People might adore their partners, but it still can be challenging to express their feelings in words or in writing. If your verbal skills are far from the best ones, it is complicated to reveal how her calming voice reassures you or how she has become the most beautiful person in the world in your eyes. For the sake of your future happiness and understanding between the two, don’t hesitate to check the reasons why I love you in more detail.

Whether you analyze them from a scientific or a practical point of view, your commitment to the other half will only transform into a stronger and deeper bond. Don’t hesitate to spend time talking to your soulmate and show how much you care. Stay tuned to check the own language your love possesses. Onwards!

What Is Love?

True love is among the most popular themes in works of art throughout history, appearing in books, songs, films, and other formats of people’s creativity (advertisements, business mottos, and so on). Taking into account that even the presented industries don’t have the same meaning of love, making it adapt to their field peculiarities and laws, it might be hard for a person to describe what stands behind this notion straightforwardly. You will surely hear millions of descriptive ways to represent the reasons why I love you.

Love has a long history of success, and people don’t commonly analyze what a huge path and evolution this feeling has undergone so far. There are numerous cultural and historical pieces of evidence, revealing the role of love in a human’s crazy life and how it tends to influence the person’s existence overall. The Catholic Church established marriage as a sacrament in the Middle Ages. A greater spiritual form of love was intended to be created between the couples through the wedding. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the idea of so-called courtly love was invented as the contrary one to sacramental marriages. It was a crucial topic to illustrate in novels and poems, and the analysis of the moment spent between men and women hasn’t lost a bit of its importance so far.

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As the table below indicates, this emotion has a complex nature and is analyzed from different perspectives both intentionally and subconsciously.

Definition of Love

What People Say About Love

It is commonly described as a deeply felt, intensely emotional love for another human.

Probably, the novels by Jane Austen are the most impressive sources of inspiration — you will be lucky to see numerous unique and astonishing ways to say “I love you”. For instance, in her Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy, the main male lead, says: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”.

It is referred to as a passionate and highly emotional feeling for another person.

Shakespear presented not only numerous forms to express your passion for the other person, but also different types of love. Just get acquainted with his characters like Romeo and Juliet or Othello.

This is a format of personal ties between him and her (or other types of relationships).

According to Hermann Hesse, people can discover what love is only because of their soulmates.

Love is associated with a natural union between woman and man and has cultural, social, and historical value.

Love is not reliant on wealth or accomplishments, as Oprah Winfrey is aware. If you look for genuine love, search for a partner who is ready on a bus ride and not just limo travels, she believes.

Love is a suite of emotions and feelings toward the other individual, which make it impossible or extremely complicated to imagine life without them. 

This feeling is truly priceless and means definitely more than money, Frank Sinatra once said. On the contrary, Amy Poehler highlights that love isn’t only about mutual happiness — it is about becoming vulnerable in front of your partner and being ready to accept your lover’s strengths and weaknesses.

Types of Love

The fact that everyone experiences love completely divergently and that it can evolve over the years contributes significantly to its complexity. Even excluding all those love feelings people can get toward their home pets, nature, friends, and other crucial things in their incredible life, this emotion between the two has a multicomponent and non-universal nature.

It has been a sought-after topic of research for numerous scientists, and Robert Sternberg is among them. In his triangular theory of love, it is analyzed how passion, intimacy, and commitment influence this feeling’s forms and elaboration. Overall, two main varietals of love are distinguished — compassionate and passionate:

  • Passionate love is a condition of strong yearning for oneness with the other person. At the beginning of communication and dating, this feeling is typical. When someone experiences it, they frequently get extremely strong emotions for that loved person. It isn’t unique to require close proximity to him or her, thinking about the partner frequently, and going through severe separation anxiety, longing to have another moment spent together. It can also be subdivided into two forms — requited and unrequited love. The difference between them lies in the fact that the other individual has the same meaning of love and passion toward the person who loves them. In general, this passion is characterized by the idealization of communication, the need to maintain both physical and mental closeness, and a burning desire to get to know the best friend’s tastes, wishes, and dreams.
  • In turn, the alternative way to love and be loved is known for its commitment and a higher degree of intimacy. The key components are tenderness and trust. It is a separate type of love, but it is based on passionate love and can’t be developed instantly on its own. The intensity and wish to create as many bonds with a partner as possible isn’t that severe, enabling you to lead an incredible life through bad and good times without overwhelming pressure on the courageous person you love. You can still long for creating the fondest memories together and consider your partner the cutest person in the world, but this format of feelings implements more freedom. Even if she is smoking hot, you love watching her happiness and don’t ruin your relationship because of being jealous.

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Whether you experience passionate or compassionate love doesn’t depend on your behavior, mindset, and the character of your relationship. Your inner preparedness for serious and committed dating with the first person, whose smile makes you the happiest person in the whole world and makes you feel peaceful in the noisy crowd, predetermines many aspects of your communication with a potential soulmate.

