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Your Step-by-Step Guide on Russian brides

Have you ever wondered why thousands of men from different corners of the globe strive to find Russian brides? What makes them so special? This may be their exceptional appearance and beautiful bodies. Or maybe the undeniable strength of their characters attracts everyone that much?

<p>Find the answers to your questions about women from Russia and figure out how to succeed in the detailed guide below.

Are Russian brides real?

This question is one of the most frequently asked in the search engine and customer support chats of the dating sites. The answer is very simple — yes, they are real. Hot Russian brides are simple ladies who are searching for their men abroad. They are not some mysterious creatures.

Why are they looking for foreign men? Not all females in that country are dreaming of marrying a foreigner. According to a recent survey, only 10% of women under 25 consider marriage with a man from another country. This is not a big share of ladies. More and more older ladies would gladly marry a foreigner though.

Each of them has her reasons for such a decision:

  • Russia is big and there are more women than men in this country, so the competition for local ladies is very tough;
  • some girls want to improve their lives and move abroad;
  • someone experienced a painful divorce and decided to search elsewhere;
  • some of them are not satisfied with local men;
  • girls from smaller cities might be willing to improve their financial health, etc.

There are many reasons for women to search for men outside their country, as well as each of you might have his reasons for seeking a foreign bride.

Are all beautiful Russian brides gold-diggers?

russian brides

One of the wide-spread stereotypes is that all Russian brides online are gold-diggers. Let us try to realize who gold-diggers are first. That scary word means that a woman wants not you but your money. Even if she is marrying a man, it is a marriage of convenience.

Of course, there are such representatives among women in Russia. But they do not necessarily look for foreign men while there are plenty of rich men in their country. The belief that all girls in Moscow and big cities of Russia are materialistic is wide-spread among western men. To sort things out, just look at women from Moscow or Saint Petersburg. What do they look like? How do they dress up? What cars do they drive? Exactly — all that is very expensive and sometimes even luxurious just because they have good jobs and living conditions.

Can we assume that women having such a life should sacrifice it all and go to some small city abroad with a farmer or a man having an average income? Most likely, not. Is it fair to call them gold-diggers? No! These women are just looking for a partner who could at least give them as much as they already have. Otherwise, why do they need him at all?

That’s why calling girls such gold-diggers or materialistic is not wise. Everyone has the right to choose what suits him or her the most. Nothing wrong if these ladies want a better life or at least as good as their current life.

What you should know about real Russian brides

russian brides

When it comes to Russian brides, marrying and dating them can be both enjoyable and challenging. There are hundreds of advantages of such a relationship:

  • Very caring. This nation has an amazing need of taking care of others. You marry a woman from Russia and get a big and loving family in the bargain. Not only your girlfriend or wife takes care of you but her parents as well. They accept you as their son.
  • Hardworking. No matter if she is a business lady or a housewife, being in charge of the cleanliness and order of her home is her duty. They rarely accept cleaners in their homes and prefer doing it themselves. Your home is always clean, your clothes are always tidy and ironed, and your dinner is always hot.
  • Supportive. Such a bride always takes care of your reputation and stands for you no matter what (even when she knows you are not right). She supports you in any situation and inspires you for the new beginnings.
  • Passionate. Brides from Russia are very passionate when it comes to intimacy. It is impossible to say that all of them are exceptionally loyal because different situations and different people occur. But if you make her happy, she doesn’t need anyone else. By the way, females in this country always try to save their family and marriage even when it seems impossible.
  • Undoubtedly beautiful. Females in Russia are known to be beautiful not because they are all born beauty queens. They possess natural beauty and femininity. Being feminine is in their blood and it doesn’t depend on what they wear or where they go. They look great even when going to the gym and wearing sneakers and T-shirts. Having well-cared hair, face, nails, hands, and teeth is a must. They attend gyms and eat healthy food.
  • Great cooks. The most favorite part of a relationship with a woman from Russia is her cooking skills. Yes, they love cooking, do it well, and consider a well-fed man their obligation. By the way, Russian dishes are extremely tasty.

