Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and green European countries hosting so many travelers from all over the globe. However, its main sightseeing is not its nature or the restaurants of the tastiest Ukrainian cuisine but Ukrainian women. Plenty of western men keep coming to Ukraine for dating girls and bringing one of the Ukrainian girls to their homelands.

Some western men succeed but a lion’s share of them fails. Are Ukrainian women really so complicated and picky or are those guys doing something wrong? Let us try to find out all the truth behind mysterious Ukraine women dating. Learn about the pros and cons of dating women from Ukraine, how to approach Ukrainian girls, and why it could be better to avoid Ukrainian ladies for you.

Main reasons to choose Ukrainian girls for dating and marriage

Having a Ukrainian girlfriend can be both challenging and rewarding, depending on what angle you look at it. On the one hand, you receive a Ukrainian girl who possesses stunning beauty and is extremely feminine, on the other hand, you never know what to expect from Ukrainian girls.

Unlike young women in your country, Slavic ladies are not direct though open-minded. They prefer you to “guess” what their wishes are. Of course, there are always exceptions but in general, having a Ukrainian girlfriend means treating her like a queen and making all her wishes come true.

If you are looking for single women from Ukraine but do not know much about cultural differences yet, check the pros and cons of dating Slavic ladies from Ukraine first. When you know all the peculiarities, you may start (or not start) the dating process.

ukrainian women dating

The perks of dating girls from Ukraine

Even if you consider Slavic ladies dangerous and materialistic because you heard something like that from a western man who used Ukrainian dating sites and failed, you can find lots of advantages in anything. Below, you will find the biggest benefits of Ukrainian dating and marrying women from this country.

Stunning beauty

Of course, beautiful girls can be found anywhere but every Ukrainian girl is special because she looks feminine, tender, and very sophisticated. This is one of the main reasons a western man would choose girls from Ukraine. No matter how equal modern single women and men want to be, femininity is the only thing men lack and look for in their partners.


Many girls in Ukraine are well educated and have several degrees. They are very interesting interlocutors and never make you bored. If you are looking for your perfect match with whom you would discuss anything, beautiful girls from Ukraine would suit well for this role.

Good wives

If you are not happy with American women who are too emancipated and do not take care of the household, good wives from Ukraine would save you. They are really one of the best women for dating and marriage.


If you are looking for good dating and marriage material ladies, Ukraine women (who belong to Slavic women, just like Russian ladies) will be perfect. When a Ukrainian lady is in serious relationships, you will not find anyone more loyal than her.

The drawbacks of dating a Ukrainian lady

The benefits of dating girls from Ukraine are obvious, but what about the downsides of such dating? There are also some of them and you could even have heard about them, especially from local men who tried international dating. Almost every Ukrainian dating site has both positive and negative reviews. It doesn’t happen because a good man meets bad Ukraine women on a Ukrainian dating site or vice versa but because of various cultural barriers and misunderstandings.

Here is what tricks you should expect from dating girls from Ukraine:

  • It is expensive
  • Dating girls from Ukraine is time-consuming
  • Ukrainian dating is different from that in the west, so different cultural barriers may arise
  • Language barrier
  • Taking girls from Ukraine to your country is not a quick but tough process

ukrainian women dating

Is Ukrainian dating worth it?

Once tried, many guys give up. They consider international dating too challenging and complicated. They come to find beautiful girls for dating and think everything will be much easier than with their local females but it appears to be as complicated or even tougher. Well, nothing comes easy and everything depends on your goals and motivation.

If you believe you will open any Ukrainian dating site, see all girls registered, and just select all single women you like for dating, you should not even start then. Russian ladies, as well as all Slavic women, including girls from Ukraine, do not get in line to get a man on a dating site. Yes, dating sites have plenty of online dating profiles and you have a choice of great Ukrainian women. It doesn’t mean they are desperate though. Being registered on Ukrainian dating sites is not enough to get stunning women.

Single Ukrainian women look for a serious relationship with decent men. Slavic girls are not interested in new acquaintances or just male friends when joining a dating service. If you only show jolly romance and no actions, you are not ready to meet Ukrainian women. However, if you are genuinely interested in starting family life, you can start looking for a Ukrainian bride.

Lots of women in Ukraine, including young ladies, sign up for dating sites in search of a husband. If you are genuinely interested to meet Ukrainian women, you can start online dating and look for women on dating sites. First, learn a few tips on what you should and should not do if you want serious relationships with Slavic women and a successful international dating experience.