Reasons Why I Love: Sweet and Practical Approach

Let’s take a short rest from statistical data and expert opinions, defining what love is and why this feeling is so important in people’s lives. One of the necessities individuals face is not just to understand what stands behind the notion of love. 

Let’s get another perspective on the analyzed feeling. The importance of statistical data and expert opinions isn’t under debate, but they will only help interested parties get a deeper insight into love experiences and the related aspects people have hardly ever thought about. Trying to distinguish the reasons why I love you, it is also crucial to represent your emotions in the right format.

Whether you communicate with your beloved one in person or chat with them online, describing what you think and whether you feel awesome in a verbal format can’t be omitted. With the help of virtual tools like dating sites, it is possible to take your time and answer this question more thoroughly. There are several obvious and hidden signs that will reflect what your soul hides in relation to the only person you love.

Checking reasons why I love you will come in handy, enabling you to pay more attention to detail and analyze your relationship with the sweetheart creatively. Of course, you can consider yourself the luckiest person alive because she makes life joyful and has such a beautiful smile, but it is a must to find the right time for these wow words.

Even if you have never believed in love at first sight until the moment you met her, it isn’t the wisest decision to inform her about this change in your mindset immediately. A lot of women would rather prefer lower paces of relationship development, and a guy who screams about his love after a few days of communication on the internet would rather seem suspicious than sincere and honest (and the truth doesn’t matter here).

Here are some things to take into account before you decide to express your love verbally:

  • Whether you chat online or communicate face-to-face with the only person you love, try to avoid unnecessarily flowered language. This tip isn’t based on floriography, although knowing its rules and cryptological secrets can be gorgeous non-verbal surprises for your lady. It is strongly suggested to get rid of too many poetry-inspired phrases. They can work to some extent, but if they become overwhelming, then the challenge is failed. They make your communication less sincere, letting her think you are overly focused on impressing her in the wrong way. Sayings like “I love you to the moon and back again” are gorgeous, and they will be excellent ideas for cute gifts for your only person. Such phrases as “Nobody else will enter because you have the key” or “I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” by Jamie McGuire in Beautiful Disaster wouldn’t be as compelling as they are meant to be. They are absolutely stunning to read and can make people’s eyes smile, but the main concern is that they won’t let the recipient actually believe such big words are true to life.
  • Instead of constantly typing the reasons why I love you when chatting with her, it is way better to show in practice that you become a better person thanks to her. For instance, it is a great thing to mention that her healthy lifestyle has inspired you as well, so you wake up earlier and go to the morning workout routine to be energized. This advice is about showing how essential her presence in your life is. Such texts will keep a conversation going on any dating application or website, enabling interested parties to find out more about their sweethearts. Even if you leave such notes unintentionally, they will definitely let her know she is the only person who makes you feel completely cherished for so many priceless memories and honest life lessons. The ability to say exactly the right words in the moments of joy and grief will only let the two become closer and come further than sharing funny memes.

The true meaning of writing about your self-development and becoming a better person thanks to your partner is to contribute to the healthy relationship you build. Spending time talking about love will help both individuals with the same beliefs or those who treat negative things differently to understand each other and express their opinions freely. It isn’t as simple to show that she is only my lover in a non-brutal and offensive role. So getting acquainted with the most functional ways to reveal the reasons why I love you and why you are the luckiest person alive is a perfect opportunity to organize your own emotions and thoughts. Stay tuned to check the comprehensive list of grounds and meanings they cover.

Why Are You So Special To Me?

If you want to make your relationship work, checking the reasons why I love you is crucial — it is a great chance to understand the connection between the two, how the time you spend together makes you a better person, providing an amazing sense of love you both share. Even if you eat breakfast, problems disappear since her positive energy and bright smile make you the happiest person in the world. If you are feeling stressed, communication with your soulmate can ease those negative emotions — the best hugs and spending hours talking and creating priceless memories are truly second to none.

As you can guess, the aforementioned statements are just a few reasons, which turn a common interaction between him and her into something you would never forget in the noisy crowd and exchange for the treasures of the entire world. You already have one, why would you?

For those parties who spend lots of days hesitating about what words will be heard and understood, the following list is a great option to realize that whether you possess the same beliefs or not, it is a pure pleasure and fortune to have your life partner and to be a loved person. Let’s get straight into it:

  • Whether you are in the next room or far away, I always know you are my very best friend, who can understand all my sadness from the only message or phrase. What’s more, I can absolutely do the same for you.
  • You are smoking hot, and I love watching you dancing or doing your routine things. You can absolutely make any seat warmer.
  • Even if my family and friends bring a bit of trouble in how we spend hours, you do support them wholeheartedly.
  • Our relationship works because of you and for you — you are really patient with me and ready to solve the most complex problems ever, making me better even if I am feeling stressed or feel anxious.
  • How you can comfort me simply by taking me into your arms is something more than the best hugs ever.
  • One of the reasons why I love you is that you have an amazing sense of life. Although we get rid of negative things differently, you share honest life lessons and tell exactly the right words whenever I need them. You are my very best friend, my partner, my everything.
  • I don’t care about boring days — I never have them when I am with you. You can spend lots of time saving funny memes just to boost my mood. I can’t help but notice how you treasure my existence in every single message, glance, and smile.
  • Your voice sounds so unbelievably wonderful that all the fears melt and all my memories are full of how your eyes smile, what a courageous person you are, and how you take all my sadness away with just a look.
  • I am not kidding when I say you are everything to me — I value every second I spend with you and feel completely cherished in turn.
  • You might be afraid to show the most awkward facial expressions, but I simply treasure everything you share, letting me prepare a mental box of so many priceless memories.

