Chatting is an old form of internet communication. Back to the days before the Internet had been established as a worldwide technology, there were only forums and emails. But they are too slow for many occasions, so people have developed chats and messengers.

As for online rooms where people can talk to each other, they haven’t changed a lot since they were invented. We still can enjoy different kinds of sites and services that provide such features.

Chats gather like-minded people together, so they can share their emotions, interests, and thoughts with those who deeply understand them. This is a great opportunity to find a soul-mate or even a life-time partner. That’s why we want to tell you about dating chat sites and how to use them properly!

Pros and Cons: why you should try it

To make your decision more objective and help yourself figure out whether it’s a good idea to search for love in chats or not, look at the lists below and  make up your own mind

dating chat with girls


  • large communities ensure great match rate;
  • all necessary functions are available for free;
  • dozens of categories;
  • easy to use anywhere via mobile browsers or special apps;
  • absolutely safe to use.


  • the majority of services support text messaging only.

The site’s structure

Let’s quickly review the most important and outstanding features of any chat dating site to have a complete image of what we are talking about. Typically, these sites have a minimalistic design with very few details. It facilitates navigation and makes an interface more intuitive.

For a reason, services usually look a bit vintage. Sometimes it’s a conceptual idea, but sometimes it’s just an old element of a site.


Regarding interfaces, it’s not that obvious and simple because the interface depends on the functionality. But if we are talking about a generalized interface, then it’s still a minimalistic layout with minimum buttons. Usually, there are a few buttons on a homepage: log-in, categories, and some links at the bottom.

Categories sort people according to their sexual orientation/preferences, interests, age group, and so on. It helps find a partner as fast as possible. Generally, interfaces are user-friendly, so you would not face any complications.

Chat rooms

dating chat with girls

Depending on what you like and what you search for, you can choose a category where you will find people with the same interests and beliefs. Everything begins with public chats. But it’s not intimate enough, is it? Therefore, the core moment of online chat dating is a private session. Private chats are more personal, so you can use them as a platform for online dating and discuss things that cannot be discussed in public chats or on forums.

Moreover, chatting tet-a-tet can provide more interesting functions, such as a video chat if you both don’t mind voice messages. So dialogues become more realistic because the text is not usually enough to share all emotions. You can also attach media files, but members have to accept the files you send.

Usually, all chats are anonymous and you don’t even have to sign up to be able to use all features, which makes conversations even more exciting. Use the functions that the platform provides to know your chat-mate better and become something more than a mail-friend.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned above, you don’t have to pay anything. However, sites can offer some interesting premium features for a decent price. If you want to stand out from other users, you can either buy a VIP subscription or features separately — depending on the site’s policy. First of all, let’s figure out what functions are available for free members:

  • creating a personal account (if there is such);
  • anonymous browsing;
  • entering chat rooms;
  • sending private messages/create private chats;
  • unlimited messaging.

That is a very general list of free features that can be applied to any site.

Premium membership

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Each site has its own pack of perks for paid accounts. You won’t probably find all of them in one place. As well as you could face some features that are not mentioned here. However, these are the most popular privileges for VIPs:

  • entering premium chat rooms/creating rooms;
  • attaching media to messages;
  • adding coloring/gradients to your text/nickname;
  • being on top of users;
  • posting special icons/stickers.

Profiles and users’ information

If the service allows creating personal profile pages, it increases dating opportunities and opens new doors to find a partner. Profiles vary from site to site and include different fields. What could be inside?

Profiles content

Profiles may seem to be not informative sometimes because many users do not complete them for some reason. On the other hand, you can customize your profile and make it very interesting. First of all, enter some general information, such as your full name and birth date. You may also choose the «verify my email» option to gain access to the full functionality.

Custom fields are used to describe yourself with the help of the following attributes: occupation, education, nationality, quote, gender, horoscope, age, birthday, hobbies, relationship status, religion, sports, languages, interests, eye color, biggest dream, favorite bands, and many more.

If you open someone’s profile, you will see custom fields a person has filled, a small-sized profile photo, user’s nickname, online status, and location. Additionally, you can ask a user to show more information by sending a friend invitation.

Mobile chatting

Mobile apps of these sites are usually available to download for free for every Android and iOS device. The functionality of apps is the same as the desktop version’s one. Sometimes it’s more convenient to use chats on your smartphone because everything is structured more accurately. It’s easier to sort chats, send voice messages if there are such, browse profiles, and so on.

The interface of a standard app is super intuitive; therefore, everyone will definitely enjoy the time using an app. On the other hand, you can visit your favorite site via mobile browsers without downloading additional software.

Besides, computers are heavy and not portable, which means you can’t take them anywhere. Even laptops are pretty weighty to carry all the time. Mobile devices are so small that they are always with you. The mobile internet makes it possible to stay in touch at any time, at any place. This is a great choice for on-the-go people, for sure.

Is it safe to use such sites?

dating chat with girls

You don’t have to worry about it, these online dating chat platforms are absolutely legit and safe to use. However, there are some facts you should take into consideration. First things first, the site allows users to chat anonymously and cannot check all users. It means that it’s possible to meet fake profiles and scammers. To avoid troubles, you must always follow some simple rules:

  •  Do not share your personal information
  •  Report violations and users who do not meet terms of use
  •  Do not open suspicious links

Technical Side of Protection

Your protection is ensured by the privacy policy, heavy encryption, and the team of moderators. Moderators are checking profiles and taking measures against inappropriate actions or content.

Customer Support

Contact the support team by filling the feedback form or by addressing an email at the address you can find on the information page. Feel free to make an inquiry at any time and get a response within 1-2 working days.

To find an answer on your own, you can go to the FAQ section. Here you will find several popular questions and issues that already have a solution.


If you are feeling lonely or you just want to share your interests with other people, there are plenty of ways out on the Internet. As you can see, chat dating sites are a good solution to solve such problems. You don’t have to be alone and spend boring days and nights. Happiness is much closer than you used to think.

Besides, chat rooms can be used for many purposes. If you are not looking for relationships at the moment, you can still benefit from using sites like these. Considering the fact that it doesn’t require any effort, it a must-try for everyone:

  • Learn new things. Large communities of absolutely different people is a great field to educate. One of the best examples is language skill practicing. Find a chat-mate who speaks the language you are studying and improve your skills;
  • Find new companies. A great number of people like to spend time on the internet playing online games, for example. You can find new teammates in chat rooms to make your gaming experience more enjoyable;
  • Make your self-esteem grow. Talking to like-minded people helps to socialize yourself and become a confident person, which is essential in our world.

Discuss interesting topics, communicate with different people from different parts of the world, and make your life more enjoyable with random chats. Join now!