Take it seriously — a dating site is only for the beginning

Many women use dating apps and other dating sites. When a man sees this user database of Ukrainian singles, his eyes are torn between all these women. He believes Ukrainian dating is a paradise. Moreover, you do not pay anything to browse profiles, it is absolutely free. You need to pay only to receive more personalized content and video calls. When seeing such a variety of stunning Slavic girls, you become too self-confident and realize that every day, you can meet even a more gorgeous Ukrainian girl.

Now, finding one of the Ukrainian ladies for dating is not your goal. You just browse profiles of women, video chat with sexy girls on a dating site, and enjoy jolly romance. Ukrainian dating online pulls you and you cannot escape this trap anymore. Such men spend years on a dating service, then they start using other dating sites, and do not have any success.

It is called turning into an eternal dater. To avoid this, you should first find a few women among the many women you meet. Do not jump from one profile to another one. Try to meet those women in Ukraine as soon as possible. Women feel such men miles away and if you are a dating site “jumper”, you will get stuck on Ukrainian dating websites forever. Realize that a dating site is just the first step and it only gives you a chance to meet and get to know single Ukrainian women. The rest should happen in real life.

Learn virtual dating conventions

Even the best dating site is not a panacea for loneliness. Once you create an absolutely free profile, your personal life won’t go up. Just like in your everyday life, you need to invest time, effort, and money in dating women. All girls want to see you genuinely interested in them and this must be shown not only with the help of words or winks to women on a dating site.

Thus, here are a few tips on how to stick to dating etiquette when dating women online.

Send personalized content only

All girls know well that when receiving something like “hey there”, “hi my stunning beauty”, “hi, how are you”, etc., your message was not meant to them personally. Most likely, you send this letter to tons of other girls. Always send personalized content and, by the way, expect the same from women. When getting a message with no name like “hi darling” or “hello dear”, understand that those women could not even open your profile and find out your name.

Write “normal” messages

Women hate receiving lists of questions as if they are being interrogated. Speak to girls as you do in a normal live conversation. Avoid asking about such topics as sex, politics, religion, money, etc. It is not polite to ask unknown women questions on these topics.

Behave on video calls

Video calls are a great way to get to know Ukrainian women but you should remember about manners. Avoid dirty talk. Do not speak only about yourself and lead a dialogue, not a monologue. Do not appear without clothes on your core or messy hair. Make sure you and your room look tidy on camera. The first impression cannot be improved if spoiled at the very beginning.

Do not require prompt answers from Ukrainian women

Not all women live online. Many of them do not even speak English and it takes time for them to read and translate your message. They have jobs, families, children sometimes, and cannot reply to you as soon as you wish. Avoid saying things like that: “if you do not write to me every day, I will consider you not serious”. All girls will know that it is better not to deal with you because even when talking to unknown women, you allow yourself to be demanding.

Accept failures with dignity

Not all single Ukrainian women will be yours. Many women will reject you and this is normal. No one owes you anything. Many men often react like this: I knew you were not decent from the very beginning or It’s ok, you are anyways not good for me, etc. This reaction to women’s rejection is totally unacceptable. You only prove to these girls that they made the right choice when they rejected you.

ukrainian women dating

Your dating profile matters

Although registering on a dating site is absolutely free in most cases, it still doesn’t mean you should not take it seriously. Women on dating platforms do not want to open letters or accept video calls from anonymous men. If your profile doesn’t contain any single photo, no one will be eager to guess how you look.

It is better to upload a normal photo at once. Avoid poor quality, no-face pictures, naked cores, and big companies. Put a good smiling photo where they can normally see your face and body. Describe your profile and mention all details that can be interesting for women: age, profession, education, city, your expectations of Ukrainian women, etc. Avoid old photos in your profile. All of them must be recent. Women are required to post up-to-date pictures.

By the way, “many people find poor grammar and spelling a turn off” (Source: ), so make sure your profile is well-written.

Why are Ukrainian women not for you?

Girls from Ukraine start happily dating foreign men but not all foreigners realize Ukrainian women may not be for them. You should not be dating women from Ukraine if you:

  • Aren’t ready to learn their dating culture
  • Think girls should pay for themselves
  • Believe these women are happy only because you are a foreigner
  • Are convinced that all women want to leave Ukraine and will be dating the first guy from abroad
  • Are not ready to make gifts and presents to women even without special occasions

Have realistic expectations regarding women from Ukraine

Most men who fail to date women from Ukraine are not realistic from the very beginning. All old men want to date young ladies. Realize that a stunning beauty looking like a model will never date a man who is 20, 30, 40…years older than her unless he is a billionaire. If such Ukrainian women are talking to you, think twice about what her goals are.

Moreover, when a short, bold, and old beer belly owner, and retired man wants jolly romance with young ladies who are at the peak of their careers or studies, travel, and lead a healthy lifestyle, he should realize his chances are equal to zero.

