Everything men do in this life is for the sake of women. They reach success in society, build great careers, purchase expensive cars, work out, attend gyms, build muscles, and earn for their places to live only to attract women. You may say that alpha males compete with one another for their places in society. However, the only reason they do it is for the favor of beautiful women. All men’s lives are built around these wonderful creatures named women.

When men reach puberty, they start doing everything to meet women. Some guys succeed from the very beginning and everything seems too easy for them while others struggle. According to statistics, “the world has 65.51 million more males than females” (Source: https://statisticstimes.com/demographics/world-sex-ratio.php).

It means that in the whole world, we have 101.68 males per 100 females.

The ratio is quite promising, isn’t it? Why then do men have such a big problem with meeting women? What is the best way to meet women? Find out why you do not succeed in meeting women and how to make it work for you!

Realize that most women struggle with meeting men just the way you do

Do you know the biggest problem for both men and women? Both boys and girls believe that finding someone to date is difficult. Women complain there are no good men and men, in turn, talk about the absence of good girls. According to studies, males and females are just different and there is no reason to look for similarities.

If you think that only you struggle and have no clue where to meet women, just relax because women think the same. Every day, all single attractive women wrack their brains on how and where to come across a good guy. This is a dilemma created only in people’s minds and it has nothing to do with reality.

The first step to meeting a beautiful woman is to realize there is no problem at all. Attractive women are everywhere, just turn your head. Another problem is how to start talking and get a girlfriend finally. Now, we will try to find a solution.

Try traditional ways of meeting women first

Now, you must get out of your psychological hole and act. Life is amazing and finding someone with similar interests isn’t difficult at all. There are plenty of places attended by girls. Moreover, those girls are single! Here are the most popular ways and places to meet women.

Ask your friends to help

Meeting with the help of friends and people in your social circles remains the most effective and popular way to meet women. If someone arranges house parties, you should be there. Friends of your friends definitely know many women and can connect you with one of them. Always hang out with friends to meet women.

Boost your social life

To start meeting ladies, you should socialize. The best places to meet women are gyms, cinema, coffee shops, yoga classes, or even a dog park.

Find a hobby

Hobbies and various activities are great ways and with them, the question of where to meet women will not arise anymore. Of course, your hobbies should allow you to meet women. Meeting women won’t be possible if your hobby is playing online games. You should do sports, walk a dog, do cycling, jogging, dancing salsa, etc. Such activities involve plenty of ladies. When you both have similar interests, you will hardly face any problems.

Start traveling

If you are looking for the best place to meet a woman, then arrange a trip as soon as possible. Yes, finances and lack of time due to work are very serious issues and we all know that you cannot just travel whenever you wish. It still doesn’t take much time and money if you go somewhere on a weekend. Join a group of hikers and go to the mountains near you, rent a hotel outside of the town and visit some new places, etc. Trips when you are the best. Do not look for a too remote place, you need ladies there, too.

Use queues in grocery stores

Being stuck in queues is not pleasant but sometimes, it is the best method to pick a woman. Sometimes, women need men’s help in grocery stores. Use this chance and help them and get the girls’ phone number.

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Alternative methods of meeting women are also effective!

Apart from grocery stores, house parties, and yoga classes, there exist alternative, yet very quick ways to meet women. It’s not obligatory to attend different above-mentioned places to meet women anymore (still, very recommended). Now, there are plenty of alternatives, including:

  • Online dating, including dating apps and dating sites
  • Social networks
  • Speed dating events

If you do not afford a single minute to go out to different places to meet women, you can find women online. The best and quick place for meeting girls would be a dating app or website. Social networks are not the best ways but they sometimes work. If you find a single lady, you can talk to her on your social media platform. Keep in mind that women are very suspicious of men contacting them on such portals. A priori, most guys are marked as “not serious”.

Below, you will see how exactly you can succeed when looking for your girlfriend online. Pay attention to details and you will never fail.

How to succeed in online dating

Online dating is one of the beloved methods of most guys. All lazy, busy, and not very confident men find using a dating app or website much easier than meeting women in real life. This could be true if there were not so many failures online. Creating a profile on a dating site will never guarantee you success. Even if you sign up for all dating sites around the globe, single women won’t knock on your door automatically.

Naturally, there are a few rules you should follow to find single women online. A dating site is a good place to meet women but it still requires your effort. Let us see what exactly women expect from most guys in detail.

Your profile is your first key to success

An online dating profile is your business card, so to say. You register, write your name, and start browsing tons of girls, is that enough? No, it is not the best strategy online. Please understand that when you meet women in a coffee shop, at yoga class, or in your social circles, girls do not have such a wide choice as they do online. On dating sites or dating apps, all men are gathered in one place and any candidate can pick whoever he or she wants.

