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True Love Relationship: Importance Of Cherishing Feelings

Much has been said and depicted about such feelings as love. The power of this emotion is hard to convey in several words, but it’s clear that it can change our lives. Despite the fact that there are so many types of relationships, one of the main things that never change is the feeling of love. A lasting love relationship can seem a bit hard to have given the factors people are not capable of controlling, but be sure that this feeling is stronger than anyone may imagine. As one said, love is such strength that may turn a monster into a human, a human to a monster.

That being said, it’s time to elaborate on a true love relationship. Although such feeling is seen as the main component of a healthy love relationship, there are some other critical things to consider. When looking through long relationship advice articles, you’ll spot that love should be accompanied by other factors like being able to show emotions, respect, and understanding. So, if you’re planning to have a relationship, be sure that you’re determined to do more than just love that person.

Types of love relationship

Creating bonds is something unique and makes our life quite emotional, but the most interesting aspect is that there is quite a long range of bonding types. Even though love may be considered the main component of any relationship, how you proceed and interact with your match will determine a type of relationship you’ll get involved in. In the relationship to be discussed, there will be a love catalyst, which is a factor contributing to how fast any relationship will proceed or develop.

Affectionate type of love

what is true love in a relationship

Sometimes, we can hear the word combination like «friend zone»  that is quite dangerous for some people seeking a chance to be loved by someone. However, not everything is bad about friendship bonds. Affectionate love, or alias philia, is a relationship without any romanticism. The catalyst of such a bond is your mind. But what is it about to have an affectionate type of relationship?

First of all, you should know that it’s all about creating friendship bonds. It means there’s a need for trust and honesty between people. Support and trust come as the main components of such a bond, not to mention mutual respect. It’s clear that love in this relationship may not lead to more intimate bonds or romantic attraction. Except missing and spending some great time together, there’s nothing more. 

Enduring love

From time to time, you may hear love stories of people finally creating bonds after a long time of perseverance and passion. Enduring love relationship or pragma is the bond that develops subconsciously over time. Thus, subconsciousness is the catalyst in this case. For those who value dedication and commitment more, this is an ideal relationship type. When asked about a lasting love relationship, this is one that should come to your mind.

When spending time with someone, you can start creating bonds subliminally without being aware of that. It’s not when you can say that you have a crush on someone or fall in love with someone. Instead, it’s more to develop feelings that should undergo patience and time before they can become mature. So, when talking about strong and long-lasting bonds, pragma is the best example to show. 

Family love

Love that will always be present but enigmatic to our minds is felt between children and parents. Such an emotional bond is still hard to understand, and it happens that you go through hard times, and out of sudden, you receive a call from your mom who will ask how you’re doing. She feels that you’re in pain or trouble, and this love is indeed something worth admiration.

Time spent together and all memories are considered to be the catalyst of such bonds. The bad news is that such bonds are seen mainly in the family rather than in normal or romantic relationships. Family love is more about forgiveness and acceptance, and no one tries to change anyone. What’s more, such a relationship is based on common values and emotional connection.

Romantic relationship

This one, as the name suggests, is the most known and common type of bond.  It’s the most primitive love, or in other words, it’s a type of relationship focusing on more physical contact, so the catalyst, in this case, is your bodies. Tactile and kinesthetic intimacy is the main goal of such love. Such bonds can be seen in actions like kissing, hugging, and more intimacy. Thus, sexual desire is quite common in this type of bond.

Love is known to lead to more intimacy and closeness between people. A romantic relationship may start with a simple flirt and result in passionate bonds. Physical contact is the main principle of a romantic relationship, or aka eros. It’s hard to say whether this type of romance will be long or short term, yet hormones lead to more passionate intimacy. It’s one of the most common types of relationships seen nowadays.