Be honest about what you want

Dating girls from Ukraine is beneficial when you personally know what you want. Do you want to browse young ladies’ photos and admire stunning beauty? Or maybe you want to find women for a serious relationship and further marriage? If your goal is to stay on a dating site forever and just enjoy the company of cute women, then do not complain that dating did not work for you. Those who set goals, find the right ways to reach them.


Ukraine is a great country not only to visit but also to find gorgeous girls for dating. Dating Ukrainian women can be tougher than your locals due to some differences in culture and language. However, women all over the world want the same — decent men, attention, and care. If you know how to date women in your country, you will not have many difficulties dating Ukrainian women.


  • This question can be asked about women from other European countries or even countries of the world and the answer would be the same — there are different Ukrainian women. One thing is for sure, you will find a woman for any taste and preferences in Ukraine. It is a country of diversity and there are short and tall, slim and curvy, blonde and brunette, pale and tanned, short and long-haired women in Ukraine.

    As you know, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Whatever is beautiful for you is totally unacceptable for others. Western men appreciate Ukrainian women’s femininity. They possess such features as taking care of themselves very well, wearing long hair, makeup, trying to be fit and slim, always having well-cared skin, hands, and nails. Ukrainian girls also dress very well and always try to look stylish no matter whether they are going to the gym, to a party, or just to a grocery shop. All these features make Ukrainian women very attractive to men from various countries.

  • Dating Ukrainian women is tough for some men and very easy and pleasant for others. The truth is you just need to understand who Ukrainian girls are, what their culture is, and what they expect from a relationship with a man. After that, the process of dating Ukrainian women will be smooth and fruitful.

    Ukrainian ladies appreciate attention and courtship, they want a man to conquer them. If you are a good speaker, you should forget about this skill and learn how to act because a Ukrainian woman doesn’t believe any words. She wants your beautiful actions. If you say you care about her, make her a gift or help her solve her problem, if you say you are thinking of her, better send her a bunch of flowers. When a man says he wants to be with her, a Ukrainian woman expects him to come and be with her, even if he lives miles away.

    In general, dating Ukrainian women is the same as dating other girls. But keep in mind they are not easy to get. Attention and charisma are what you need if you want to conquer a Ukrainian woman.

  • It depends on what your country is. Western men looking for Ukrainian women mostly come from the United States or different Western European countries. The legislation is different in all these countries and you should know the details in your country. If you are an American, you will need to help your Ukrainian woman get a K-1 (fiancee visa). It takes 6 months to 2 years to get it depending on each individual case, her knowledge of English, children, etc.

    For European countries, everything is a bit simpler. Girls from Ukraine may stay in Europe for up to 180 days a year without any visa or permission. You can manage the process according to all regulations while being together in your country. Everything also depends on where you are going to marry. When marrying in Ukraine, you will have a little bit of a different process than when marrying in your country.

    However, the biggest challenges start when a Ukrainian wife is already in your homeland. She will need to adjust to a new place, learn the language, find friends, and socialize somehow. In this period, your support will be crucial for her. You will need to take care of her well, find some hobbies or Ukrainian friends in your area. Homesickness could be a challenge for you both. Of course, you will be able to overcome it together.

  • Yes, there are a lot of dating platforms where you can meet Ukrainian girls. But you should not hurry and register with all of those dating sites. Online dating is full of pitfalls, there are plenty of not very decent women or fake profiles. Not to arrange a witch hunt in the future, you should choose dating platforms very carefully.

    Dating Ukrainian women is not easy when you are not aware of cultural differences and if you choose not the best dating site, everything will be even more complicated. Pay attention to whether there are any fake profiles, do not give much of your personal information, video chat with your Ukrainian girls as often as possible, or at least view profile videos of those you are going to talk to.

    It would be great to choose dating platforms with some recommendations and many success stories. Choose online dating providers whose business model suits you well. Your online communication should be smooth and flawless. Ukrainian dating sites are presented in a large variety, so you will not have any lack of resources.

  • This is one of the most frequent questions of every western man. However, this question is rather rhetorical. There are different girls in Ukraine. Some of them are high-maintenance while others are very decent and honest pretty Ukrainian girls. Everything depends on a particular girl from Ukraine.

    A lot depends on what dating site you use. If you choose the best dating sites that check the background of their members and bear responsibility for who they host on their dating site, you have not many chances to meet a gold digger from Ukraine. Once again, dating is complicated and you should be careful and selective when talking to girls.

    If a woman requires attention from you or when Ukrainian ladies say they are looking for providers, this is not gold digging. A man who provides for his woman and family is a totally normal phenomenon in the culture of Ukraine. While dating, men pay all dating bills and this is also normal. In Ukraine, girls do not share the bills on dates.