If you don’t like to ruin your intercultural relationships, a must-have task for you is to check whether the stereotypes you are aware of about this nation are true to life. Otherwise, the risks are really high that you will offend or even abuse your partner heavily, although non-consciously. 

In this perspective, everyone who has a burning desire to check how far their partnerships with potential suitors may go on American dating sites should be very careful. On the one hand, common stereotypes are a good idea to start a new conversation with your other half and thus get to know her better. On the other hand, you have to think twice before actually asking something. Try to avoid those myths that can be busted just logically and rationally.

With the increase in popularity of American dating sites, a lot of men have become interested in communicating with beautiful ladies from this world-famous land. However, modern culture has a huge impact on the way we treat other nations. The fewer stereotypes you have, the more successful your relationship with American women will be.

Level of Knowledge and Education

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People may blame the current movie industry that has a huge impact on how different nations treat each other. It is a spread scenario when a handsome man saves the world, when not the entire galaxy or universe, and does everything to protect his beloved one. It sounds super familiar, doesn’t it?

However, the industry is also famous for its typical comedy stories. There, several characters are presented as stupid and loose girls who like nothing else but drinking and visiting parties.

In turn, such an attitude may be easily perceived by foreigners who know nothing about living in the foreign land. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but that doesn’t prevent numerous individuals from trusting these myths. 

Apart from movies, there are hundreds of videos connected with this topic. What’s more, books like «Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free» and «Anti-Intellectualism in American Life» are just adding more fuel to the fire.

Let’s come back to statistics. According to research, over 4.5 million of residents in the country completed their doctorate degree in 2019. There is a huge number of women who work in different specific fields like engineering, software developing, sociology, public relations industry, interplanetary navigation, etc.

To avoid this typical mistake of underestimating your interlocutor, just get rid of this stereotype from your picture of the world. Just a couple of minutes of your chatting with a beautiful lady from the US will tell you why dating American girls is so sought-after.

Appearance Doesn’t Matter

On the internet, the following myth is pretty popular: American women are sneaker-plaid-wearing. To some point, that may seem true, especially if compared to women from Eastern Europe. The ladies from this region are literally obliged to look beautiful even when going to throw garbage — full makeup and high heels. Of course, it is a slight exaggeration, but the tendency of paying a lot of attention to their appearance is true.

When it comes to American ladies, they are believed to be more focused on themselves, their inner world and building a successful career. In reality, clothing in the country is determined by a wide variety of factors, from demographic location to venue or ethnic peculiarities. Don’t forget that America is a melting pot of cultures and nations, so extravagant mixes of styles occur frequently.

The one thing is for sure: ladies here prefer comfort solutions, and clothes should match their rapid lifestyle. Without a doubt, they are always clean and nice. Just check a few profiles on reliable American dating sites. Of course, you won’t meet someone like Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie, but there are several women who are not less attractive and charismatic. Remember, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t let your expectations spoil the real information about the country and its natives.

In fact, American women are respectful and understand when their partners have to work and are «obsessed» with upcoming to-do lists. They are rather low-maintenance in terms of how much money and resources their suitors have to spend. Since American ladies are self-independent, they are looking for men who are equally strong. This is a good basis for a strong love affair, full of mutual understanding. If you are looking for such a type of a woman, a trustworthy free American dating site is the best thing to test.

Self-Confidence to Display

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Native American women dating will show you some unusual behavioral signs. One of the most common examples is the fact that Americans are totally polite and smile a lot. If you just start dealing with these ladies, get prepared that it will take some time before you will know more about their real personality. However, they like to discuss a lot of things, too.

In the United States, people often act as they need to show off their confidence in front of others. This concerns not only women, but men as well. However, individuals who prefer such signs don’t try to offend you — that is just the way they feel comfortable when talking with different personalities.

American Passport Myth

It is believed that Americans don’t travel. However, the reality isn’t that obvious. Taking into account how many interesting places and picturesque views are there in the country, natives just prefer investigating their own motherland. Without a doubt, a wealth of geological diversity isn’t under debate. From Sequoia parks and canyons to the most beautiful cliffs ever — one will find what to enjoy there.

American women can explore other nations at home, just with the help of the internet, and some do so. It is worth mentioning that a major part of American ladies don’t learn other languages. There might be exceptions, but the vast percentage prefers to know one language. 

If you are looking for cross-cultural relationships with such a personality, you will have to study English to avoid any communication and understanding barriers. Luckily, modern translation tools are becoming more functional and professional, so you will have enough time to increase your intelligence level.

Moreover, it is often an interesting topic to discuss how languages differ and experience these divergences in sounding and writing.

American Dating Culture Peculiarities

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Don’t forget how the environment, economical and political state influence the way people react to others’ traditions and what they expect to see in their potential suitor. In several countries, dating customs don’t actually exist, to be honest. This is just a step to your future marriage, and there are several cases when parents or other relatives of older generations are involved in this important decision-making. 

In the United States, independence of choices is more essential. Dating is far more than just a serious family matter. It is not forbidden for couples to live together before marriage. Besides, there are numerous examples when American ladies date with their partners, even from other countries, for years.

It is not culturally inappropriate for a woman to ask her crush on a date. That’s why don’t be surprised if or when American women write your first on profound American dating sites. There are less obstacles or hesitations for them on the way to find their perfect match.

According to research, online dating services are extremely popular within the country. If you would like to get acquainted with a pretty lady from there but don’t have enough resources to visit the States, remote communication is your lifesaver. Nobody says you will find your soulmate from the very first try. Taking into account how many people prefer dating online, this tool guarantees a bigger pool of candidates than any real meeting can offer.

Females here are very open-minded and aren’t that skeptical of weird customs and traditions you may have than some Eastern European nations, for instance. You will know their end goals, and portfolios on dating platforms will help you get to know a personality at the other side of the screen better before texting her.

At the same time, they appreciate creativity in their partners. Engaging in pleasant or funny activities is possible even during remote virtual dates. Don’t stick to chatting and talking only. Why not watch a movie together? It doesn’t matter if you are miles away from each other, but it will contribute to your leisure time for sure.

The Bottom Line

In any cross-cultural online relationship, it is extremely important to realize how well you know your partner and whether there are no hidden pitfalls and hazards. Stereotypes may help you find unknown facts about your suitor from the United States, but you have to be careful with them. Don’t believe in everything you see on the net. Feel free to ask your match about issues or things you can’t understand. Communication and keeping your mind open to new data will contribute to your healthy soulmateship for 100%.