Are you stuck and don’t know what to talk about with a guy?

You’re not alone!

We’ve prepared this guide to help you have a great conversation, with some helpful tips.

Try to be original and creative with your pick-up lines. Good conversation starters can also help you avoid awkward silences.

Ask single or taken questions, seek relationship advice,and get real-life examples from others.

Open up to new possibilities and have a wonderful talk with a guy!

What are some interesting and engaging topics to talk about with a guy to keep the conversation flowing and build a connection in the dating process?

Pick-up Lines

Connecting on a Deeper Level: What to Talk About with a Guy to Forge Meaningful Connections in Dating

Pick-up lines can be a great way to break the ice and start a conversation with someone you like.

However, they should be used sparingly and with caution,as they can potentially come across as cheesy or too forward. It is important to read the other person’s reaction and if they seem uncomfortable,it is best to back off.

When it comes to pick-up lines,there are different types to choose from, including funny, flirty,or serious. Depending on the situation,it’s important to find the right line. For instance, if you’re at a bar, a funny pick-up line would be more suitable than something serious.

To help spark conversations with someone, here is a list of conversation starters using the ‘magic truth’ technique:

  • What would they do if they could go anywhere in the world right now?
  • What kind of music do they like?
  • What is their favorite book and why?
  • How did they meet their best friend?
  • Who has been the most influential person in their life?
  • What are some of their passions and interests?
  • What job they dreamt of in childhood?
  • If they could only eat one dish for the rest of their life,what would they choose?
  • What are three words that describe them best?
  • If they had time in an alternate universe – what would they do there?

These conversation starters can be used to initiate interesting conversations between two people. They can even open the door to further discussion, as one topic can lead to many others.

You never know what could happen!

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Saving from Fire

Saving from Fire is an excellent game to use as an icebreaker or conversation starter. It encourages problem-solving skills and teaches participants how to think quickly in a crisis.

To make it successful,there are a few rules and tips to consider:have one person serve as the Fire Marshal – they will be the moderator of the game.

Create an imaginary fire situation,providing details about the people and objects in the scenario.

Each player should come up with ways of reacting to the situation and explain why they chose those actions. If needed,ask clarifying questions. Compare the ideas that have been discussed and talk about which solution could have been more effective.

This game is an excellent way to get to know each other better and start conversations that can lead to incredibly interesting topics.

Beyond that, it also fosters creativity and critical thinking.

So, if you’re looking for a fun activity for dinner with friends or just need an engaging conversation starter, give Saving from Fire a try!

Conversation Starters

Conversation starters can be a great way to approach someone you’re interested in or to liven up an existing relationship. Even if the person is familiar to you, it can be difficult to come up with fresh topics of conversation. The key is to ask questions that make the other person feel at ease, while encouraging an engaging discussion.

Examples of conversation starters range from asking about current events, to sharing stories from past experiences,to discussing hobbies and interests,or to enquiring about their work.

When engaging in meaningful conversations,it is essential to listen more than you talk and let the other person take part. Listening attentively helps ensure productive conversations and prevents any awkward silences.

The goal is not to move the conversation forward or to have a perfect answer for everything; it is about being inquisitive and engaging in meaningful dialogue with the person you are conversing with.

The use of conversation starters has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand,it can help break the ice in social gatherings or help two strangers connect with each other.

On the other hand, certain questions can make people feel uncomfortable,leading to uncomfortable silences if not asked properly or taken out of context.

Also,conversation starters can lead to shallow topics that lack depth. So it is important to be conscious of this and to balance open-ended questions with more focused dialogue topics.

At the end of the day,conversation starters can be a great way to connect with someone, providing you use them with respect and pick meaningful topics. If used rightly, conversation starters can help build relationships that will last.

Single or Taken

Single or taken is a popular topic among people, with the majority of adults in the US being single. A survey found that most adults aged 35 or older are married or in a committed relationship.

