The world of online dating is so versatile. It seems to substitute casual dating but why not? Modern people have jobs, sometimes even more than one, they manage employees, run businesses, try to catch up with everything, so they almost have no time to go out and meet someone decent.

Here come online dating websites. Multiple platforms all over the web are shimmering with beautiful and attractive profiles and offer you to join them. How not to get lost in this variety and choose the right service for you that would bring a 100% result? Find it out below!

What is the best online dating site?

The best site doesn’t exist. Everyone chooses what he or she needs and wants. Lots of people are using a couple of sites simultaneously because both sites have something good to offer and using them both is very convenient. You enjoy the best offers and opportunities provided by several services at a time.

You might have noticed that lots of dating sites post the same people’s profiles. Naturally, you may think about why you should pay more if you can communicate with those women at a much cheaper service. Everything is not that easy, though. You should take into account what kind of service it is, whether it is worth using or is just a waste of your precious time and money.

Quite often, men complain that they spend months, years, and thousands of dollars on various online dating sites for nothing. As a result, they find out a woman is a scammer or does not exist at all. You should agree none of the variants is good.

To avoid such an outcome, it is necessary to choose only reliable dating services. You cannot have a guarantee of finding love or marrying one of those ladies, but you can be sure to get the services and quality you pay for. See how to do it below.

How not to be disappointed with your online dating site


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Nobody wants to be scammed. But you should realize what a scam is. Not all the actions of the dating sites or women on those sites can be considered as a scam. Here is what is not considered a scam:

  • A woman refused to provide you her contact information. Sometimes, ladies refuse to exchange personal contacts until the meeting in reality for safety reasons. It doesn’t mean your woman is a scammer if she asked you to wait until the meeting. It is better to be safe than sorry. Respect her decision, privacy, and security.
  • You found her on social media and she doesn’t reply to you. It’s necessary to realize that women also join dating sites because they seek safety and guarantee. If they wanted something different, they would meet men on social networks or via free dating apps. She knows that contact exchange on her online dating site is forbidden until some point, for example. 

You break the rules of the site, search her all over the Internet, and start writing to her on one of the free platforms. It means you are pushing her to exchange private information without even asking for her permission. Of course, the lady will be cautious about you and will hardly want to keep communicating with you again. Do not be surprised then.

  • You were rejected at some point in your communication or after the meeting in person. If you communicate with a girl and at some stage, she didn’t like something in your letter or during your video talk, it is normal to suppose you are not her option and tell you about it. 

The same concerns meetings in person. When you come for a meeting, this is your first date. Anything may happen — you may have no chemistry, not like each other’s smell, manners, etc. She isn’t obliged to date or marry you if this happened as well as you may reject her at any of these stages.

  • She doesn’t message or call you every day after you exchanged contacts. It concerns mostly Slavic women. They are not much into texting every day. Moreover, you should consider the time difference when calling your girlfriend. Make sure not to message or call her at night. She might have a job, studies, children, various duties, so be patient and don’t require her to reply to your messages or calls right away.</p>

How does online dating work if you want a woman from Ukraine?

Ukrainian women are the most frequent guests on the best online dating sites. They are beautiful, smart, intelligent, marriage-oriented, and lucky for you, single. If they join an online dating site, they are intended to meet a foreign husband. Everything works the same way with them as with other girls when using this kind of dating

You create a profile — post your best picture (where you are alone, smiling, and your face is clearly seen). The most important is to post a recent picture, not older than six months, of course, if you do not want to disappoint a woman who may like you.


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Then you pick your membership or matchmaking plan and start the process of dating. Do not expect all Ukrainian women to speak English. Big city girls are more likely to speak English than women in towns or villages. However, take into account that if you live in a small town or village in your country, choosing a big city girl isn’t wise. First of all, they are more demanding for men, secondly, they will hardly leave a life in a big city and move to a village.

Thus, one more way to avoid disappointment is to have healthy expectations. Do not expect a business lady from a big city to move to your village where you are a farmer or driver, for example. Consider simpler girls who would share the same values in life and will be happy to live on a farm or, vice versa, small apartment, etc. Do not expect all of the Ukrainian girls are so desperate to marry a foreigner that they will leave everything they have for the sake of moving abroad. It does not work this way.