Flirtatious relationship

Like eros, it’s based on becoming closer to each other. This type of relationship is also known as Ludus. What is this about? Definitely, being one of the common types of bonds, it’s mainly the beginning part of any romantic relationship. The main catalyst of this bond is your emotions. The main principle of Ludus is flirting and behaving like a child. When reading love relationship advice blogs, you may have encountered the stories when people behave like children, so this is a stage of flirting.

It’s hard to say that it’s a true love relationship, but it may signal the beginning of something serious and long. The main purpose is to show your interest in someone where you show your emotions to express yourself. Generally, at this stage, people spend time together, go to the cinemas, and laugh together. For some people, this is one of the best stages in their lives, and although it’s mainly observed among young generations, older people love to be engaged in Ludus as well.

Obsessive relationship

Have you been mad over someone? Imagine you love someone so badly that you become jealous of that person. Such a phenomenon of being jealous or over possessive is known as codependency. Is an obsessive relationship, or mania, a good type of bond to have? Actually, experts report that such bonding is the cause of love imbalance between partners. For example, a disbalance of Ludus and Eros is the main cause of such imbalance.

Since such a relationship is known to harm people emotionally, leading to a bad, unhealthy relationship, it’s better to avoid such bonds. It doesn’t mean this isn’t a true love relationship, but the problem here is that it may lead to some serious and unexpected outcomes in the future.

Loving yourself

relationship love

Interestingly, love in a relationship can start from loving yourself. It’s not about being egotistical and selfish, but it’s more about creating a bond through understanding and valuing yourself. In other words, the person valuing himself or herself will show the same towards another person. Such bonds are created on the feeling of empathy, and the catalyst of such bonds is your spirit.

It’s said that such a love relationship creates much healthier communication between people. Another alternative name of this bond is known as philautia, meaning self-love. The logic and idea of this bond are that you will offer what you can and nothing more. Healthy love relationship seekers may try such an approach in their lives.


Agape is a type of love that is worth admiration as well. As in the previous case, the main catalyst is spirit, but it’s totally different. The practice in this love relationship is based on selfless love. It means it will entail lots of sacrifices, where you start valuing someone more than yourself, but the question is whether such an approach is good for those seeking a healthy relationship.

Dedication of higher levels accompanied with much sacrifice is indeed something incredible to see. But the problem is to what extent your love will be shared since in the case of agape, much is done without expectations with the sole aim to satisfy and make another person happy. Yet, such practice can make you exhausted and disappointed at some point.

What is true love in relationship?

When looking through the types of relationships, it’s hard to imagine what love can be. For someone, it can be just a strong bond of friendship, whereas, for someone, it can be something more intimate and physical. Also, it’s not always a case that people seek reciprocate love as it can be unrequited. Thus, some people prefer not to delve into the real meaning of love, but instead, they simply seek a chance to create an ideal relationship full of love.

Is online love relationship possible?

Living in the modern world, you can be haunted by the idea of finding your ideal love online. What is the meaning of love in a relationship? Hard question, yet online platforms can give you a chance to find someone who will share your enthusiasm regarding love. So, the answer is yes. It’s possible to create a healthy love relationship online.

Where to start looking for?

Dating platforms are abundant nowadays, so looking for someone special won’t be challenging only if you are patient enough. Nowadays, you can find many niche options, and some of them are:

  • dating sites for singles;
  • dating sites for the widowed;
  • dating site for seniors;
  • dating sites for black or interracial couples;
  • dating sites for professionals;
  • dating sites for serious relationships;
  • dating sites for casual relationships;
  • dating sites for chatting and flirting.

How to choose your dating site?

types of love relationship

If you’re determined to create a healthy relationship online, it means you need to find a decent and reliable platform. Here are some tips on what you should do before picking any particular platform:

  • choose your niche;
  • look through free and paid platforms;
  • compare the platforms;
  • read reviews of experts and users;
  • check terms and privacy policy


What is true love in a relationship? It’s better to feel it than to express it in words. Provided love is mutual and combined with other feelings, you may create a healthy love relationship. If you are interested in any type of relationship described above, it’s time to find a great platform and start creating a new love relationship right now!


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