Asking someone about their relationship status can have both advantages and disadvantages. Pros include helping break the ice, providing an interesting topic to discuss, and creating potential connections.

However, it could also make some people feel uncomfortable and lead to awkward silences. If you decide to ask,be sure to phrase the question carefully and to listen more than you talk – this way, you can have a meaningful conversation with mutual understanding.

What are some interesting topics or conversation starters to discuss with a guy in order to keep the conversation engaging and enjoyable in a dating context?

Relationship Advice

From Small Talk to Deep Connection: Engaging Topics to Talk About with a Guy in the Dating World

Relationship advice is an excellent conversation starter to help two people learn more about each other and their unique relationship.

Asking for advice can show respect and strengthen the bond between them. Topics to discuss include setting and maintaining healthy boundaries,different communication styles, the importance of trust and honesty, and expressing appreciation for one another.

Everyone has a distinct experience,so don’t be afraid to share your own perspective. Conversations about relationship advice can help a couple grow closer together.

Single or Taken

When it comes to conversations, asking someone if they are single or taken can be a tricky topic.

On the one hand, it is important to respect the other person’s privacy and not pry too deeply into their personal life. On the other hand, understanding someone’s relationship status can open up new conversations about life experiences and relationship goals.

It is best to approach this subject subtly, allowing them to speak freely without feeling pressured or uncomfortable. If they are not open to discussing it in the moment, you can acknowledge that it was a mistake to ask and move on to other topics of conversation.

Ultimately, whether someone is single or not should never be used as a basis for judgment – everyone deserves respect,regardless of their relationship status!

Weekend Plans

Weekend plans can be a great conversation starter when getting to know someone new. Ask them what they usually do,such as exploring the city, going to the movies, attending concerts or sports events,visiting museums and art galleries, or taking a day trip.

Remember that everyone’s plans are different,and some prefer to spend their weekends catching up on errands.

Respect the person’s privacy, and don’t pry too deep into their personal life. This topic can open up interesting conversations about life experiences and goals!


Hobbies can be a great way to spark a conversation with someone new. Ask them what kind of hobbies they enjoy and their favorite activities. You might find out you have similar interests or discover something new.

Hobbies also provide an opportunity to learn more about the person. It can give insight into how they spend their free time, what kind of experiences they prioritize,and even what kind of person they are.

Board games, gardening, playing an instrument,exploring new destinations,or any other activity – hobbies can show another side of someone that wouldn’t otherwise come up in conversations.

Even if you don’t have anything in common with this person,you have lots of topics for discussion when it comes to asking about their hobbies!


Music is one of the best conversation starters. It’s a universal language that can bridge the gap between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Ask what type of music someone likes and take it from there – you could find yourself talking about your favorite bands, concerts you’ve attended,or instruments you’ve never heard of before.

Discuss your own musical tastes and see if you can agree on something new to try. This is a great way to get to know someone better and share each other’s company.

Furthermore,exploring their music preferences might even uncover hidden connections and shared interests! With so many genres, artists and sounds,talking about music is sure to lead to an exciting conversation.

Pet Stories

Pet stories can be a great way to start a conversation and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Ask questions like, “What’s the funniest thing your pet has ever done?” or “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from your pet?” You don’t even need to own a pet to enjoy talking about them: “If you could have any pet,what would it be?” or “What’s the most interesting pet you’ve ever seen?”

Talking about pets can be a lighthearted way to learn more about someone and create a bond.

Even if they’re not an animal lover, discussing their pet experiences can reveal unexpected things about their personality, and may even lead to deeper conversations. Plus,listening to funny stories with animals at the center is sure to bring everyone closer together!


Backstory is a great conversation starter to get to know someone better. Ask them open-ended questions such as,”What’s something interesting about your past?” or “What event or experience has had the biggest impact on your life?”

Asking for someone’s backstory allows you to learn more about who they are,where they come from, and what makes them tick. It takes courage to share your story, and having someone listen empathetically can be a huge relief.

