Relationships could combine a lot of good things in one. Thus, it’s not only a way of living or logical order of events in our life, but it’s also a good opportunity to finally change something.

Many lonely people that dream about being in love with a like-minded person also dream about traveling and getting to know the world better or even about moving to another county. Some believe it’s the only chance to finally travel to new places. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to know more about other cultures and broaden your knowledge.

For such purposes, people have created services that help people from different countries connect with each other and find real love on the other side of the screen. You can be searching for a partner from America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world — there is always a site for you on the Internet.

Meeting new people is always fun. Therefore, such platforms are not necessarily about serious, long-lasting, and committed relationships. But it’s up to you to choose what you want!

Pros and Cons: reasons to try

Before you decide whether it’s a nice idea or not, you should read the most common advantages and downsides of these websites. They will help make an attitude towards foreign affair dating


  • free registration;
  • well-adopted for mobile use;
  • well-developed sites with user-friendly interfaces and fascinating designs;
  • large communities;
  • international orientation: multiple languages are supported.


  • gender proportion for some countries could be not proportional;
  • paid content.

Getting started

foreign dating

Although these sites are free to join for everyone, there are some conditions you have to meet to be able to become a member:

  • you are 18 or over;
  • you have a valid email address;
  • you are full of enthusiasm.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, what you like, where you are from, and what skin color you have. You can go through a simple registration in a few clicks and start using a site.

Signing up

The registration is as simple as it could be and takes no more than a few minutes. Usually, you can choose up to 2 variants: whether you want to register using an email or an existing Facebook account. The second variant is even faster and more convenient. If you are worried that Facebook will share your personal data, you can be calm — accounts are not going to be linked.

To speed up the registration process, only general information, such as age, gender, location, and so on, is considered as obligatory. Other details can be specified later in your profile. After these simple steps, you are now ready to browse and use all features of the site.


For dating services accounts are an essential part of the working process. Probably, one of the most essential parts. They represent you in the online world and serve as a connector with real life.

Typical accounts are similar to standard social web accounts: they contain the most up-to-date information, such as online status, and give you a deeper understanding of a person. Also, you can choose a language that is more convenient for you.

foreign dating

The profile structure is very variable and has a lot of details to point out. You can find almost everything about a person you are interested in, but it depends on how much effort this person put into filling one’s profile. For example, you can get to know some general information, such as age, location, body type, hair color, and so on.

Or you can seek the love of your life according to more specific criteria. You can indicate your employment status, habits, living conditions, your salary, attitude towards particular things, and more. 

Upload some photos of yours and browse others’ photos. Give as much information as you can to make your search faster.  In addition to this, you can describe yourself in your own words. Remember that complete profiles are more interesting and catchy.

This information could be changed at any time from your profile settings. If you want to get more responses and be more secured, you can complete the verification process that the majority of sites offer.


Verified profiles are more trusted by other users, you can check the account’s status by opening a profile. To go through the verification, you have to complete one of the following tasks: verify your email address, verify your mobile number, or supply the site’s administration with a copy of an identity document. Here are some obligatory criteria for your document:

  • only such documents as driver license or passport are considered appropriate;
  • black and white copies are not allowed;
  • a document should contain a photo and personal data;
  • no expire or invalid documents are allowed;
  • the appropriate file format is needed.

The document you provide is used for verification only and cannot be shared with third parties.

Getting closer to a person

Foreign dating sites offer various searching options for their members. In fact, they are divided into two groups: matchmaking-based features and standard searching functions. Both of these methods have pros and cons, which means there is no ideal solution for everyone. To choose the most efficient solution for your needs, it’s better to compare possible variants first.

A standard search

The search is an obligatory feature of such services and it has to be convenient and good. If you are looking for a partner as a free member, some options will be locked for you. To unlock all the features you have to buy a premium account. However, it doesn’t mean you are low on options. Choose the most important criteria for you and search for your love, according to your preferences.