How to start

As it was mentioned above, start with a good profile: picture, decent description of yourself, and your expectations of a partner. Do not be too boring in your description. You can tell all the details of your childhood in your letter to a lady, no need to write all your biography in the profile. Be witty, it is very helpful and attracts women of all ages and social groups.

If you have no idea, use some good online dating conversation starters. After you create a good profile, here are some tips on how to start a conversation online:

  1. When writing a letter, do not forget to mention her name. Otherwise, she will think you send one template to all women and will hardly respond to you.
  2. Before writing to her, learn her profile and see her description and personal details. Do not ask questions that duplicate the information in her profile. For example, if she wrote «I adore pets and have a cute little dog at home», do not ask whether she loves pets. It will be a failure since she understands that you have not even looked at her description.
  3. Ask some questions. Questions encourage leading a dialogue. «Hi, Ann! I am George, I like you, let’s get in touch» — what do you think Ann should reply to this letter? Nothing, she will just read it and put it aside. Because you didn’t ask anything, she has no idea what to write to you and how to react. Ask questions so she would have a reason to reply. But don’t overwhelm her with questions.
  4. The list of questions is the biggest no-no. Your letter or message should be written in a natural flow. Some guys prepare a list of 20-30 questions to send it to every woman. Do you communicate this way in real life? If no, then you’d better avoid writing such letters. A girl should feel like being interrogated. Lead a dialogue, tell something about yourself, be witty, and ask some questions along the way. Questions should show your interest in her personality, life, and interests, and not interrogate her.

Avoid ultimatums in your correspondence

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When dating online, men often write something like «If you don’t reply to me within a week, I will suppose you are not serious», «If you don’t answer at least one of my questions, you are a scammer», or «If your letter isn’t as big as mine, you aren’t interested in me», etc. Do you really believe someone wants to reply to such messages?

Come on, guys, this is your first letter to a lady! She is neither your girlfriend nor your wife. She is not obliged to answer all of your thirty questions if she doesn’t like some of them or considers them inappropriate. Not everyone is a great writer. If you like writing long letters, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world prefers the same. Some people do not write such letters only because they do not have such writing skills and prefer short messages or phone talks.

Thus, when you send messages online, avoid putting someone into frameworks. People are different, and what is great for you may seem absolutely improper to others. Lead natural conversations. Do not push anyone. Remember that no one owes you anything. Respect other people if you want them to respect you in return.

Avoid negative expressions

When writing a letter on the best online dating site, make sure to use positive expressions. Avoid such phrases as «I hate my ex», «I cannot stand American women», etc. It shows only your disrespect for women. Even if you are offended by your ex or mad with some girls, try not to mention it in your correspondence with women.

Otherwise, she will think that you are always disrespectful to ladies. If something goes wrong between you and her, you will say the same things about this lady. Being negative in your expressions about women is very dangerous.

But it concerns not only your ex girls. Ladies who join dating sites have already had enough of bad experiences in their life and relationships. They join an online dating service to start a new life and forget about all the negative things that have ever happened to them. If she experienced a difficult divorce, she wants to find good emotions.

Thus, avoid complaining in your letters. Slavic women cannot stand when a man is complaining about how expensive for him everything is: communicating to her online, visiting her, sending her gifts, etc. Once you start doing it, you may forget about success with a Ukrainian or Russian woman.

Online dating is safe if you want it to be safe


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Is online dating safe? This is a question bothering hundreds of searchers. Life is not safe itself and online dating is also full of pitfalls. However, everything is in your hands. Do not get blinded with beautiful and attractive profiles offered by multiple online dating websites. Always double-check everything. Avoid being too suspicious either.

If you do not want to be scammed and expect dating to be safe, spend just a couple of minutes to find out what kind of service you are going to choose and pay for. Do not send money to unknown people and be aware of the red flags to avoid a scam.

Try to use the above-mentioned tips to succeed with a woman you want. Remember that courtship and romance have never been canceled and modern women, especially those from Slavic countries, highly appreciate these notions. They do not only accept such things but also expect them from you.

Dating safe is possible not only in real life but also online. Failures happen in both cases, so you have nothing to be scared of. Enjoy the process, be yourself, be genuine and sincere, and you will meet the same genuine and sincere ladies.