Not only will you have a better understanding of each other, but it can also help establish trust,essential for any relationship. With this knowledge,you can then explore how the backstory relates to their current life and how it shapes their decision-making.

Relationship Advice

Relationship advice can be a great conversation starter,offering insight into how each person in a relationship views important issues.

Discuss past experiences, tips for keeping relationships strong, or advice for taking the relationship forwards. Ask open-ended questions such as,”What do you think is the key to a successful relationship?”,or “What’s the most useful relationship advice you’ve received?”

Exploring these questions helps build trust and understanding of another person’s views.

You can even provide unsolicited input if the conversation needs it. Asking questions about relationship advice also helps guide conversations about particular problems,improving communication between couples and stimulating thoughtful dialogue.

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Cool Events

Cool events make for great conversation starters. Ask the person you are talking to about their plans for the weekend and the fun events they have coming up!

You can also use questions like “What would you do differently if you could go back in time and experience an event again?” and “If money was no object,what kind of cool event would you attend?”

These open-ended questions allow people to express their imaginations and provide potential ice breakers in uncomfortable social situations.

There is no limit to the conversations to be had when it comes to talking about cool events!


Career is an important topic that can open up a variety of exciting conversations.

Ask the person you’re talking to about their job,experience in their field,and what inspired them to pursue their career path. If they’re looking for a new job,ask them which type of work they’d like to do and why?

Discuss aspects of their current job such as what they like most or how it has impacted them.

Such conversations can be deep and enlightening, offering the chance to get to know someone better. You can share your own experiences to help the other person gain insight into the field they are interested in. This exchange of ideas can be hugely beneficial, providing the opportunity for growth and new perspectives.

Movies and TV

Movies and TV are great conversation starters!

Ask the person you’re talking to about their favorite shows and movies. Discuss any interesting plot twists or characters they liked. If they watch a lot of streaming service content,ask what titles they find most binge-worthy.

You can also talk about new releases and whether they’ve seen any trending shows or films that recently debuted.

Movies and TV can offer a glimpse into someone’s personality,so use this topic as an opportunity to learn more about them.

Who knows what kind of common interests or experiences you may discover?Get creative with this topic and don’t be afraid to get a bit of laughter out of it too. Ask questions, share stories,and enjoy the conversation!


Gratitude is a powerful emotion which is great for starting conversations. It’s a great way to show appreciation for the positive aspects of life.

Ask the person you’re talking to what they are most grateful for,or share something you appreciate in your own life. This could open up a meaningful discussion about relationships, hobbies,experiences, or even dreams and aspirations.

You can also share any difficulties you’ve faced and how they have made you stronger and more appreciative of life.

Gratitude is a wonderful way to create a deeper connection with someone in a short amount of time. Consider giving it a try!


Conversations with a guy don’t have to be awkward or boring. With our tips, you can have interesting dialogues and make a great impression. Just remember to keep it simple, ask meaningful questions,and stay engaged in the conversation.

Use our conversation starters to get off on the right foot or if you find yourself struggling with an awkward silence.

Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the chance of interacting with them or for life itself!

With enough practice,you’ll soon become a master at having conversations with anyone – even guys!


  • Need ideas for talking to a guy?Consider these topics: news stories,books, movies, TV shows,hobbies and activities,shared interests,families and backgrounds, aspirations, travel experiences,favorite places or vacation spots, cuisine preferences, music genres,bands, and artists,video games and characters,TV shows and characters, movies and characters, sports teams,activities,favorite places to go,and favorite foods.
  • When it comes to conversations, the "magic truth" technique should be used with caution. This requires trust and intimacy, so it can be effective at introducing someone and deepening the connection in the right situations.

    Here's a table to help:situation, best time to use; self-introductions, after initial conversation; conversation starters,getting to know each other; relationship advice,solving a problem; single or taken questions, established friendship; weekend plans and hobbies, familiarizing interests.