We are living in a rapidly changing world where not only technologies, but also people’s attitudes to things change. Fifteen years ago single people of older age would probably not even think about dating again. Many women and men after sixty would probably be shy to tell someone they dream of a new meaningful relationship.

Thank God this time is in the past and people of respectable age can boldly start dating and be happy again. There is no right or wrong age for dating – men and women can look for potential partner at any age, even after sixty. Do you want to know all about dating over 60? Let’s go!

How to start dating after 60

Starting new relationships at the right age and participating in the dating scene when you are a mature person can be frustrating. But if you do it right, use your life experience and modern dating etiquette, you will be able to experience new emotions and be happy in your golden years.

What should mature singles do

Most daters after sixty are interested in relationship. However, not everyone is looking for marriage. Sometimes it is just the need of a sweet first date, hugs in public places, support and stability. We believe that age gives us wisdom. But often, even people after 60 can make mistakes under the influence of hormones. Here are some recommendations to start a successful relationship.

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Realize what you really want

When we are younger, we sometimes date for fun. When we get older, we treat each dating episode more seriously and become picky about potential partner. Be honest with yourself whether it is teenage fun you look for or you want a totally different relationship after a divorce.

Be honest with your partner

Honesty is the basis of mature relationship. When both of you know the attitude of the other, no one has any illusions.

Take it easy

There is no need to start dating right away if you still need to relax after your past relationship, for example. Look around, strengthen your self confidence, make friends and see how it goes.

Let yourself experience something new

We get life experience at each stage of our life, and you have to be open to it. It doesn’t mean you have to register at dating sites or install a dating app the next moment you think of love. You can start with a general site where people of different age groups chat or have fun. Spend time at this kind of site for some fun.

Look after yourself

Another frightening aspect of dating over 60 is one’s appearance. You may be shy of not looking as good as you did at a young age. Good looks are great of course, but remember that older women and men value inner beauty. Take a look back at your life, see your achievements and remember who you are.

Care about your health

No matter if you date someone or not, you have to be sure your health is good.

Online dating

Online dating is not only popular among younger people. Those with rich life experience also use dating sites and dating apps to find a good match. However, if it’s been long since your last first date, you need to get some learning experience.

So how does online dating look for the mature? Finding romance is actually pretty much the same for all age groups. Single men and single women have to register at an online dating service first. It is not difficult to find a dating website. There is a huge amount of them. But the really best dating sites are few. A good dating site can have a free version or a paid one.

Dating online is also available on a smartphone. You need to browse dating apps and choose one for permanent use. Dating app is installed on the phone and is used just like any other app you might have. Dating apps allow us to be freer because you can use them anywhere and don’t have to be attached to your PC. If you are an active man or a woman, you move around a lot, a dating app will probably be your choice.

Dating sites offer you all their features for comfortable dating. Your learning experience will not take long. You’ll catch things quickly and start dating soon.

You will easily find a free version of dating site, as well as paid ones. What is the difference? Paid sites are considered more reliable because they have customer verifications systems. Those who come to play games will not want to pay for it. Paid sites also provide a wider range of services.  

The whole process of online dating is quite exciting. You meet new people, exchange your ideas and view of the world , talk via cam, etc. You have to be prepared that dating online may involve discussion of hot topics. You will also find that some users behave inappropriately. But this is rather an exception than the rule itself.

Online dating feels more relaxed. You can easily make the first move toward someone you like and not be afraid of refusal. People dating online generally realize their purpose of using a dating site, so they try to make the most of it. Those who start dating with time feel like they want to go deeper with their potential partner and share private things.

A good dating site has multiple chat rooms. There can even be special chat rooms for seniors. Many men and women of older age prefer using such chat rooms.

Dating sites are good because they are available for everyone. Older women and men are free to start dating with potential partner to start friendship and then develop it into something bigger.

Sex after 60

Some people think that older people don’t have sex in their relationships. The amount of sex mature people have is naturally less than they did being in younger age. But it is definitely not less enjoyable. Besides, they get a few health benefits form it:

  • happiness from emotional intimacy
  • health improvement factors
  • less vaginal dryness for women
  • better brain work
  • lower level of stress

Experts also say that physical intimacy might be even more important for adults than sex. ‘When it comes to touch and intimacy in the elderly, those everyday moments matter’ (https://www.ncoa.org/article/why-is-intimacy-important-in-older-adults).

What can you and your partner do to keep your sexual life at the high level? First, you should follow a healthy diet and stay active physically. Second, do regular medical checkups to make sure your health is in good condition.

Here is also something you should know about sex after 60:

  1. Sex can get better with age just like good wine
  2. What you mean by ’good sex’ may change as you age
  3. Menopausal symptoms may cause difficulties
  4. Orgasms will take a little longer to come

What mature women want from dating

Every woman is different and each joins the dating site for her own reason.

There is a large number of older women who prefer dating younger men.  They do not care about the age difference. Being young at heart, they want a younger man to give them the sweet feeling of youth, of being wanted and desired.

There are also women who use online dating service to create a family. These women might have been married with kids, but lost their husbands. Or they have suffered a divorce. If they ever look back to the past, it is for learning the lessons and moving on.