Women browse men’s profiles just the way you do. They swipe back and forth and pay attention only to the most appealing online dating profiles. If you do not stand out, no one will pay attention to you and your online dating profile will be left far behind most guys. To avoid this, do the following:

Upload a high-quality photo

Anonymous profiles are not interesting to women. Every woman wants to see who she is going to talk to. A good photo should be natural (not from your ID or driving license), with your eyes well-seen (not in shades), without friends or large companies, not at parties, etc. Your clothes should be on (topless photos are good for your home archive). A successful photo is where you genuinely smile and are alone.

Describe your dating site profile well

Empty profiles will hardly make women guess who this lovely stranger is. Girls want to see at once who they talk to or who contacts them. The first thing they do is open your online profile. If it is empty, you will hardly meet women. There is no need to write your full biography though. Just provide the main information such as your name, age, height and weight, some information about you, and your core criteria for your future girlfriend. This basic information is crucial because it says a lot about you.

Answer messages on time

It’s normal to use a dating site when you lack time but girls won’t wait for ages. If you talk to someone online, reply on time. Of course, not the same minute, otherwise, women will think you do not even work. However, single women prefer regular communication. If you read messages but do not hurry to write back, your woman will switch to someone else assuming you are not serious or interested.

Do not be snobby online

When dating online, guys often write their requirements or the list of questions right in their profiles. Such information in your profile like “My woman must be obedient” or “before you write to me, I want you to answer these questions” will not attract anyone. You will not meet any women online this way. Be easy-going and simple, this is what all women want.

Prepare for your video chat well

Communication on a dating site is impossible without video communication. Even when using a dating app, you will not avoid it. Most guys make the same mistakes when they talk on video. Meeting girls on video is not very different than when you meet girls in a coffee shop or yoga class. All details matter.

Here are the main rules when meeting women on a video call:

  • Dress as if you were on a real date (being in very untidy clothes or without it at all is not the best idea)
  • Make sure your hair is not messy (girls should not have an impression that you just woke up)
  • Take care of your place and background (your room doesn’t have to look like after a hurricane, it must be in order)
  • It is not a good idea to meet women on video in bed or your pajama (girls must see you prepared for that meeting)
  • Take care of the light (women must be able to see your face clearly, not half of it or your mouth only)
  • Avoid monologues (you both must interact and ask questions; give your single woman time to answer your question; do not be silent all the time, give full answers to her inquiries as well; be genuinely interested in her — do not only praise yourself )

Send messages to an attractive woman wisely

When seeing an attractive woman, we all want to write something like “wow, you are gorgeous, babe” but it is not the best idea. All single women want to receive compliments but they know what they are worth. Your cheap and banal phrases will not impress those single girls. If you plan to meet single women on dating sites, you should work on your communication skills.

When being a new person on a dating site, men keep making the same mistakes. The truth is women read carefully what you write. Every single woman knows that finding a smart man with at least the same interests is not easy. When writing your messages to a new person, avoid:

  • Non-personalized messages (such letters like “Hey there”, “Hi stunning”, etc. say that these words are addressed to more women on a dating site. Spend a few minutes to learn her profile and write her name correctly)
  • See her profile and notice if you have any similar interests (write something personalized like a comment on her photo, hobby, etc.)
  • Avoid templates (if you send the same message to all single girls, they can easily notice it because your letters won’t be personal)
  • Do not touch such topics as sex, money, religion, politics, etc. when you meet single women on a dating site
  • Avoid questioning those girls (write normal letters without interrogations, a few questions are necessary)
  • Do not write too lengthy letters, otherwise, you will be considered too boring

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Speed dating rules

One of the best modern places to meet women is speed dating. Such events became very popular recently. Unfortunately, the pandemic made adjustments but now, such ways to meet women are coming back. Speed dating allows everyone to meet girls quickly and effectively. If you are a new person, you may mistakenly suppose no efforts are required. It is not true though.

Unlike dating sites, speed dating takes place to meet women in person. Women and men are usually divided into groups according to their age. You will be seeing different single girls for just three minutes. This time is enough to ask each other questions and make an impression on one another. You see a new person every three minutes, so if you do not like this single woman, you don’t have to be embarrassed and think about how to end this date.

The best tips for these events for single men and women would be:

  • Take care of your look — hair, nails, clothes, perfume, and shoes — everything must be in order
  • Prepare the list of questions (but do not read from a paper) to ask women without any doubts, otherwise, you may just sit without an idea of what to discuss
  • Do not take rejection personally — all single girls and guys reject one another — it is not the best feeling but that is normal, tomorrow there will be more women
  • Watch your body language — do not wave rules or eat your fingers when being nervous — too open body language will scare all single women
  • Establish eye contact from the very beginning — it will help you show your confidence and grab her attention

What men’s qualities do women search for?