Meanwhile a standard search allows you to choose a very limited range of filters, an advanced search has a lot of settings and criteria that can be used as a filter. Here are some of them:

  • Appearance
  • Body type
  • General information
  • Cultural values
  •  Education

A great number of details make results more accurate. And that is definitely good for sites that are specialized in dating.


foreign dating

This kind of algorithm requires almost no effort because it does everything for you. You have a limited number of matches per specified period of time (hour, day, week, etc.). These matches are chosen from all registered accounts, according to your settings.

You don’t have to search on your own or guess how compatible you both are because everything is already done. You can view some general information of a member,  view your compatibility level, and find some action buttons, such as like or message, for example.

Get ready for some actions

Communication is crucial because you can’t start a relationship, get to know each other, arrange a date, or simply say «hi» without ways to communicate. There are a lot of options that make your experience unbelievable.

Even free members can browse profiles and interact with other members. Meanwhile, premium accounts always have more options that will bring them right to the main part of any foreign dating site — conversation.

The chat features for such sites are pretty the same, compared to any other chat in the world. It’s a standard small window for instant messaging or it’s an email-like tab. All messages sent by you are recorded and appear in your inbox. If you receive a message, a notification pops out.

You can open the profile of the one you speak with by clicking on one’s photo. Depending on the technologies the site uses, you are able to open one or multiple chats simultaneously. Additionally, it could be possible to use audio messages, upload media files, and share links.>

Can it be done via mobiles?

What concerns applications for smartphones, it’s good to have one for any social web. Not all platforms have a mobile app but all of them support mobile versions. Apps are free to download and have the same functions as the desktop versions. Sometimes, interfaces can differ a bit.

Why is it important to develop such applications? The reason is that we live in the era of the internet and mobile gadgets. All that we must have to stay in touch 24 hours 7 days a week is an internet connection.

Almost each of us has a smartphone today, and it takes our dating experience much further. Especially when it comes to international dating services. It’s impossible to take a computer with you when you are traveling from one country to another. But you’d probably don’t want to get lost with each other. So smartphones and tablets are a must-have for such occasions.

Protection and safety

foreign dating

First, let’s define the necessity of being protected on such platforms or any other dating service. All that concerns providing personal information should have a guarantee of safety because your private data should stay private. Sharing it is inappropriate. This site is all safe to use, but there some points that you’d better avoid, in order not to get into trouble:

  • do not share your personal or financial information with anyone;
  • obey terms of use;
  • provide only real information;
  • do not open suspicious links from unknown members;
  • follow this and other safety tips.

Making a safe community is your chore too. Moderators can’t check everyone, so you have an option to submit reports. If you ever notice someone abusing terms of usage or breaking the site’s rules, you should immediately inform about it. Such profiles are usually banned after being inspected.

Also, you can block users if you don’t want to receive any message from this profile again or if you’ve met a fake account and do not want to receive ads from it.

Technical side of security

The most protective feature is the verification procedure. It creates a great ground for a responsible community without unwanted members. But a reasonable question pops out then: “what about the privacy policy?” Sending a copy of the ID, everyone wants to be sure that his personal information is not used for any other purpose. 

The terms of the website’s privacy policy prohibit using your information for anything except verification, and it is denoted on the privacy policy page. Moreover, your connection is protected by 128-bit encryption, which means your data cannot be stolen.


No matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. Asians, Europeans, Americans, and many other nationalities are welcome. If you want to deepen your knowledge about some culture and find a friend — you may join. If you are looking for a respectful, gorgeous, and loving wife — you may join. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, lovers, soul-mates, or whoever you search for — they are all here.

However, sex dates and hookups are not mainly about such services; meanwhile, marriage and relationships are the most popular reasons to sign up. This is very cool because settling down and making a family in a dream-place is wonderful, which makes the existence of such sites even more significant. 

Creating a new happy couple is the main idea of a dating site. Some people just can’t do it on their own for many different reasons. If you feel like you are grown enough and you want to find a life-time partner or just want to meet new people, you should definitely try foreign dating.