There is also a category of women who have not yet decided what they want in life. They use sites to have some fun, maybe even play a dating game with other people.

What mature men want from dating

It is hard to say what most men want. Not everyone dating after 60 wants a serious relationship. Some of them, after being married, want to talk to women for friendship. Many men look for the right person for life.  This type of man tries to find romance in every second of life, spend time together with their woman, visit public places such as museums or coffee shops.

While still others look for sex. It is normal to have your own purposes for online dating. It is only important to be open to the people you connect with.

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Dos and don’ts of mature dating

We have prepared a list of dos and don’ts for those dating over 60. Studying this information will help you meet a decent person and start a relationship for life.

Do not reject casual relationship. Despite the common belief that people of older age only look to start a family, in some situations it might not be the case. If you or your potential partner doesn’t feel ready for that yet, give a casual relationship a chance. This is always an experience and positive emotions.

Try multiple dating sites. When you look for the right person you need to provide yourself with the widest choice possible. You should try every decent dating site or its app to increase your chances to meet the one. We recommend trying other apps you can find. Ask your friends for advice; they might know something about it.

Use every opportunity that comes to you. There is no guarantee your meaningful relationship will start at the online dating service. Your partner might be somewhere close to you. Don’t be afraid to talk to people in the street, date people who live close to you and give each of them a chance. Make the first move, your happiness might just be around the corner.

Don’t be scared to talk about your past relationship. Those who are dating over 60 usually openly discuss their previous experience. If your date is interested to know what happened to your past relationship, be open about it. You can also ask the person you date about past relationships if they are ready to talk about it.

Don’t be shy about dating. Those of us who were absent in a dating scene for some time, may feel a bit embarrassed about it when we’re back. It is normal to want to arrange your life in a new way. It is normal to want a relationship. It is normal to want to start a family with a worthy partner.

What are the don’ts of dating after 60?

The Internet has given us great possibilities of making friends and dating. However there is a reverse side of it. Some dating men and women feel too much freedom that they show their terrible attitude online.

Protect your personal information. Some unreliable online dating services aim at taking your personal information. Think about your online safety when you use suspicious sites or apps.

Don’t judge people for their past. You don’t know the circumstances that made your date do this or that. Don’t judge others for mistakes of the past. Give them a chance to show their better sides.

Make sure you meet the same person you talk to. There are certain risks of meeting cheaters in the dating world. Despite the age, no one is immune to mistakes. You can use a video chat on the site to verify the personality of your potential date. 

Don’t dive into relationships at once. Enjoy the dating process before you get engaged into relationships. People dating online should take their time to know each other better.

Don’t compare your current date with your ex. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. And there probably is a good reason for that. But it doesn’t mean all single men and women are exactly like your ex. Give them time to open more to you.

Don’t mind the public opinion. Dating after 60 you should not care about what other people think. You are the one who rules your life. And you are the one who decided what you should do and who you should date.

Red flags to consider when dating over 60

Dating is a complex process. You might feel elevated emotions with one person, while hating to be around the other. Once you started dating someone, be attentive to notice the following red flags in time:

  1. Your date is literally obsessed with you
  2. Your partner shows violence toward you
  3. Your partner controls your every step
  4. Your partner doesn’t want to introduce you to their family and friends

These signs should alert you, but it doesn’t mean you should break up with the person at once. Give yourself some time to observe the situation. These red flags also apply to those who date via site.

How to be safe on platforms for dating after 60

If you are interested in online dating, you should take all the measures to stay safe:

  • Date only at trustworthy sites
  • Be greedy about sharing your personal information
  • Prepare if you decide to make the first move
  • Let your close people know you are having a date
  • Meet your date in public locations
  • Don’t send money to anyone

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Dating over 60 can be rather exciting. People meet in different circumstances – some are introduced to each other by friends, others use sites for dating – and try filling their life with love again. Seniors with different destinies – some after divorce, some after tragic loss of a partner – find strength to be happy.

Senior relationships develop on a different level where all the participants should be open and honest. Only in this case dating over 60 can work and become enjoyable.


How to start dating when you are a senior?

People after 60 can meet face-to-face or use a special site for dating. The main condition for a successful date is being open and honest to the other person.

Should seniors kiss on a first date?

The decision of kissing during a first date or not is entirely up to you. However, statistics say that for many women it is still a taboo, while men are more relaxed about it.

What questions should be asked when dating a person over 60?

On the internet there are many ready-made questions to ask your senior date. However, not all of them will suit your specific situation. If you want communication to be open and warm, we recommend asking personal questions related to their life, their attitudes to different things and life processes, their expectations, etc. 

When is it appropriate to ask about a job when dating senior people?

It is absolutely normal to ask people about their job, same as divorce or kids. You may start with leading questions – such as “what do you do for work? Do you have a full-time or part-time job?, etc. Watch the reaction of the person. If you feel like this is an awkward topic for now, then just leave it.

What is the easiest way to meet someone over 60?

The easiest and most convenient way to find a senior date is to register at a dating site or with an app. It will give you a wider choice of potential matches and less stress.