All girls have their image of single men. All of them pick women according to their criteria. Normally, there is no single stereotype all single women pursue. Nevertheless, some qualities are extremely attractive to women of any age. Here they are:

  • Every woman wants to see confident men
  • Single women look for eye contact (if you don’t look at a woman when talking to her, you automatically become not confident)
  • A good sense of humor is highly appreciated by women (the best compliment for each man is when women laugh at his jokes)
  • Arrogance is not equal to confidence — feel this tiny balance between being confident in yourself and being too arrogant with women — they will not forgive the latter

The lack of some qualities should be compensated for the others

There is one golden rule — if you are not handsome, you must be either extremely rich or unbelievably smart and witty. When you approach women, you should use one of your strengths and leave your weaknesses for later. How does it work? Let’s say, you were not born Brad Pitt and your body leaves much to be desired. Of course, to get an attractive woman, spending time in a gym five days a week would be a must.

However, you should have some other features women highly appreciate. If your sense of humor and charisma is great, a good body will be a bonus. Although before you get your dream body, you can meet women in the best place where you can express your strong sides. For example, if you meet women in a literature club, you should express your great knowledge of classics.

If you are single and don’t know where to meet women, pick your best talent and meet women where they will highly appreciate it. Maybe you love pets and are a future vet, then volunteering and helping homeless animals will impress all single women in charity organizations. Any talent you have will be helpful. While you wonder where to meet women, better think about the best methods to meet single like minded people. Meanwhile, you can work on developing your other strong features no matter what they would be.


All single guys struggle with the question of where to meet women. As if there were no women around them. Relax, guys, because these struggles are just a myth created by men. The best thing you can do while being single is to live your normal social life, meet women in different companies of your friends, approach them in public places, and find a hobby that will help you meet women every single day.

Of course, there is no guarantee that single women will immediately become benevolent toward you. At least, the question of where to meet women will not bother you anymore. Use your strongest sides to meet women whenever and wherever you can. Meanwhile, just boost everything that doesn’t meet your criteria of a macho. Practice makes perfect. By the way, remember that the more single women you meet, the better your skills become.


  • The truth is the world is full of single women who want to meet men as eagerly as you want to meet women. If you do not come across any women around you, it just means you do not leave the place you live in too often.

    You need to be in social circles if you want to meet women. Everything depends on what girls you are going to come across. If you are looking for hot chicks to hang out with, you should start attending bars and clubs. If you are looking for ladies who could be your girlfriend, pick places like gyms, a dog park, yoga classes, coffee shops, etc.

    If you are overwhelmed with work or other duties and do not have a social life, try online dating after all. A social network is not very reliable but still a way to meet women.

  • There is no answer to this question because every woman is different. Definitely, girls prefer confident and self-sufficient alpha males who have good conversation skills. This is a very relative statement though. There are girls and women of different age groups. Naturally, hot and young chicks are looking for hot machos or bad boys as you know. However, the older a woman is, the wiser she becomes.

    Older women know what they want. A woman in her 30s will hardly look for a good body or pay much attention to appearance. Such ladies are not interested in brutal bad boys anymore. They look for peace, wisdom, and stability. Therefore, if all women wanted the same type of men, no one in this world would date or marry.

  • Dating sites are one of the ways where you can meet single women. You can also use dating apps to find girls with similar interests. Of course, it is crucial to choose only reliable online dating sites and apps. Otherwise, you risk being even more disappointed. If you do not have any social life because of your job or the lack of self-confidence, then yes, you can easily use online dating sites for that purpose.

  • If you think some men were born with the ability to attract a beautiful woman no matter what they do, you are wrong. Of course, there are charismatic men and those who do not possess any special qualities or appearances. However, every ability must be developed. There is no single answer to that question because there are many women who do not like the same types of men.

    Some girls love smart men, other women want men with a bodybuilder’s body, and many women also prefer unshaved men. You cannot combine all of these criteria at once. However, if you want to be naturally attractive to women, it would be good to be able to establish confident eye contact, control your body language, and lead a casual conversation firmly.

    Confidence in everything is what most women like. Please, do not confuse confidence and arrogance. The latter is what all women hate. Apart from being confident enough, you should definitely at least take care of how you look. Even if you are the king of a conversation but look too messy and overweight, girls will hardly be attracted to your outstanding skills.

  • Once again, no one knows what the right woman means for you. Psychologists say that we should look not for a perfect partner but for the one who suits us. Even the most attractive women may not match you at all and will never make you happy. Thus, first, you should decide for yourself what the right woman for you means, what are the best qualities and features she should possess, what things you would never accept, etc. Only after that, start looking for places to meet women.

    When you know what you want, you will follow the advice above and find the best place where you can meet most women who meet your criteria. Knowing what you want is sometimes much more important than looking for single females.