The challenges of dating Russian brides

russian brides

The advantages of this intercultural relationship are obvious. But everything has its pros and cons, so here you go:

  • Financial support. No need to think all of them are gold-diggers and interested in your money. It doesn’t work this way. This is just a part of their culture. She gives you tons of love, care, support, passion, cleans your home, washes your clothes, and cooks for you. Thus, what she gets in return is your financial responsibility for her and your family. Even if she has a very good job and high income, a man supports her, which is very important for these beauties. Otherwise, why would she need a man at all?
  • Attention-requiring. Sophisticated Russian brides want your attention. She needs to feel loved and needed. If you have tons of work, bring some flowers when coming back home. Show her how much you love and cherish her.
  • Emotional. Being too emotional at times is a national peculiarity. They can make rough and spontaneous decisions. Sometimes, they regret it. Predicting her behavior and decisions is not always possible, so you should just get used to it.
  • Misunderstandings. Unfortunately, the language barrier may play its dirty jokes and various misunderstandings arise from time to time. Avoiding it is impossible. You just need to discuss things instead of being angry or confused. After a discussion, everything usually becomes clear. It also happens due to cultural differences. In the process of your relationship, all this will be smoothed out.

How to meet real Russian brides

If you decided to choose Russian brides for marriage, meeting them won’t be a problem. You can come directly to Russia and try to meet them in person. A day scene means getting acquainted in the cafes, at various exhibitions, or while attending some events. Be careful though. These cuties are very cautious about foreigners coming to their countries. If you manage to get at least one phone number — congratulations.

Trying a night scene is also possible. There are hundreds of nightclubs in Russian cities. Just think well who you want to meet. Serious girls do not attend night clubs. Most likely, you will just face a woman who wants you to buy her a couple of drinks. Anyways this acquaintance can hardly result in a marriage.

You can use one of the specialized services. The best sites where you can meet Russian brides offer thousands of their profiles. Pick the most proper system for you—pay per letter sites, webcam chats, matchmaking, Skype calls, group events, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Women who join such agencies are seriously looking for men abroad. Therefore, you are sure that any lady you meet through such sites is potentially interested in meeting a foreign husband. By no means, you should suppose that she is ready to marry the very first foreign guy she meets there. It isn’t that far off. She’d better be alone than date someone who doesn’t meet her expectations. Thus, check the following helpful tips.

How to date Russian mail order brides

russian brides

Although you know that Russian brides are family-oriented and creating a family and having children is their main purpose, they are still not that easy to pursue. If you want to date them, you should learn some peculiarities of their dating culture and take into account certain rules:

1.  Want a beautiful woman — don’t forget about your appearance. You know how important it is for all Slavic women to look their best. Their hair, face, hands, body, and shape should invariably be at its finest. A careless man simply cannot match them. They search for reliability, but there is always a physical attraction. Remember that you cannot change the first impression. It is not difficult to get a haircut, wear tidy clothes and good shoes.

2. Be yourself. Women in Russia have unbelievable intuition. They feel lies and insincerity miles away. If you pretend to be someone you are not, she will crack you very quickly. Sincerity and honesty are always much appreciated.

3.  Have a plan for the future. Women in Russia never date insecure men. If you do not have a steady job, stable income, and have no idea what you want to do in one or three years and how you plan to provide for your family, you can forget about Russian women and, especially, brides.

4.  Devote time to your communication. These cuties cannot stand being ignored. If you disappear for weeks, do not hope for a good result. Once you decide to communicate with her, do it at least daily. Otherwise, you risk being called just a player.

5.   Be patient. This is the other side of the coin — do not ignore her but never overwhelm your potential partner with messages either. People have their lives, lots of women have children, studies, jobs, households, so they cannot reply to your messages 24/7. Be understanding and it will be much appreciated.

They look for security, support, and understanding

Modern Russian women are not too different from those decades ago. They still look for caring and understanding men to come into their lives. Stability and security are the most important features for them. If you can give it to your potential partner from Russia, be sure to win.

Are Russian brides legal? Of course, they are. It is absolutely legal to marry a woman from another country. Although you need to put some effort to conquer your bride from Russia, all your hard work will be rewarded well. In return, you get much love, support, and a real partner in all aspects of life.

They are incredible and can blow up your mind in a good way. With your woman, you are never bored. You will discover something new about her every single day and will never stop being surprised by how versatile your bride is.


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