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Top Reasons What I Love About You

Undoubtedly, love is a beautiful feeling worth sharing with the best person in the entire world — your soulmate. Whether you like how her voice sounds or how she makes life joyful, don’t hesitate to tell her. The chance to reflect on your emotions is an innate ability that shouldn’t be underestimated. People value not only actions, but the way you can comfort them, understand, and simply listen to them attentively.

Such details can be gathered and transformed into fun ideas of how to congratulate your very best friend and a life partner at the same time on an anniversary, St. Valentine’s Day, or any other important occasion. The project of playing with funny memes in the form of cards is gaining momentum in the whole world, and the same is valid for special jars with small paper notes about the reasons why I love you. Whether you prefer a hand-made approach or would like to print them out, it is a good gift for her that can make the two even closer:

  • Even the most awkward facial expressions you do saving funny memes make me unable to imagine life without you.
  • Only my lover has such a beautiful smile that makes my fears melt, problems disappear, and my heart smile.
  • Our healthy relationship is second to none — all of my memories with you are full of happiness and joy.
  • I am strongly convinced that no matter how much time passes by, all my emotions and sayings in this Reasons Why I Love You gift will be true to life in decades and eternities to come.
  • You are thoughtful and show me little signs of your consideration, and you are the first person to make me share the same meaning of love.
  • Your gentle and calming voice reassures, making me feel peaceful even if we are miles away and separated.
  • Each and every smile makes sweet memories for me.
  • You are the most important person to me in this crazy life. Knowing your character, you won’t slam my car doors, will you? Even if you do, it will be an honor for my car door (a bit of humor will never be extra, don’t forget about this detail).


Getting a closer look at the reasons why I love you, interested parties can discover new aspects of their love and pay attention to the details of their relationship, which were clear only subconsciously. It is truly worth it to express your feelings verbally, letting her know how you like her gentle and calming voice and other little things about her behavior and beauty. Don’t underestimate the power of this innate ability and get most of its potential — this will help you not only succeed in the dating arena but also find your soulmate.


Making Reasons Why I Love You Present

In order to prepare a successful gift, you have to analyze your relationship first and distinguish what she likes and dislikes. For example, if your partner is a fan of movies, you can prepare personalized cards from romantic comedies or other stories, letting you become famous Marvel and DC characters. Thanks to modern technologies, it will be only time-consuming to photoshop an image with you in someone’s recognizable costume and share sweet lines between each other.

Interested parties can consider more traditional approaches as well — it is up to you to decide. The key thing is not just to copy what you can find on the internet (and you do find a lot of phrases about how she makes a seat warmer or how you miss her even if she is in the next room), the best decision to make them personalized and include the fondest memories only you two have.

How many reasons why I love you are necessary to add to your list?

Of course, a lot depends on your objectives and gift format. If you prepare small notes with several love confessions for the cutest person in the world, feel free to start with five hundred pieces and increase this quantity to one hundred — it won’t be extremely troublesome to create unique and original writings in this case. When you combine the traditional format of the Reasons Why I Love You gift, for instance, with candies and hidden messages or flower bouquets, the number of grounds can be minimized without the present’s quality loss.

How would you reply to how much do you love me types of questions?

Apart from saying that you love your most beautiful person very much, feel free to be more creative in your word choices. Phrases like “I love you to the moon and back” are popular, but you can include more personalization. Tell her you won’t survive a single evening without her fun ideas or that you are the happiest person because she is next to you. No matter how shy you can be in such situations, keeping silent about your attitude won’t help your partner realize your passion and care to the greatest extent possible.

Is it possible to feel that you may love too much?

When there are lots of feelings you hide inside, they can become overwhelming, especially if it seems she doesn’t share the same emotional feedback. However, it is a must to remember that people express themselves divergently and take their time to analyze your emotions with a cold mind. In the cases when you feel your love transforms into obsession, the best decision is to take a step back and involve new interests in your life. This will let you preserve the purity of your feelings and contribute to how healthy your dating with the opposite sex is in general.

What are the signs of true love?

Regardless of what medium of communication the two apply, it is possible to show their love genuinely and clearly. Your shyness doesn’t affect how ready you are to reveal your vulnerable side and leave a place for constructive dialogue even if both of you are mad. Showing concerns about the partner’s well-being without being too persistent and remaining independent personalities even if the lover isn’t nearby can be accepted as sure-shot facts to distinguish real love from a girlfriend.