Flirting is a critical part of every relationship, but it’s no wonder that people who are not familiar with the practice might struggle to be seductive. It’s an incredibly personal thing – what makes you feel good or put off at all isn’t necessarily something you can control. And because we’ve all been there before…we know how difficult it can be!

It helps if you have a little bit of confidence (or even more than a little), so here are some tips on making your first date unforgettable.

  1. Always keep yourself busy by getting out into the world — This may seem like common sense, but having someone else around when you’re planning events can really help make sure you both stick together. It could be a friend visiting from work, or simply going out after work; everyone loves a social evening where they can share stories and catch up over drinks.
  2. Show your partner those ‘wow’ moments— Don’t let your dates see only your body language and facial expressions. You don’t want them to look at their own beauty while you’re showing off yours. So take advantage of any other activities you can find opportunities to show off each other’s skills. If you’re feeling a bit shy, try dancing together, or play pool.
  3. Be curious about his interests outside of the dating world as well— Whether it’s watching movies, reading a book, or writing a letter to a friend, being curious about him will lead to lots of interesting conversation. Plus, since you two already know each other, you shouldn’t need to ask anything specific -just go ahead and ask questions which reveal everything he likes about you.
  4. Remember that this is a special person…he wants attention too– Keep things nice and casual during your date nights, but treat him right whenever possible. Make sure you order dessert beforehand, do whatever you think would make him happy, and remember never to get down without asking permission. The best approach is to just assume yes 😉
  5. Let him tell you one funny story per date night— Once upon a time, I was sitting next to my boyfriend at his college graduation party. All of the girls were talking about their dreams, and I wasn’t looking anywhere except at the beautiful boy next to me. We started laughing and gabbing away, and then I asked him why he was laughing. He explained that he had forgotten that he should stop staring at me. I laughed along with him, and decided to give him another chance. A few days later, our date went out to dinner again, and now I knew exactly what he liked most about me.
  6. Smile – For men, women smile naturally, often subconsciously. Men especially use smiling to establish power and dominance, and women respond appropriately. While acknowledging these tendencies can be scary, embracing them gives us a much better chance of creating lasting relationships.
  7. When playing a game, forget about the rules completely — There’s no point trying to win if you’re not following through with instructions. Women tend to follow orders rather quickly, and men tend to rely on instinctual reaction. When guys start behaving in a way that sets themselves up for failure, chances are they’ll change tactics instantly.
  8. When interacting with her friends, consider whether she has expectations beyond friendship based on trustworthiness alone…. In many cases, however, friendships begin with mutual trust between partners. As long as neither of theirs is acting in a disrespectful manner, expectations become for online dating
  9. Don’t be afraid to laugh once in a while.. No matter how awkward / uncomfortable laughter can be, it’s important to remember that humour works wonders in building intimacy.
  10. Avoid using excessive physical contact such as kissing, cuddling, hand holding etc.— Guys notice touch differently than women, so please understand that touching does not always mean sexual intercourse.
  11. If you aren’t used to walking casually side by side, introduce walks instead of conversations via conversation starters : Everyone talks freely within a conversation starter, so allow space for small talk.
  12. Avoid eye contact until appropriate times arise:- First impressions are extremely important, so avoid focusing on eyes unless its relevant to sex. Second impression matters less though, so aim to stay alert throughout entire date.
  13. Try to maintain eye contact longer overall.- This varies depending on gender, but generally ladies engage strangers face to face roughly 5 seconds whereas males typically hold gaze for 1 second max.
  14. Avoid loud music middate/evening,- Its distracting,and distracts couples from enjoying closeness properly. But if you really want to impress the lady, and she likes hearing your voice, keep it down!
  15. Talk about your interests as much as possible– If you’re a fan of animals, then talk about them at length – they might just be interested in talking about themselves too!
  16. Make sure you have a good sense of humor when interacting with her:- Be natural (I do this by giving my own little wink) or else people can misconstrue that you think you know what is going on inside someone’s head.
  17. Avoid staring directly at an item while doing anything related to sex: i.e. touching hands, rubbing genitals etc… I always find it annoying myself after being told ‘no’ multiple times before having sex.(the only exception where I don’t get annoyed is if he touches me first).
  18. Never wear clothes outside of your underwear(not even one pair of undies)- It also makes no difference if his shirt is nice & loose,or tight & buttoned up; wearing clothing out of order will make him uncomfortable during sex which ultimately causes more discomfort than actual pleasure because we both need our body to feel relaxed without any extra stressors hanging around after the fact.