information about traveling, shoots funny shorts, but also she presents her experience in crypto, video gaming, horse training, and so on. Joined on October 23, 2019, the lady has attracted more than sixteen thousand users on YouTube. Her videos have millions of views. Don’t miss to check them out!


  • After leaving the Love Island Australia project in 2019, the star tried herself in other industries, including posting adult content on the OnlyFans website. Although she refrains from disclosing her own actual income to the fan audience, she doesn’t hide either that has enough money to live a happy life. In one of her videos, this lady revealed that OnlyFans stars could make between thirteen and more than five hundred thousand Australian dollars on a monthly basis — quite a mammoth sum of money. Nevertheless, her lack of desire to discuss her earnings doesn’t prevent her from making interesting claims. She once mentioned her boyfriend could easily be a dad on maternity leave.
  • Among the fan asked questions, it is probably the most popular request. However, she hasn’t posted any details on the topic either in videos nor in her sites, in general. So she is probably single now.
  • She remains active in her daily publications on OnlyFans and uses her camera to share videos about the surrounding world. She still works as a model and content maker.

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